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Cherub Baby Natriblend Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit

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Natriblend Steamer Blender Baby Food Preparation Unit
Parent Reviews and Comments

I got this steamer blender from a recent expo in Melbourne. I have been using it several times a day. At first I find the product a bit complicated to assemble, I’m not used to doing it so I did a research and found some demos online. After successfully assembling I didn’t have any trouble again. As for the results, I can make purees, baby food and sauces so easily. All I do is cut the fruits and veggies and the unit turns them into purees. It works like a food processor not only for babies but also adults because I can cook some sauces and foods with this one. I can also sterilisebaby bottles which is awesome. Its certainly saved me time and money.

It's more expensive than buying a blender and food processor. However, it can save you much as it is cheaper to by this all-in one appliance than buying a steamer, sterilizer among other things that this product can do. I find it hard to assemble because assembling parts is not my asset. But once it gets assembled, it works fine without any problem. It coks through steaming then it can mashup vegetables and fruits into purees for baby feeding. And it can also warm or sterilize small jars and fits one baby bottle. Not a bad investment if you have kids or planning to have more than one.


If this wasn't specified to preparing baby food, I would have mistaken it as a food processor. This is because it can be the perfect kitchen tol from steaming and blending fruits and vegetables into instant sauces and purees. The steamer works well heating the vegetable such as potatoes or carrots evenly while the blender cuts well by creating mushy sauces and purees. I don't mind the price of this baby food preparation tool as it is easy to clean and use without the complication of other machines. 

Mel Fascinelli

This all-around kitchen tool is underrate for what it can do in my everyday food preparation. It does not only do baby food but other food preparation duties such as puree and sauce making, vegetable steaming, chopping of vegetables like a food processor.  It steams, cooks and blends vegetables and fruits and even strerilises baby bottles, accessories and everything that can fit that you want to keep clean and bacteria free. Once my food processor malfunctioned and I can't find any replacement while preparing for a big extended family meal, I remembered that this steamer and blender exists in my storage so I used it and it works well with food preparation and not just baby food! Ths is every mum's kitchen buddy!!!


Elizabeth Cuningham

Since I bought this in a baby expo a year ago, I never had any problems in preparing baby food and basic sauces at home.  The steamer is useful both for preparing baby and adult food and for sterilising bottles and pouches. It’s also a space saver in my kitchen as it combines all the appliance I need for preparing baby food and keeping my baby bottles safe for use. It also has good controls that will not turn my veggies overcooked keeping all essential vitamins and  minerals. It’s an ideal tool for preparing meals for baby and the family. 

Jeena Darlinton

I love preparing food for my baby. This all-in-one food reparation tool makes it easy for me to cook and blend healthy and fresh produce for my baby. What is also good with this product is that I can also steam and sterilise food pouches where I can immediately serve wheneve r my baby wants to eat. Though it is difficult to cleanat first, I love the idea that I can use this for all my baby needs from steaming to blending. Fresh fruits from apples, bananas and fresh veggies like carrots and potatoes are blended well without the lumps that my son might not like. I have been using this for three months now and I have not experienced any glitch since the first time I used it. Thumbs up for whoever invented this product!!!


I've only used it a few times but so far I really love it.  Easiest thing in the world to use! Just put the food in, steam, blend and you’re done. No more, no less. No need to steam or blend in a separate machine.  I cannot help but recommend this to everyone who wants to use a great quality machine to make a homemade baby food. 



My sister recommended this product to me last year. Tried it months later. I initially thought it was the same with other products that has this small parts that detaches from the mechanism and pose danger to my baby. So, I surfed the net for reviews of the product and to know the safety features of it. The information online really helped me to decide. I got mine at Melbourne Expo, and its available at cherub baby website, or other stores Australia wide. It really helped me during the switch to solid food eating. It makes being a mum easier with its LCD screen it gives you maximum control over your how you prepare your baby's food and indicates how long it will take. My dd loves the food and it lessens the task of doing different things with different appliances because this product allows you to steam, cook and blend your food as well as sterilising your bottles and accessories in one stop. It really is a must have item.

Lesley Stahl

If you are like me and want only the best for your little one, this is a fantastic buy. I made my bub so many meals in this amazing machine. I really like it because there is no mess in the kitchen any more :) You can create healthy blends of fruits & vegetables as well as meat too! Being able to cook and blend in the same pot is less hassle and saves using lots of equipment. This is a well-thought out and genuinely useful product. 

Patty Roberts

This is undoubtedly the best product that I've bought since having baby. It takes about a minute to peel a couple of fresh vegetables, straight into the little container, steam, turn, blend, done! Fresh food every day and all the nutrients preserved. I couldn't have asked for a better, easier to use product - plus it's made me feel like Super Mum making all his food fresh. :)



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