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Gnomeo & Juliet (G)

Touchstone Pictures
6 reviews
Gnomeo & Juliet (G)

Sit back and enjoy the big screen ambience when you head to your local movie cinemas to watch the latest blockbuster films, many with parents and baby movie sessions.  Please check your favourite cinemas' website for classifications and screening times for any movie you wish to go to.

Parent Reviews and Comments
its a great movie for kids.  its cute characters are so bright and friendly that you feel like you are part of the movie.  the storyline is clever with the old classic romeo and juliet lines woven inbetween the new story.  and i love the happy ending. 

I watched this and liked it, It was a good spin on a classic but it's not the type of movie I could watch more then once. My 2 year old wasnt interested in this movie at all.

sutable for all ages. 

I am obviously not a kid and my baby is only small BUT I loved this movie!!

It had me singing along and wondering what would happen next, really really liked it and my nieces and nephews felt the same way.
Easy to sit down and relax with.
Definitely a pleaser!

We took Grandma and the kids to this one and everyone enjoyed it.

Something for everyone.  Great animation, cast and score!

The weaving of Romeo & Juliet lines into the script was masterful and funny whether or not you knew what they were!

I give it two thumbs up!


Having not seen too much advertising for this one prior, I wasn't aware before actually watching it that there was going to be a connection to  Shakespeare  - I just thought the title was a very good play on words.

We really loved it. My 5yo DS loved the lawnmower scenes and my 9yo DD thought it was pretty good too.

As usual, the animation in this was superb, especially the fact that they were ceramic figures that still looked like ceramic figures!  As already mentioned, I really loved the 'chink' when they touched.  That was cute.

Definitely worth heading to see, even if you're not a fan of Shakespeare.

Double thumbs up from me!


To be honest, I was a little wary seeing this movie with a five and a three year old, considering that it is based on the play by shakespeare (lets face it, the ending of Romeo and Juliet really sums up tragedy!)  My five year old however truly enjoyed the movie, and my three year old was happy till about 20 mins from the end (attention span disappeared!!). Hubby and I both agreed that it was a movie that was totally worth seeing :)  

This movie is good value to watch - I found myself waiting for different Shakespeare references which are neatly woven into the script (I found the one "out damn spot .. out" quite funny!). The storyline works well with the shakespeare play - but moves fast enough to keep both kids and adults entertained.  The animation is really well done (I loved the "chink" sound that happened when the gnomes touched) and the movie had a great balance of humour (a gnome in a mankini???!!)  and more serious moments. 

I was worried as to how they would end the movie (considering the traditional ending) but they really did do a good job. There were enough twists and turns in the plot to keep you interested,and the characters and the relationships were believable, even though it was all animation.



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