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Tangled (PG)

Walt Disney Pictures
7 reviews
Tangled (PG)

Sit back and enjoy the big screen ambience when you head to your local movie cinemas to watch the latest blockbuster films, many with parents and baby movie sessions.  Please check your favourite cinemas' website for classifications and screening times for any movie you wish to go to.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I took my daughter (5) to see this movie and she LOVES it.  Her favourite character from any movie is now Rapunzel and is now trying to grow her hair like Rapunzel.

The story is also made to keep adults amused as well as children, love some of the characters, especially the horse.


my daughter would watch this movie every day if i let her.  she has blonde hair that she is growing out so she can be just like rapunzel.  its a lovely new twist on an old story.  its graphics are just fantastic and i love the way rapunzel is conflicted about obeying her "mother" and exploring the world she had been denied for so long. 

a movie any little princess would enjoy with the classic disney "happily ever after"


I personally thought this was a great movie and my 5yo daughter LOVED it to bits and wanted to watch it again and again.

My 3.5yo son wasn't so keen though, there were a few scenes where he wouldn't watch as he found it a little too full on and just a couple of minutes from the end really freaked him out, he was in tears and had bad dreams about it that night.

So definitely a great movie for older kids, but i'd be wary of letter younger ones see it, i'd probably screen it first without them around for suitability. 

This movie is amazing! I loved it. i went to the movies to see it then brought the DVD for my 2 year old who really enjoyed it.
Purple Lily
I took my 1.5 year old niece to see this was the first time i had taken her to the movies and she couldnt take her eyes off the screen, we didnt hear a peep out of her.  Now that we own it on dvd it is the first dvd she will go and grab to put on so we sit there listening to her laugh.  Even as an adult i found it laugh out loud funny!!

We saw this movie in 3D and I have to say, it was well worth the extra money to see it in 3D.  The 3D special effects are amazing without being overdone, the animation and amount of detail is superb.  Honestly, the eyes looked like they were really!  I could sit through it again quite happily.

We especially loved the horse, Maximus. My kids laughed and laughed at his antics. Overall, a really good movie with nice messages for both boys and girls (and maybe one for some over-bearing mothers to identify with!!  Hahaha).  It even had me teary in a couple of parts!

Double thumbs up from me!



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