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Calmsley Hill City Farm

Sydney & NSW
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Calmsley Hill City Farm

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Parent Reviews and Comments

My 6 children and I went this Saturday gone for my 6 year olds birthday request. The farm life is set out in real life in such a hands on, reality experience, Watching the stock whip demonstration, the hard working dogs that work hard, the shearing of the sheep and the simplicity of the working farm, especially living in a city really brings us back to the simple things in life is nice, real nice:) Thanks for a great day out:)


Recently, on our quest to find a cow for my son to milk after becoming very interested in all things milkable (I had just started bfing my baby) I came across Calmsley Hill City Farm that has this milking activity twice a day to participate in!

Ok, so the milking part was a hit.. So were all the animals!

There was a 'walk-in' part where you could handle and pet the animals, there were goats, lambs, sheep, chooks and little pigs.. My kids loved how involved they could get with them.

For an extra amount, feed bags are available, now these things cause a farmyard riot! Make sure you buy loads and throw them everywhere or you'll have all these little mouths snapping at you (good naturedly though!) Again, the kids had a ball with this..

The Tractor ride, again at an additional cost was fun, but it gets expensive after one or two turns..

The kiosk there was out of cold water the day we visited, silly me didn't pack any so we had to pay a large amount for room temp water.. Wasn't thrilled with that, but at the end of the day, the kids had a blast!

~Lost In The Fifties~

Calmsley Hill farm will always hold a special place in my heart as i used to visit it when i was a child so it is lovely to be able to share with my children something from my childhood.

There are plenty of animals to see and touch here.

There is a lovely gift shop where you can buy souviners and animal feed.

You can feed the roos in the roo enclosure.

There is a section you can walk in and feed sheep, goats & chickens.

There is a wide variety of guinea pigs & rabbits to pat & hold.

You can visit the pigs and give them a pat.

You can pat the cows.

There is a big look out tower you can go up and view the whole farm.

There is even a ferret cage there.

There is a lovely undercover area to have a bite to eat.

There a various shows held at different times of the day.

You can milk a cow.

You can go on a tractor ride around the field and see more animals.

You can have a birthday party there.

A place i will visit time and time again!! 

This place used to be called "Fairfield City Farm" and it was something else before that my hubby tells me but it is more designed for school excursions i think, It is fairly basic but priced accordingly. You can see pens with cows and pigs, sheep and chickens - even rabbits and mice. There is a feeding area with the roos which if you run out of food and need to buy more is quite a distance to get back to the entrance for. They do have cow milking shows and a great whip cracking demonstration. The feature for us that we always end it on is the tractor ride which is extra but quite cool just bumping up and down on in the breeze! (warning don't sit too close to the tractor at the very front - too much smoke!!) There is a lovely picnic area - the food place there is expensive and not the greatest but you cope! And it had a handy playground area under cover so the kids can play when they finish eating, leaving you the time to finish your meal and be watching them from a safe distance.



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