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Parent Reviews and Comments
Sue Winship

visited recently with my family, very disappointed, throughout the morning 3 roller coasters broke down or had technical issues, outback thing was closed, toilets dirty. Wait time was an hour and half for Scooby Doo ride

Would never waste my money again and wouldn't recommend to anyone

Disgusting for what you are charged to get in


Zombie Evilution is a laser tag game - not a ride.  It is not a very good one at that - there is no zombie theme that we were able to see, and the teams were red and blue. It was not as good as an arcade type shoot out laser game.  The queue didnt seem long but it took a good hour until entry - and then it was more disappointing from there.  I am surprised that Dreamworld would add such an inferior and unsatisfactory laser tag zone to their park.  It is really not worth it - the ball pit is more fun and there is no queue for that if you are looking for a non ride time out.  The management/people responsible at Dreamworld who allowed Zombie Evilution into Dreamworld really should be questioned about how and why they supported the introduction of this really bad zone into the park.  Someone needs to be held responsible for making such a poor decision and wasting everyone's "fun" time and something so not worthwhile.  I doubt that anyone would support this zone and I hope that Dreamworld shut it down very soon so that no one else has to waste their time on an inferior zone.  It is really not suitable for any age group ie little kids, teenagers or adults;  I still cannot figure out why it is even there - maybe Dreamworld needed a cheap space filler.


I am a teenager and I love dreamworld. I visit dreamworld every year as well as the other worlds but dreamworld is always my favorite. 

One thing I love about dreamworld is that it opens up nice and early (9:30am) and when we got through the gates all the rides are up and running there was no delay for test running it was all done before hand.

I found that the rides were very age appropriate, there were rides for little kids like in wiggles world, and then you have rides for kids around 8-11 years old such as the madagascar themed rides and the shrek themed rides and you then have rides for kids aged 12 and up, you have thrill rides and rides that are a little scary and you also have the family rides so everyone will be able to go on and enjoy.

An interesting thing I thought was the train how you can go to different parts of the park such as the wildlife area, the main area and little stop off's. It was also good that i didn't have to pay extra to go on the train you just hop on and go wherever you like. There was one disapointment about the train, i found that the times to catch the train were to spaced out, one time was at 10:00am and the next time after that was at 2:30pm i was walking over to catch the 10:00 train but i missed it by 2 minuets so i had to wait to get the train at 2:30pm.

Another disapointment at dreamworld was the pricing. I went to go buy a churro and it cost $4.50 and to buy chips and a small coke it cost me $9.50 so that annoyed me a bit.

I think everyone will find a disapointment in dreamworld but i'm just pointing out the main ones but I still think dreamworld is an amazing place and those bad things won't stop me from going.


We love DreamWorld. We chose DreamWorld over the other worlds because it offered alot more entertainment for my 2year old. We were able to go on few bigger rides with her.

And what rides she wasn't able to go on my husband and I would take turns in watching her play in the wiggles toy play room while one of us took our 4year old on a rollercoaster or something else.

The wiggles area was great for both my girls. Though the Big Red Car ride both my 2 year old and 4year old found boring. Which I had to agree with. Sitting in a car and going from room to room watching a small clip of wiggles on a small TV wasn't exactly fun for anyone. We're just happy we didn't have to line up for that amusement.

Most of the Wiggles area was alot of fun. Most of our time was spent in the Toy Room area when we weren't walking around looking at things and doing something. It was nice to be able to relax and watch the kids play in a safe environment.

Overall DreamWorld was amazing. We loved it. We're planning on going back again in a couple of years time when our girls are older and can  enjoy even more of what DreamWorld has to offer.


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Paid $300.00 for a family pass which turned out no value for money. Place opens up at 10am and closes at 5pm. On our 2nd return (Family pass allowed multiple returns) we arrived at 10am to queue up for 45 mins in the scorching sun before we were interrogated about our 12 year old Daughter by a Female Employee at the Returned Ticket Holder entry. After producing our Driver's licence as proof of ID (which I have no problem with) this Female Dreamworld Employee demands that my 12 year old Daughter produce ID in order to get through the gates with us, we entered as a Family for crying out loud and both my wife and I produced all the tix including our Photo Driver's Licence, one would think that this was enough. Very bad CUSTOMER SERVICE. Finally gained entry and only managed 2 rides for the day. Queue for rides resulted in 1 hour plus waiting time unless you pay extra when you purchase your tickets which enables you to produce this ticket in order jump the queue ahead of everyone else (what a system). Lined up for about 1 hour to get on a ride called The Drop, wasted all that time to get to the front of the queue only to be told that the ride broke down and that it would be a very long wait until the ride was operational again (this would have not been too bad if we had a ticket to jump the queue). Dreamworld allow Wyndham Holiday Resorts to set up stalls and draw people in with promises of gifts to suck them into attending 2 to 3 hour seminars in order to persuade you to sign up for a Holiday Membership scheme which is a total waste of time.


I just went to dreamworld with my sister and her kids over the easter break, and they had the most amazing fun!

If you can get yourself discount tickets, it would be the best way to go. We had Adults at Kids price tickets, and I'm quite glad, as we spent the whole day doing what the kids wanted to do, and there was just so much to do.

They loved the new shrek feature, and my niece loved meeting Dorothy, loudly exclaiming to us 'LOOK! Dorothy *IS* real!". She loved meeting her favourite characters and had a great time.

You're not supposed to bring your own food along, but we were able to sneak in some sandwhiches for the kids, and I'm glad we did. The cost of the food is quite high, (same with souveniers), but having all the rides included in your ticket cost really makes it worthwhile.


Absoloutely love Dreamworld! It is definately a must-do for thrill seekers who love exhilerating rides.

It is also nice to take a break from all the rides and see the wildlife. On our last trip we even got to pat one of the tiger's that they were walking through the theme park.

Would definately recommend a trip to Dreamworld when visiting the gold coast! Writing this review is making me want to book a holiday there for some theme park fun :)

We recently visited dreamworld and white water world with our 2 year old. To my surprise there was actually a lot for a little man of this age to do! The wiggles area was fantastic, he loved the big red car ride! He is quite tall so we could take him on some of the rides too. White water world was fantastic too, would recommend paying the extra 10 or so dollars to get the dual pass. The beach was great and they have small water sides and a toddler area. Worth checking out if you are in the gold coast area!
I visited Dreamworld many times as a child and remember it as an amazing, magical world of fun. I was so excited this year to finally take my own children - my son has just turned two and so he is at the perfect age to really get some enjoyment out of it.My son loved Wiggles World (what child wouldn't?!), his favourite rides were Dorothy's Teacup ride and the Big Red Car. He also really enjoyed the train ride and 'driving' the Avis cars (old style motorised cars which follow a track). On top of the rides, he loved seeing all of the animals (the tigers, kangaroos and dingos were his favourite, as well as the eels which we had fun spotting in the river).  Just before leaving Dreamworld, we stopped into the amazing lolly shop to get some yummy treats and then afterwards we were greeted by the Dreamworld mascots (Kenny & Belinda Koala), and my son got some lovely photos with them which he was well and truly stoked about. I really wish we had more time, as there was just so much to see and do!I personally believe Dreamworld is very reasonably priced given what is has to offer - unlimited rides and attractions. It is also clean and well maintained, and the staff were friendly and helpful.  The only downside would have to be the price of food, however I think that's a given at any theme park. My burger meal was a bit OTT with the pricing, and the bun was stale (we had to ask them to remake it...). It was a very plain meal for the price, and I would have liked to have had the opportunity to explore the other eating venues which the park has to offer.

I would suggest taking a hat, suncream and plenty of drinking water, as it can be quite a hot day out. We also took a pram, as it was great to load our bags into, and good for when my son needed a little rest. I found that the paths were very accommodating for prams, and even the steam train has a section where you can load your pram on without having to collapse it.

All in all, Dreamworld is an AWESOME family day out! 

Oh Dream World how I love you

Dream World has something for all ages, the atmosphere is amazing.

It was easy to caiter to all the ages(we had a massive group  consisting of 5 families) from rides to family entertainemt, with the added bonus of a water park next door.


Dreamworld is my favourite place in the world! Although I havent taken my daughter there, I think it would be agreat family attraction. For families with littlies there is lots of fun rides, themed around nickelodeon charactors. For older kids (and parents!) there is the extreme rides which are in a word AWESOME.

The entry price is slightly high, and would make it hard for some family to afford it, but the yearly passes are great value!


Absolutely LOVE Dreamworld. I took my son when he was 1 and he had an absolute ball! He especially love wiggles word. Great fun for the whole family. I wish I live in QLD So I could visit more often!

I'm taking my son for a plane trip there next week and going to dreamworld. Can't wait! He is 3 now so I am sure he will love it 


Having children aged 13 and 3 makes it difficult to find a place that appeals to both of them but Dreamworld is the place to go! It has so much variety, is clean, more reasonably priced than the other theme parks, the staff are all lovely, I could go on and on!

We spent 2 days at Dreamworld and White Water World in March this year and thoroughly enjoyed it - my husband was even involved in Slime Time, which my kids thought was hysterical

Would highly recommend Dreamworld to everyone, regardless of their age


Absolutely amazing and wonderful place to visit.

We ( me, hubby and a 3 year old son ) visited Dreamworld for the first time in august 2010 and we all had a wonderful time.
The initial cost to get in to the park was expensive, but we were able to go back as many times as we liked ( that was the offer at that time ), so it was very good  value for money  for us to have two full days of  unlimited fun.Going back the second day was good as we were famililar with the place and knew  what to expect when we went and what rides we wanted to go on again and again. I was totally  impressed with the layout of the park (  it is very big ) and the cleanliness. It offered something for everyone, even if you aren't into scary rides like me, there is still plenty to entertain you. Wiggles big red car was my son's favourite. Lots and lots of rides are there especially for kids.

We are just waiting to book our next trip there.



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