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Cherub Baby Fresh Food Feeder

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Fresh Food Feeder
Parent Reviews and Comments
Susan Hegarty

I like this solid feeding tool as it prevents infant choking. I got this feeder in a baby expo and I love that it looks like a dummy and has helped a lot in my bub transitioning into solid feeding. It also helped a lot when he was teething as I placed iced fruit to cool down the pain in his gums. It also eased up his fussiness for the moment.

Most of all, it also helped him transition well into solid food without any fear of choking. I always fear that my bub would be gagged by any fruit that I feed him but now, no need to chop fruit as small and grainy as it can be as a small manageable sized fruit can be placed inside the mesh for easier solid feeding without it being stuck in my bub's throat. It is also easy not messy and very easy to clean the mesh. 


I always wanted my bub to start transitioning to solid foods. But the fear of choking has kept me hesitant until I found this product which gives my boy a chance to appreciate solid foods, I made fruit and veggie puree ice cubes and feed them to him without any fear of him swallowing the entire ice cubes. I ao slstarted giving him other fruits such as watermelons and strawberries and he loved them. The mesh in the dummy is easy to wash with liquid dish washing soap and some warm water and is a very hygienic way of introducing bub to solid foods.

I was able to encounter the Fresh Food Feeders at an Expo and I was fully convinced that my five-month old baby will no longer experience choking incidents when transitioning to solid foods. It was also helpful during the time when he was teething as it soothes his gums and removes anxieties from growing tooth. While it looks messy having a mesh between your child's food and mouth, it helps my son digest solid foods carefully without any choking incident.

Vanessa Del Blanco

I want my bub to transition from infant formula to solid food and I don't know where to start. So I searched for a product where I can start feeding fruits and veggies to him. But myc constant fear would be to overwhelm him and also the fear that he would choke on his first attempt on eating solids. After chancing upon this product at a baby expo, I decided to buy it and now I have been using it for two weeks placing watermelon, strawberries, kiwi and other fruits which my bub loves. I only have a hard time cleaning it so I soak it overnight to completely remove the food particles form the mesh. But once the food particles are cleaned, I can reuse it again the next day for another round of training my bub to eating solids. I'm recommending this onw to other mums.

Ilonna Flaherty

The Fresh Food Feeder makes it stress-free for every mum transitioning bub into solid feeding. I bought mine at Baby Bunting.  it was great!!! I just place pre-cut  strawberries, cherries, watermelon and other fruits and veggies for my bub’s first experience on solid food.

At first I thought it was a messy feeder, but it was proven the other way around as it was easy to wash and re-use again.  I am no longer worried on my daughter choking on her first try on solid food. What’s even nicer is that I get to choose fresh fruits as a healthy alternative  to store-bought snack that im not sure where it came from or if it’s safe for my bub. Thumbs up for this product!!!



The idea is great but seriously such a pain to use and cleaning is hard even when put through the dishwasher as recommended there was still little bits of food left in the mesh. I used it like twice and gave up it was too much of a hassle.


I bought these for my daughter when she was teething and they worked perfect. She loves to suck on frozen fruits with this food feeder. Very easy to use. Dishwasher clean makes it easy to use. It makes a little mess and it will calm a fussy, teething baby. 


What a wonderful product for babies. It allows baby to enjoy food without the risk of choking. I freeze breastmilk in small ice cubes then pop an ice cube in them for my teething baby. He loves them. They work great and he hasn't been able to get them open.  He loves frozen yoghurts and fresh fruits and veggies too! It is a must have for any mum. Strong quality not like any other brand I purchased at the baby store. Nice grip handle for baby or tot to hold. 

Lesley S

Works very well and as expected.  Our 6 month old son loves it, and he can easily feed himself fresh fruit and vegetables. Apples and Carrots work best. They give him something to chew on, but he doesn't get very far. Bananas are his favorite as they are soft to eat. This product is simple but effective idea for serving homemade baby food. 



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