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Cherub Baby On the Go Food Pouch Warmer and Cooler

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On the Go Food Pouch Warmer and Cooler
Parent Reviews and Comments
Shania Bontams

If you could take a look in my car, you could see that the it is filled with baby things scattered on car seats. My bub and I have been travelling a lot and I thought I might need something that heats up a few food pouches everytime I travel. I found this one and this has worked wonders without a fail. I love that it doesn’t need a power supply for it to work. After a few minutes of turning it on, the food pouches are already warm and I love it because the temp is just right (not scorching hot). Overall, I think this is a great product.


I was finally convinced to buy these pouches after getting a free sample at an expo last March. I was at first worried because the pouches are thin and may easily tear. But I have been using each pouch an average of seven times before seeing significant crumpling and tearing but it can even be used to 12 times without major tearing. I just use dishwashing liquid mixed with warm water and the purees stored inside are easily removed. The ziplock seals the purees well, just don't overly fill it to avoid any leaks. Each pouch can store enough baby food such as applesauce or watermelon puree for every feeding time. I am just bothered at its labels as it seems to have less colours compared to other baby food pouches but children don't necessarily need those colourful as sometimes the designs in the pouches tend to cover what's stored inside the pouch. What I oove about these pouches are the minimalist design with not much fanfare but can easily be labelled by ordinary marker pens.


I bought two of these heating pads and they are great especially during travel. They heat as promised with just one click. I just have to place them in boiling water for thirty minutes or pop them for a few minutes in the microwave and they get reactivated. It heats up standard and wideneck baby bottles fast. I just leave them in the car and go back to a heated bottle just right during cold months


I never expected too much from this bottle warmer but it exceeded my expectations. With just one click the gel activates and instantly warms the infant bottles and other similar sized bottle in a matter of a ten minutes. Once the buttoned sleeve begins to heat, simply wrap it around the bottle, and within 15 to 20 minutes the contents will be warm depending on the size of the bottle. The bottle warmer will heat and the sleeve will not get so hot that it burns so there is no need for gloves.Now I bring the gel warmer every time I go outdoors whether it is a picnic or a road trip or just in a stroll at the mall. No need to look for a power source to recharge. Just pop into a microwave or boil before leaving and the gel pad becomes activated.

Aubrey Hendrix

I am a busy working mum that needs to drive around town for my small business. And after I got pregnant and sometimes without any babysitter willing to take care of my bub, I had to make a compromise by tagging along my baby during my deliveries. I would bring the needed infant formula and expressed breast milk but the problem is on how I could warm them while on the road.

Then came this wonderful product I have seen in an expo. I just preheat the gel bag in the microwave or in boiling water and place the pouches of the same brand I bought at the expo then I simply click the activation button of the warming gel and in 15 minutes, I am able to warm the bottles and feed my child while on the road making some deliveries. It has been my companion during cold days when there is a need to warm bottles and milk.


This food pouch warmer is awesome! We're using it for about 8 months now and I just love it. It's very affordable and useful! You can heat and cool Baby food. I got mine from the expo when I'm still pregnant. Very easy to use for heating your baby food! No hassle and No need to plug-in or use a battery. I highly recommend this. Thanks Cherub Baby for this wonderful product!  


This product works as described. No need to bother the waiter for hot water while out or have some silly plug in item in the car to warm a bottle. Simple design and easy to use for warming and cooling food in a container. The heating unit could work with a number of different containers. I really really love it!



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