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Melbourne Zoo

Melbourne & Vic
8 reviews
Melbourne Zoo

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Come on, who doesn't love the zoo! It's fantastic for kids of all ages (even the adult kids)!

We have been quite often, and we never get bored!

There are plenty of varieties of animals to see, and we've always found the staff to be very helpful.

There are shows on throughout the day, that teach you more about the particular animal, it's just a shame that you sometimes have to pick and choose because sometimes they are on at the same/similar times and quite a distance from each other.

We find the location easy to get to, and parking has never been an issue.


we all love the zoo

the thing i like most, beside the animals of course is that most of the zoo is shaded by trees, so even on a hot day you can enjoy the visit.

We have the yearly pass for Melbourne zoo, Werribee zoo and healsville and that is well worth the money for two adults as children are free with that ticket


Even as an adult, I LOVE visiting the Melbourne Zoo.  There is a great diversity of animals on display and plenty to see.

If you are wanting to visit a special exhibit - eg. baby elephants, be prepared to wait quite some time.  With young kids, this might be testing their patience - when we visited the new baby elephant Mali, we easily waited an hour plus, to get a glimpse of her (it was well worth it though, once we got to the viewing area!).  Having said that, there is heaps to see and do at the zoo, even if you skipped this exhibit.

The admission is quite high, especially when considering parents + kids, but we found that using the Entertainment Book vouchers helped reduce the cost.  Once you are inside, a packed picnic lunch and snacks minimises the cost of the day.

Can't wait to come back with our little one! 


We have been to Melbourne Zoon on a number of occassions, during different seasons of the year and different days of the week. We have always found it to be very busy so I'm not sure if there is an off season to go when it's nice and quiet. Going with a stroller can be a bit of a nightmare as some of the access areas are narrow and you get banked up behind people. I think Melbourne Zoo is probably best suited to older kids as many of the animals are a bit far off in the distance and smaller kids can't really see them very well. There is not much opprtunity for interaction with animals like you would get in a zoo like Australia Zoo in QLD.

It's a very clean and well kept zoo, be prepared to do a lot of walking so little ones who are on foot can tire easily.


We have been to the Melbourne Zoo a number of times. Every single time we have gone its been a whole day outing. The zoo has been very clean each time we have gone. The Meet the keeper has alot of information and may even allow you to pat an animal they have been talking about.

It does get very busy tho and can be very tiring for little ones if they are walking Each time we have gone it has taken us around 4 plus hours to walk around the zoo and also have lunch at the zoo. We normally drive to the zoo and parking can be a nightmare if going on the weekend. We have caught the train also a few times which drops you right out the front of the enterence.

Food wise at the Melbourne zoo is expensive and isn't of the best tasting food i have tired in places like these. For bucket of chips we got one time and a drink came close to $10.00.

The animals always look as tho they are very well looked after and they dont seem to mind have little hand and eyes looking right in to them.

If you go to the zoo i recommend you go on a week day as i said before it can get very very busy and sometimes it can get that busy it is hard to see all the animals as little kids and other people just stand in front of the animals for ages.

I love the zoo and will be going back again when the weather is a little warmer.

I, the kids and my family looove this zoo! It is clean, friendly- very animal orientated and well set out- A wonderful family picnic day and great priced for the experience- My children learnt so much from their very long fun day at this zoo- i could rave on about this to anyone who listened- and the late night music sessions in summer are wonderful!!
Jessica Penney

Well where do i start.

The train ride from ballarat was a great start to our day on the way to the zoo. Took us right to the door.

The zoo kept my boy entained all day, we could have spend a whole weekend there.

The hightlight was the elephants. my son was so happy to see one up close as they are his favorite animal. The show they put on was amazing.

Would recommend the zoo to all families 


The main highlights of a visit to Melbourne Zoo are the interactive meet the keeper presentations and feeding times scheduled regularly throughout the day.

Visitors have the pleasure of viewing wildlife in natural habitats and to make the most of their trip ,they should try to visit all the parts.

Elephant Village captures the spirit of many Asian cultures, i just loved watching the elephants.My son was amazed to see elephants walking with the keepers. Discover how elephants live now, how they lived in the past, and how the future of this endangered species depends on the protection of their native rainforest.

Butterfly galore was another area which surprised us. There were lots n lots of different types of butterfles, just amazing to watch. By watching other people my little one was also talking out his arm calling the bitterflies to sit on his hand.

Wild Sea - Melbourne Zoo's  home to seals, penguins, pelicans and more. Just watch as  seals at play in their brand new home.

we enjoyed our fun filled day to the full.



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