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Sex In The City 2 (MA15+)

New Line Cinema
7 reviews
Sex In The City 2 (MA15+)

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Parent Reviews and Comments
I watched this movie with a couple friends and although we enjoyed it and laughed in it, it didn't stand out as being a great movie.  A bit slow in areas and very predictable.  Won't be watching again, once was enough.
I love the SATC TV series and the first movie was great, but the second was really hit and miss.

The characters were funny as always but the stories just seemed to go on forever and take a long time to get into and start actually being entertaining.

Very predictable and I think it would've been better left as an idea.
Purple Lily

Sex and the City is my Favourite tv series of all time and the first movie was awesome but to be honest the 2nd movie wasnt all that flash.  Its too long, the ladies are boring I barely laughed.  The movie was great up until the left for the Middle East then it just went downhill from there.  The ladies weren't the same and there wasn't really anything that put a little bit of drama into it like in the first movie and the series.  All in all I do own the movie and have watched it (only 3 times) but I usually finish watching it and wonder why I bothered turning it on as I didnt really enjoy it like I thought I would.  There were some parts in the first half of the movie that made me laugh out loud but it just didnt seem anything like the series or the first movie, it felt like it took too long to start. 


I loved the tv series and the first movie was pretty good, but they've gone to far. There was hardly any sex and they weren't in the city. The 4 women have all gotten old and boring. If I wanted to see that, I'd just look in the mirror.

Very culturally insensitive. Why set it in the middle East at all? The whole point of the show is that it's in NYC. 

The best part was the gay wedding and that was right at the beginning so it was all downhill from there. 


I am usually a SATC fan, but this film has turned me off for life.

It literally took every ounce of my willpower to not get up and desert my friends at the SATC2 premier. It was appalling - blatantly disrespectful towards Muslims, ignorant and very offensive on so many levels.

The film seems to portray America as *the* superior country, whilst looking down upon other cultures with blatant disdain and eliciting unwarranted sympathy for those who are unable to flaunt the latest $5000 X-label clothes.

Cultural insensitivity aside (if you can indeed put it aside), it was a boring, humourless, cringe-worthy film. I want my 2.5 hours back.


I'm not sure I was as 'empowered' by SITC 2 as I was by the first one, but I still enjoyed some laugh out loud moments and I have to admit, there were a couple of  Kleenex moments (and I wasn't the only one in the cinema who was going through the same thing).

I loved that the girls were showing their age a little. There were some wrinkles around the eyes and some skin on the neck.  It would be a little too unbelievable if they had weren't showing any signs of ageing.

Loved the outfits and the shoes.  Oh, to wear that size heel without fear of a nose bleed! Those girls are true New Yorkers when it come to living the fashion highlife!

There seemed to be a few scenes that the acting seemed a little forced, yet others where reactions seemed so realistic, so well done to the writers.  Samantha has a lot of very funny (and, of course, rude) one liners.  She makes menopause look fun!

Double thumbs up for me.  Loved SITC 1 + 2 but hope that they don't milk this fashion cow and try for a SITC 3.


Sex And The City (SATC) is back! And even for non-SATC enthusiasts, it is a fun, thoroughly enjoyable night out.

I saw this movie with girl AND guy friends, and have to say that despite some initial reluctance from the fellas, they loved every minute of it. SATC will make you laugh, feel and reflect and especially make any girl want to travel and shop!

The movie takes you on a new adventure with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha, to Abu Dhabi. Each of the girls has their own set of little problems to deal with along the way as they come to terms with the situations they now find themself in in life, but as they journey together, leaving their problems behind - the old times are back, and they rally together to help each other out in each way they can, growing and learning from the journey.

The movie is rather long at 3 hrs - but time flies through all the laughs. Some parts will have you in hysterics, and the movie is great night out for any lady (and their man).



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