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Taronga Zoo

Sydney & NSW
11 reviews
Taronga Zoo

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Going to Taronga Zoo is an all day thing, regardless if you have children in tow. I always have a great time wandering around. I could spend countless hours watching the orangutans and monkeys!

When I found it (took 20 minutes, two staff and eventually another parent to get me there and I'm good with directions) the parent room was wonderful. Great space, individual rooms for breastfeeding, play area for older children (toddlers) and change areas, and microwave etc.

And when you use the gondola, the staff put your pram in and out of it which is great.

Overall, the zoo is very family and pram friendly, with wide walkways. Get your walking shoes on!

Onoy downer is the cost of entry and food. Best thing to do is pack your own food and drink for the day, but be prepared to carry it.

Taronga zoo is great, but it's pricey and there is alot of walking around. It is very big!! The kids love the animals and it is a great day out.

This was a very fun day for the whole family. The animals we encountered were animals that the children had only every seen on telly or read about in books.

It was expensive to enter but we didn't mind as it's not something you would go to everyweekend. More like every couple of years.

There was lots of walking involved which made it hard for the children and it was annoying to have to go up and down so many stairs however a small price to pay for such a fun day.

Def recommend. 


This has enough to keep you happy all day. I would never take a pram again as there is so many stairs and not alot of lifts to take prams up. My husband and i carried the pram up and down the stairs and it was tiring. Alot of the animals are too high or far back for little kids to see so i would wait until there are a bit bigger next time. It is expensive and food is high priced too. If you pack your own lunch and bring a carrier for little ones it can be easier and more affordable. Overall a good day out which can be made extra special by taking the ferry across. My 2.5 year old loved it!

The zoo is a great day out for all of the family. It is very tiring and I'm not sure I would like to go with several young children. The food is very expensive but you expect that. Overall it is great to see all of the animals.

I've always loved Taronga Zoo, but as others have said here, with kids it is really big!

The zoo takes hours to walk around which can make for tired kids (or, in our case, a toddler who slept her way around most of it). 

It's expensive to enter and definitely take your own lunch as snacks/drinks/food are ridiculously expensice, as you would expect.

We found the zoo really crowded, even on a weekday in winter.

Probably wouldn't recommend this until kids are walking long distances happily on their own as a pram in those crowds was awful.


I took my 3 kids (4 and under) to the zoo 2 weeks ago for a birthday party. The food was provided which was good because I have heard the food is pricey. Unfortunately, with 2 out of the 3 kids running around we did not get to see nearly half as much as we would have liked. The shows were great (bird, seal, and gorrila) and the kids enjoyed them. The penguins are a must see, and they now have a beach area for the kids to wade in on hot days. This was good as it was 30 odd degrees.

However, in terms of value for money, if you are going with alot of children you don't get to see much and tickets are around 80 dollars. Great views of the harbour. A must see for first timers.

You know it's funny I hadn't been to Toronga since I was in Yr 2 on a school excursion, now 30 with my own 2 kids I don't remember it being so big! HAHA! I was absolutely buggered at the end of the day there is an sbundance of stuff to look at and our highlight I will never forget is the elephants! The chimps are close to watch them clowing around, a must to do with your kids.
Whether you travel down to sydney in a car or train what an experience for the kids straight away! crossing the harbour bridge or going through the tunnels I love this still and i am 22 :P Taronga zoo is a favourite place for my family. We love seeing all the animals and walking around the zoo all day. It is soo much fun. I fill the camera up with tresured family photo memories and the kids love looking back on them and remembering the hbaitats and names of all the animals it really is an educational and memorable experience for kids young and old!

We recently took a complete family trip to the Zoo, including the grandparents. Everyone had a lovely time, there is something there for everyone. The littlies especially enjoyed the seal show.

I would suggest, like at most family attractions that you pack lunch and only buy treats, food can be very pricey.

Wear good walking shoes, there is a lot to see, and probably take a stroller for anyone 5 or under, my 4 year old really wanted to sit in a stroller by the end of the day even though she never uses one.

All in all, highly suggest a visit to the Zoo, it is a fantastic family adventure.

Loved the zoo. Although, in my opinion it is a tad over priced it is a great family day out. Just make sure you take your own food! The food is very expensive there. There is lots of walking to be had so make sure you have plenty of energy!! And not only do you see plenty of great animals you have beautiful views of the city/harbour! Make it even more fun by going there and back by ferry. The kids love the ferry! So overal it is a great day out for the family. Make sure you were comfortable clothes and walkign shoes and take your own food .I'm sure you and your kids will have loads of fun! Also, look online for vouchers. There is always discount vouchers around to get cheaper entry :)



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