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The Other Guys (M)

Columbia Pictures
3 reviews
The Other Guys (M)

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Parent Reviews and Comments

The pairing of Wil Ferrel and Mark Whalberg in this movie didn't really work as well as I think they wanted it to.

Yes it was crack up funny in a few parts, but for the majority of the film I found myself groaning along to some of the cliched jokes.

They also took the "old ball and chain" for his wife joke a bit too far. 

I wouldn't watch it again, but I'm glad I saw it once, because I thought it would be better, and it sadly wasn't.

I had high hopes for this movie but felt it was really, really boring.

From the get go I could tell it wasn't going to all it was cracked up to be.

Do not reccomend!
My husband laughed hysterically most of this movie, Yes there were some really funny parts but it was really boring and I didnt like it. I'm a big Will Farrel fan and this movie was just dissapointing compared to his other movies.
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