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Toy Story 3 (G)

Walt Disney Pictures
13 reviews
Toy Story 3 (G)

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I saw this movie while I was pregnant, and I'm not sure if it was just my hormones, but it made me cry it was that good.

The movie not only appeals to children of all ages, but also pulls at the heart strings of Adults too. I love the little quips of humour in there that are specifially aimed at the Adults, that the children will still think of as funny without knowing the "hidden" meaning as such.

Such a great movie for everyone, I've seen it three times now, and I still cry at the same parts.

I can't wait for the next one!!


I have watched all the Toy Story movies with the kids and can't say that I prefer one of the other, they are all great.  My kids love the story of toys being alive and really loved the story.

The animation is extraordinary!

One that will be watched over and over again .


I watched Toy story 3  with my son  who is a big Toy story fan. He loves to wear  T shirts with toy story characters on them. He has a Toy story bag for his kinder, stationary  with toy story characters and lots of other things  with Toy story characters on them.

Both of us loved watching this movie .I loved its engaging story line, graphics ,movie characters. My son was fully entertained watching his favourite characters Buzz and woody in the  movie. I loved the drama involved  and voices of all the characters.

Its a nice movie to watch as a family...


Since my son was 2 he has been obsessed with all things Toy Story, He enjoyed the first two movies but the second he finds a little bit creepy (which is funny because his favourite movie in Nightmare before Christmas) He gets a little frightened by the Monkey and Big Baby, but apart from that we really enjoyed this movie.I do think it's story line is a little more complex then the first two, it's a little more serious and shows more emotions so I found I enjoyed this quite a fair bit myself.
It still has the same comedy the first two movies had, and the boys loved the new characters that were introduced.


my 3 kiddies all love toy story.  they have the toys (my 4 year old sleeps with his buzz every night) and this is one that keeps they quiet and still for hours.  it has a good moral base and enough excitement to keep the little ones interested.  they love to act out the movie themselves. 

the movie is easy to watch even if you haven't seen the 2 previous ones and i feel that this is the best one out of all of them.  it does have a couple of scary bits but everything comes good in the end.  

definitely one to own on dvd.

It's not very often that the third is as good if not better than the first but this series just keeps getting better and this family is hooked. We have aliens everywhere. Their our favourite.

Our family a massive toy story fans and this addiction did not disapoint. It is my 2 year old daughters favorite movie. 

It has a few "scary" scences but nothing a young child couldnt watch.

I love how this movie is fun for both kids and adults. 

So the first Toy Story came out when I was about 10 and I have had a soft spot ever since.

Toy Story 3 will not dissapoint, it is a bit different from the first two movies and a bit sad in some parts (a bit? I was bawling) but overall a great movie and kid friendly.
This is the first movie my 3 year old watched nearly all of. He loved the animated toys and the colour, changing scenes and drama involved. The voices were well down and graphics were just supurb. A top notch movie that id watch again.

We have the first two movies on DVD and, despite their age, they are still popular in our play list.  I was really impressed with the animation detail in this movie - it's amazing how real and life-like it is.

I enjoyed the storyline, as did my 9yo DD and my 4yo DS. But... as an adult, I did find some of it a bit dark and wonder were the writers trying to stretch the target age bracket a bit (especially with the inuendo between Barbie and Ken).  I also didn't have as many laugh-out-loud moments as I do in other kids films.

Having said that, the characters of Woody and Buzz are as wonderful as ever, and I think you could easily see this movie without having watched Toy Story 1 or 2 and still really enjoy it.

To infinity... and beyond!

la la
I thiink I loved this movie more than my daughter did lol, it is definitely  a movie that has catered well for adults as well as children, I think it is by far the best out of the trilogy.

I liked this movie - I saw it in 3D in a small cinema.

The models are flawless, and the characters are animated perfectly and convincingly. I really like how they move - if the toy is made of cloth it moves floppily compared to a hard plastic toy. If you watch the first Toy Story and then this one you can really see the evolution  of computer animation over the last decade.

There are plenty of adult jokes too (maybe more than kids jokes.)

The movie has all the usual characters going to a play centre since their owner has grown up. But the play centre is full of two faced toys who use them as fodder for the terrible toddlers. The team escape and the bad toys get their just desserts.


Where to start? This third installment of the Toy Story tale has been a long time in coming, and it certainly didn't disappoint. I saw this movie with my husband, four year old and two year old, and every single one of us enjoyed it till the end. Alex (2) only removed his 3D glasses for the last ten minutes, so he was relatively enthralled until then!

This Toy Story movie is just a little more intense than the other two, with more fights, clashes and danger than the other ones. While there are no serious casualties (pixer doesn't tend to let main characters die .. yay!) there were certainly a few moments where I thought wow, I hope my boys can process that scene!  I myself had a few teary moments. between the laughs, but I think that was more of a grown up or mummy thing, as the boys did nothing but sit blissfully quiet, watch and laugh. 

There is definite closure at the end of the movie (and a few more tears from me) - but it is a beautifully done movie, complete with small twists and what I felt was an emotional rollercoaster. I love seeing 'kids movies' that aren't just designed for children and this is something that pixar does so so well. 

I can not wait to see this movie again, and I will certainly be buying it when it is out on DVD. 



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