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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Brisbane, Gold Coast & Qld
4 reviews
Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

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Parent Reviews and Comments

My family and I recently visited Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary and we did not leave disappointed!

We had a brillient time there and enjoyed the show they put on for visitors. My daughters love trains, so having a train ride and seeing alot of animals made the trip there worth it. They had a blast. Will definitely be going back on our next visit.


DH and I took our toddler and newborn to Currumbin Sanctuary.  Because we live on the Gold Coast we got in at May mates rates, only $15 each! Because our kids were free this made a very reasonably priced day out. We also had to pay for parking, which was a $5 donation to something for the animals. All around the park there were beautiful grassy and shady areas that would've been great for picnicking.  The shows that I saw were really good and interesting and it was good to see lots of Australian animals-my favourite was getting to see the hairy-nosed wombats.  We bought a coffee for around $5, the staff were very nice and seemed to be happy to be there. We also got to go on a train ride around the park which DS1 loved.  

I found that the park didn't cater very well for newborns.  In most places it was required to leave the pram somewhere and carry your baby...which was very inconvenient if he was asleep in it.  I also struggled to find places to sit and breastfeed where I could still feel included, as some shows were presented to a standing audience.  Because it is such a huge park with a lot of room for the animals there is also a lot of walking.  Ds1 had to be carried a lot.  Also, there were only three kangaroos in the for a very busy day there wereen't many kangaroos out and we weren't able to get DS1 close enough to feed one.

We will be waiting until the kids are bigger before going back and although we did enjoy our visit, I wouldn't recommend going with a newborn. 


We had the best time. There is so much to see including shows they put on and a train to ride round the park on. Pricing was fair, for how much there is to do and see. The feeding of wallabies was great for little ones and there is a play area for kids with a flying fox and tunnels and climbing things made to look like cob webs. Definately need the map and loads of time to see everything. Lunch was good. average prices and there were some large lizards in the lunch area that were really cool and some birds that come in for scraps and there are some amazing birds free to land anywhere. There was a seed tray they topped up and heaps of wild birds landed for lunch with us.

Absolutely loved it. Young kid friendly place and heaps of room for wearing out older kids too.A definate must when in Brisbane.


I have visited Currumbin about 5-6 times in the past 12 years.  When ever we travel to the Gold Coast, this is always a must!

Each time i have taken my daughter. She was 3 the first time we went and was 15 the last time we went.

The park is set out on a fairly level ground with so many animals to see.  kangaroos roam freely in a fenced area where you get to buy roo food and feed the roos.  When we were there in january 2012, we even got to see a yound 6 month old joey hopping around his tired mum.  It was so cute. We were not allowed to touch the joey, as he was too young, but roos from around 1 and up you are alowed to pat and feed.  There would had to of been about 50 roos in total.  Such a great place for tourists, especially those from over seas. They get to be up close and personal with one of Australia's best known marsupials.

You see many lizards roaming free around the entire park.  My duahgter and I counted on our last trip there and from memory we was around 70 lizards.

There is a train that takes you around the entire park,and you can hop on and off as you please. They run very regularly too, so your not waiting for ever for one to arrive.

They have many "feeding" shows aswell.  We saw the feeding of the Crocodiles and Parrots on our last visit.  The Parrot feeding is int he morning and again at 4pm in the afternoon.  You have the opportunity to make a donation and you receive a silver plate and the zoo keepers come along and out in the feeding forula for the birds.  Then you wait for the birds to come and land on you to feed!! it is exceptional.  Such a fantastic photo opportunity.  We do this every time we go.  I think its our highlight each and every time.

You can also get up and close to Koala's. They have photo opportunities throughout the day, where you get to hold a Koala and have your photo prefessionally taken.  From memory we bout a $25 package which came with about 4 photo's.  It is a little expensive but the memories last forever.

We have always taken in our own food and drinks to save some $$$.  Places like this always know how to charge when it comes to food.  So it's great that they allow you to bring in your own food and drinks.

The park is well shaded and it a wonderful family day all round.  It keeps kids of all ages entertained.  I would say depending on the size of your family, you could spend as little as 4 hours there to as many as 8.

We found it the best place to go on the day we were leaving to fly home.  It's not very far from Cold Coast Airport, so we had lunch before entering the park, and spent the afternoon there before heading home at 5pm.

Highly recommend this park. Its such a favourite of mine!!

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