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Cars 2

Walt Disney Pictures
12 reviews
Cars 2
Sit back and enjoy the big screen ambience when you head to your local movie cinemas to watch the latest blockbuster films, many with parents and baby movie sessions.  Please check your favourite cinemas' website for classifications and screening times for any movie you wish to go to.
Parent Reviews and Comments

I watched Cars2 with my son in the cinema and he was very excieted while watching it. He had seen its commercial on billboards and advertisement in stores and TV and was very excieted about the fact that he was actually watching the movie. He was surprised to see that cars can talk and there are so many cars in the movie. Lightening mcqueen is his favourite character and loved watching the movie along with eating chips and popcorns. Movie was really good and was made with kids in mind. He was just excieted to know what will happen in next scene and was remained curious and happy while watching the movie.

Overall it is a fun filled movie for kids . After watching the movie  i bought a CARS  sticker book and T shirt  for him which made him very happy.

My son had seen the first one a few times at home so i decided to take him to cinema for first time to see this! He was 3ish at the time. He loved the different talking cars and the same characters appearing which he knew and loved. It was a bit "dark" and alot of the scenes went over his head. It didnt seem as fun as the first one which i really liked about the first but i guess they had to make it different. There were alot of car racing scenes and I think for a 7 year old, they would love this aspect of it. It was a bit spy kid/motor racing so older kids would understand that all better. overall a really enjoyable movie that my son liked, he stayed the entire movie and didnt get sick of it so a winner here! Hoping the next movie isnt too far off!
Had to explain some bits to my 4yr old but he loves it. Hope the next one isn't far away.

We watched this with DS1 yesterday. I found the movie was too indepth for DS (3.5yo). He enjoyed the characters from the first movie, and the races. But apart from that he didnt understand what was happening. 

I think the movie is aimed at 7-8yo this time, unlike the first movie which looked to be aimed at4-5yo. 

Other than that i really enjoyed it :) 

Jodie Ryan
My 5 year old and her Dad loved the movie.  I think it was great but a little bit too complex for my 4 year old.  He did love the characters though and we are constantly playing pretend Cars.  Thanks for the experience!!!

I was surprised to find the sequel of Cars to be quite a "heavy" movie. While the characters were mainly the same (with some new ones thrown in) I was surprised to find the plot line much more intense - with a lot more car chases/ action scenes. If you think Cars meets Bond .. it might give you some idea of the storyline of the movie. 

I do think this one was written with more adults in mind than small kids- my five year old enjoyed it right through till the end, but my three year old drifted off the sleep in my arms.  

Definitely worth seeing - but perhaps not so much for the reaaaally young ones :)   

David Burge

I don't think I could disagree more with the other reviews here.  Yes, it's beautiful to look at, and there are some 'funnies' here and there, but this is NOT a film for under 8's (and that's the angle I'm coming at this from, whether it's appropriate for younger kids).

I can't think of another sequel which is such  a departure from the original.

The original was warm and very young-child-friendly.  This is NOT.  This is an intense action flick. The frequent  references to killing and death are not what I want for my  under 8s and the moment.

The torture (seen) and murder (not seen but very clearly implied) of a car in one particular scene beggars belief when considering where this franchise was in Cars 1. And there are numerous other examples.

I simply can't believe that Pixar would make something so different from the original.  We go to see a sequel to get more of the same....we would still buy the tickets and the toys...why not give people what they expect?  It makes no sense to me.

I'll be the first to admit that my 7 year old is a little more sensitive than 'average', but he was up until midnight last night with nightmares.

If you're expecting 'Cars', I just wouldn't recommend it.

Kate Green

Cars 2 was our kids (aged 2 & 4) first ever trip to the movies.  None of us had seen Cars 1. 

Would we do it again??  


It was so much fun!  It held the attention of the 4 year old completely and the 2 year old was thrilled, adults found it thoroughly entertaining.  The 3D effects were incredible and the plot was easy enough for young ones to follow but with plenty of higher level puns for adults to enjoy.  Overall..we loved it!!


This was a beautifully animated adventure.  Mater takes a turn as the star ably supported by McQueen, the rest of the Cars gang (my faves Luigi and Guido are there) and new super spies and arch villains.

The gang travel across the globe from Radiator Spring to Tokyo and Europe and while McQueen races, Mater is caught up in a spy adventure of his own.

The film is a blast and both you and the kids will enjoy it. 


Cars 2 was visually amazing and the 3-D images were incredible! Our boys loved the movie and were glued to their seats.They loved seeing their favourite characters back again and laughed at many of the gags and antics. However as parents we were concerned with the higher level of violence in this movie. We loved that the original had no violence and we were happy for them to watch it again and again. We will have to re-think that with this movie. Some concepts were too adult  eg a torture scene - although they tried to make it child friendly - is it possible to make torture "child friendly"?   How to explain to a 4 year old "why are they doing that mean thing to that good Car??".

Violence aside- it was enjoyed by our children  and the effects were amazing!!!

Robert Sutherland

At almost 4 years old my son has never been able to stay still long enough in a movie to enjoy it (or let me enjoy it). We had watched Cars 1 the night before and his replica of Mater didn't leave his hand all day long.  With his building excitement I was hopeful that this would be his first full movie. ... The popcorn was quickly forgotten (at least for the first hour) as he was entranced by the unfolding storyline. Although he did eventually discard the 3D glasses I was happy to note that this was the first movie he hasn't run out of.  With its great animation and storyline it certainly is a movie for the young and young at heart.Good to see Mater finally receive the star attention his character deserves. 


Stunning animation and a fun storyline that sees Lightning and Mater travelling the world to compete in races whilst, unintentionlly, being involved in a spy plot.

Fantastic humour; great images.

Don't miss it!



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