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Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne & Vic
4 reviews
Melbourne Aquarium

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Melbourne Aquarium is probably a must-do in Melbourne, especially if you've never visited an aquarium before.

The penguins were fascinating to watch and learn about, and we also enjoyed watching the sharks.Would love to do the shark walk experience but very pricey!!

Overall I would recommend the Melbourne Aquarium though you probably wouldn't be able to make a day of it (only takes a couple of hours to see everything). Very pricey for what you actually see and how long you would spend there, would love if it were much more interactive!!

somewhat over-priced for what it is. We had great expectations but found that the place was a bit dissapointing for the amount we paid to get in, especially the shark feeding.
We had a wonderful time at the Melbourne Aquarium last month.  The best part was the penguin exhibit, we could have stayed there for ages but all the other exhibits were bekonning us.  Suitable for all ages!

Kids love visiting melbourne aquarium. If you want to enjoy your visit at the aquarium then you should go here with a good amount of time so that you and kids can enjoy the place to he full.

The  adventure starts  with Antarctica, where you can explore the world of penguins. Look  at the majestic King and cute Gentoo penguins as they play.

It has 360 degree Oceanarium which has giant sharks and stingrays – enjoy watching  live feeding presentations held twice each day.

Also enjoy and allow yourself to be amazed at  the beautiful Great Barrier Reef exhibit, the touch pools,  coral atoll with its colourful coral and tropical creatures.

It feels  extraordinary to see the  habits of the colour-changing cuttlefish, spiky lionfish, camouflaged sea dragons, armour-carrying crabs ,the clownfish.

This aquatic wonderland is a must watch with the kids and to enjoy the memborable day to the fullest.



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