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RED (PG-13)

Summit Entertainment
5 reviews
RED (PG-13)

Sit back and enjoy the big screen ambience when you head to your local movie cinemas to watch the latest blockbuster films, many with parents and baby movie sessions.  Please check your favourite cinemas' website for classifications and screening times for any movie you wish to go to.

Parent Reviews and Comments

With that cast, how could it go wrong??  It was great, a decent mix of action, excitement and even a bit of romance.  John Malkovitch was hilariously insane, Helen Mirren as I have never seen her before - and very very good, Bruce Willis playing his usual character well, and Morgan Freeman on top of all of that.  Loads of really good support from all sorts of people all adds up to a fantastic film which I'd recommend to everyone...

I thought this was a great movie. It had something for the action fan, comedy and even a little bit of romance. I really enjoyed it.

This was a pretty good movie, with a great cast. Its based on  a comic but I hadn't read it and didn't know the story or anything about the movie.

Action packed and fun with a touch of comedy. Something like a Lethal Weapon movie for the new era.

Well this movie has many big name actors so I was confident it wasn't going to dissapoint and it did'nt. Action, romance, comedy in one. Gotta love that.

This is a great movie for the parents. Combining the talent of 4 veteran actors some who have never even acted this genre before (Helen Mirren) and you get an entertaining movie. After an ex-FI agent finds he's got a target on his back he must protect his future girlfriend and get the help of his friends to uncover a cover up. It has some great shots like when Bruce Willis smoothly steps out of a spinning moving car with ease. It also has a lot of funny moments.

A movie that Men and Women should both enjoy as it has drama, comedy, action and romance. 

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