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Lice Breaker Comb

4 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Finally caved and bought one when all the other combs went stairght over the eggs leaving them on the hair shaft. Expensive but worth every cent. I even bought a second one when I temporarily lost the first. Makes the condition and comb method effective or just removes all the left overs after a treatment. My step daugfhter says she can actually hear the crackling and the eggs are pulled from the hair.


You wont ever need nit treatment products again!  This comb totally eliminated the need for chemical Nit treatments in our house (that never worked anyway)a dn we have not had any lice/nits since my kids have been using this comb.

After countless unsuccessful nit treatments, I purchased this comb and was sickened by how many eggs and lice this comb got out (and this was after we had used a chemical treatment). 

I would recommend combing this through your kids hair once a week just to make sure there are no new outbreaks, but after nearly 2 years of using this comb, we have not had one nit after battling for over 12 months previously with them continuously getting them.

For use with treatment products, for ongoing maintenance (1/week during nit season) or for the 7-10 days after the first treatment, this comb is all you need!! It works wonders and neither kids fights me about it. I use a cup of hot water and a tea towel to rinse & wipe the nits & eggs off, and it helps you know how effective your regime is.

I tried a simple plastic comb first and it was ok, but this one was amazing. I thought the metal teeth would hurt when you combed it through your hair, but surprisingly, it doesn't.  As you comb it through, the adult lice and the eggs get caught up in it and you just pick them off the comb (and remember to pop the eggs so they die).  This comb works great on long curly hair.  Just remember to have a lot of the product or conditioner in your hair so that it glides smoothly.



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