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Ego Naturals Moov Head Lice Solution

10 reviews
Moov Head Lice Solution

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I used it on myself and my daughter - it irritated my scalp and when I used the conditioner and comb on my daughter's hair the next day I found 6 live lice on her head. I wouldn't use again and will be using something stronger.


I have 2 girls with THICK CURLS & i have been at war with the critters for years, brought many "magic potions" & tried many natural ways but this is the best so far!!

I left it in for about 15mins, 5mins longer then you ment to because i have tried so many dif products and didnt think this would work....

Put them in the shower...washed it out....

Covered myself with a GIANT white sheet and the ground lol

Started brushing the hair (with normal brush) & they were FALLING out DEAD!

first time thats ever happened, i am going to be stocking up on this stuff because its GOLD in this house! lol

Try it!! :)


Great product treatment to kill live head lice but not their eggs.  You definitely need the 2nd and 3rd treatments as advised in instructions. The eucalyptus is strong so it could cause scalp irritation in those with sensitive skin. Also a lot of my hair fell out after treatment, I presume this is sensitivity to the essential oils. 


I have tried endless products and this was one that really stood out. I loved the fact that the solution is herbal based. There was also barely any smell which made it SO much easier to apply to the hair. It was super fast and it was great that shower caps were included. I wouldnt buy any other brand now.

Honestly, I dont believe there is a miracle product out there for nits. I did have to do several applications which you have to with any product to fully eliminate them. But in saying this, this is the only product I would ever use again. I recommend purchasing the defence spray as well. The kids use this everyday and we havent had a case of nits this year. Unbelievable.


I used this on my daughter's hair when I was pregnant and couldn't use any chemical solutions.
My daughter's hair is very thick and mid back length, so I needed two bottles to get full coverage.
Within 5 minutes of putting it on her hair she started telling me it was making her scalp hurt, so we needed to wash it out early.
It did kill most of the lice, but not the eggs, and therefore the repeat treatments after 7 days and 14 days are necessary, but due to the scalp irritation I couldn't use it again because it caused her scalp to peel and flake. I ended up having to do the conditioner and comb treatment and then sit for hours picking each and every egg off her hair. She was headlice free after 2 weeks of the conditioner treatment, but I don't know that it was because of the Moov.
The Moov did smell very pleasant though, and made her hair super shiny.


I bought this for DS1 when he got nits for the first time. I was pregnant so couldnt use anything stronger.

I used it as per instructions, and even repeated it a few times until the bottle was empty, i washed all the sheets and tool all measures to rid the house of the nits. I even treated DP and myself.

DS STILL had nits.

I wouldnt use it again. 

Though it smelt nice.  


Of all the products I have used for nits this I would say this was one of the most effective.

It has a very strong smell of eucalyptus so avoid contact with eyes but once you put the shower cap on once solution is applied its not so bad.

Just make sure you do a backup treatment as with all nit removal products.

My son started screaming after about 3 minutes - the essential oils irritated his scalp, made both our eyes water and the solution was messy.  I had to wash it off before it was effective, so can't vouch for it.

this product works really well. Easy to use and the kids don't mind.

Need to make sure the second dose is applied. No product kills the eggs effectivly. So this second dose will kill any eggs that have hatched.


I loved this product.  It was easy to use and not offensive in smell so the kids didn't pick up on it as being a horrid experience.

I followed the instructions, although, I did the second usage under the 7 days suggested, simply for my own piece of mind. 

I used it in conjunction with the Lice Breaker comb and it was all good.

I ended up buying an extra bottle to have on hand in the cupboard in case we needed it again, rather than having to do the mad dash to the chemist at usually, the most inopportune time!



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