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Despicable Me (PG)

Universal Pictures
5 reviews
Despicable Me (PG)

Sit back and enjoy the big screen ambience when you head to your local movie cinemas to watch the latest blockbuster films, many with parents and baby movie sessions.  Please check your favourite cinemas' website for classifications and screening times for any movie you wish to go to.

Parent Reviews and Comments

Despicable Me is the perfect family movie. 

It's hard not to love it. It's a definite winner in our house and have been watched numerous times (even if there is no kids in sight) 

I'm actually eating a minion mc flurry as I type this review so the whole minion thing definitely kicked off. 

I recommend you go and see this movie. You won't be disappointed! 


this is one of the best kids movies with a moral that is more obvious than most.  i love how the story flows and that it is exciting for the kids without being scary.  i like how the bad guys get beaten in the end.  it has some really cute and cuddly moments and its entertaining for the adults too.  my 6 year old and 4 year old sit glued to the tv for the entire show.  is a must to keep and watch over and over.


Okay, so I am a 21 year old woman but I adore kids movies and feel I am the perfect critic ;)

This is so entertaining and I can only imagine watching it as a kid, it is such a lovely funny movie, a bit sad in parts but portrays a fabulous message and lets kids see a side to life they might not aware of, in a light hearted kind of way.

 I can watch this over and over!

This is a must see, must own movie!! We brought this on blu ray when it was released and have watched it several times as a family!

Every viewing was as delightful as the first, with genuine laughs, some almost tears (or maybe thats my pregnancy hormones!) and a nice "moral" to the story!

Showing that the orphans, regardless of their pasts can be truly happy and loved!

Loved it! Highly recommended! 


I have to say, I loved this from start to finish, as did my 4 yo son and 9 yo daughter.  There were genuine laugh-out-loud moments and the film has a really good storyline. It touches on family values and some really nice life lessons that kids learn.

There was a really good scene when they are on a rollercoaster.... I reckon it would be super to see this part in 3D (we only saw it in 2D but it was still very, very realistic!).

I have to say, I reckon this one will be a must-buy when it comes out on DVD.  Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!



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