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hey all, i just want to update my experience about this product that I've been using. I started this product/review for this site. I want more people to be using this. (see below for my previous post)

I got a patch of eczema just under and to the side of my right eye. Usually i apply steriod cream and it takes 1 week for it to totally disappear.  1 week of eczema, 1 week free, continous cycle.

Using repcillin- At first it irratated my eye it kept on watering and thus making me rub it = eczema started to spread. After i controlled and stopped this by without touching my eye. I applied repcillin twice a day, morning and night time. I say it now that it took me 1 week for it to clear up and remove the eczema thats with the irrated/watery eye. I dare say that without that it would clear it up in around 5 days. By far the best product ive used and i will continue to use.

To me it does the same job which steriod cream does. But i can safely say that since its all natural i wont have to worry about any side affects anymore. The downside to this product is the price and its a bit oily. But its well worth it.


I want everybody to know about "Repcillin". I want to share this product with everybody with eczema as this cream is the best cream ive ever used.

What is Repcillin- It is a cream based on crocodile oil/fats. It is from South Africa and will need to be bought online. It is made for people with skin disorders e.g eczema. Crocodiles never get infections due to their super immune system, "healing powers". This has now been transfered into a cream to "heal" eczema. The cost is quite expensive but you will see why.

My experience- Ive just started using repcillin and have already noticed that all my dry skin has substancially improved. I have already thrown out my steriod creams. I no longer get itchy or scratch my eczema and everyday that i apply it, it gets better and better as my skin is healing.

Please note. I am not working for this company or whichever ive found out about this product though googling eczema products and i want every mother, father, child, brother, daughter, grandpa, grandma even your animals to know about this product as i want everyone to have physical and mental relief on eczema. ITS also safe for babies as it is naturally made. You can use as much as you want!!!! no side effects.

They have a website. google it. watch it on youtube! The founder name is "john". Please beware you can only buy repcillin on 1 website and 1 website ONLY online. Amazon and ebay are FAKE and wont work.

Watch on youtube, " I have never seen eczema as bad as this"  - The uploaders name is John180646. All i ask is for you to do this and you can make your mind up about this product. They even have a facebook page, you can look on that with other peoples reviews of this product :D:D:D

Sorry for the long response but i want to change peoples lives and help others via sharing my experiences.



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