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Luna Park Melbourne

Melbourne & Vic
2 reviews
Luna Park Melbourne
Parent Reviews and Comments

This is a bustling and fun place to go, full of old school carnival rides. The ricketty coaster has been there for generations.


Melbourne's luna park  have rides and attractions  for the whole family.  There is something for all age groups at the park.

We went to luna park with our 3.5 year old and he had lots of fun there.

 All the rides in luna park have height restrictions for kids , i like it as kids are allowed to take only those rides which are safe for them.

There are different rides for kids under 100cm.

Then there are rides for 100cm to 109cm.

next level is 110cm to 119cm.

finally there is 120cm and above.

Before we enter any ride there are clear instructions about who can or can not take the ride.

Ticket prices are also clearly there. We bought unlimited Ride Passes  for my husband and son so that they can  enjoy every single ride at Luna Park as many times as they like.

It was a fun day of non stop fun at luna park for my son.

He enjoyed the ghost train, silly serpent, carousel, arabian merry. He was taking the rides one after the another, all thanks to his unlimited ride pass.

We took our own food from home and bought some icecreams from there.

Even though Luna park is very old but all the rides were good and entertaining.

There is lots of parking space around the park and parking fee is charged for that.

Overall we had a fun day at luna park and its a nice place to visit for families with kids.




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