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Cherub Baby On the Go Food Pouches

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On the Go Food Pouches
Parent Reviews and Comments
Melanie Bugshall

I’ve had this for quite some time now and I think they are by far the  bestfood pouches I have used. I once had food pouches that ripped easily after a few times of throwing it in the dishwasher. Good thing that this one works well and didn’t rip after using it nonstop. It also stores an ample amount of food.

Joan Campbell
These plastic pouches are tough. I have been using them for three months now and have reusing them without experiencing any leaks and tearing. The pouches ziplock still contain semi-liquid puree and baby food and prevent leaks. The bonus spoon has also been great during feeding time. It fits just right into the pouch spout and has this colour change innovation which turns pale white when the heated puree is hot to prevent being burnt by the reheated food. It is microwaveable and can be stored in the freezer. I just love them!


I really love the idea of having packed meals and I am doing them for my baby. I have been using these reusable pouches after blending up wonders in the kitchen. I forgot it was all baby food. But the vegetable and fruit purees stored in these pouches saved me lots of money than buying unhealthy and poorly prepared baby food. Now, I am heading to the supermarket to shop the freshest organic produce to turn into healthy purees and dips for my family to be stored in these wonderful and space-saving food pouches. My kids (and even my husband) loves reaching for the fridge for these deliciously filled pouches.


The food pouches are tough and have been reused without any leaks. It can hold both solid or liquid food and are easy to wash. I stored baby food and label them based on composition and write the date when I made the puree. It helps a lot that it is resealable so that I can reuse them for other purposes. It can also be used for other items for those who would want to organize stuff at home or in the office.

Vivian Azzi

These reusable food pouches are a blessing in disguise in my kitchen. They used to only contain baby food when I initially bought them but I realized it can also be a space-saving container and over-all organizer for all my kitchen needs. I place home-made yoghurt, jams, marmalades, cooking ingredients among many other food items inside these pouches. They are easy to freeze and serve and is also reusable with just one wash of soap and water These are made of durable plastic that is BPA-free and food grade which is why I need not worry of having plastic chemicals being mixed on my food or my baby's food. What I don't like about it is the price as it costs too much when used in many items in the kitchen but I would rather spend more for these pouches than use other containers that are for single use only.

Maddie Santorini

It has been a month since I bought these amazing food pouches online (a pack of 20 pouches) and I never regretted it. First, I use this for feeding my baby. I place assorted home made baby purees into the pouch and so far no leaks. It also comes with a free spoon that changes colours. But what really amazed me is the multiple uses that I have used these food pouches. I use these food pouches in my baking activities as it can also store whipped cream, icing and custards for the fillings and designs that I can choose. One-time, I also stored yoghurt into the pouches and it was space-saving for my fridge. Instead of storing in jars, I also use these for storing leftover food, dips and sauces that can easily be microwaved for reheating. Although it costs higher than other food pouches, I found out that I am already saving in the long run as it is reusable, easy to wash and most of all have a multitude of uses for storage not only for baby food but for storing other food items




The food pouches are easy to clean with soapy water. The tough plastic pouches are safe to reuse. I have been using my pouches for three months without them feeling old and worn out. I can make apple, carrot, potato and pumpkin sauces and purees for freezing and feeding baby a few days later of the homemade baby food. I also like the free spoons which changes colour when the food is hot. Simply squeeze the baby food out of the pouch and the puree will easily exit through the fitting spoons for baby's feeding anytime. 

Jenny Miller

It’s an all-in-one package to feed baby for busy mums like me. I travel with the fresh food pouches whenever I tag along my baby in the park and in short trips. It’s light and easy to clean. After preparing the food, I keep the purees in the fridge at night and when I am ready to go in the morning, I just pop it in with the food warmer and my baby and I are ready for another round of adventure at the park.  I love the food pouch warmer as it keeps in warm and comfy for my little darling to eat. The colorful spoons are an added bonus as they change colour to transparent when it is too hot for my baby to eat. I just hope they could include more free spoons for the food pouches as I only had one left after losing one somewhere.

Andhy P

These pouches are perfect for our needs. Our one year old daughter loves them. She is so independent that she won't let us help when she's eating her favourite food! These are large enough that I can put the food in with no mess. They are easy to clean too. We use a round brush and it fits inside perfectly. They are dishwasher safe. The zip seal is great and has not leaked at all. I am ordering a second set. I would highly recommend.

Benny Books

This product is amazing. I bought two packs of 40 and use them all the time. Much better to make up large batches of homemade baby food which doesn't contain sugar and preservatives like all the readymade food in pouches you can buy in the grocery stores. They are easy to use and clean.  I use a bottle brush to clean them easily with small amount of soap and warm water and leave to dry on the bottle drainer. Excellent product for busy parents and for travelling as well! 



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