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Ego QV Bath Oil

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QV Bath Oil

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Even before I had my daughter I was a serious lover of the QV products for my own eczema. The bath oil is fantastic and it's great that it can be used in the bath or shower. I love knowing that I'm not putting any nasties on our skin. It is fragrance free obviously not having bad stuff in it so it kind of smells a bit ugh but I guess that's the trade off when you have sensitive skin.


I genuinely love this product. Even before I had my ds I am already an avid QV range/products user. The QV Bath Oil is so gentle on my ds skin. As ds is an eczema sufferer I do try other products every now and then but still manage to come back to QV Bath Oil whenever others fail. I use this on ds on a daily basis and use QV Flare Bath Oil when his eczema is flaring. Worth every single cent of my money.


I've tried hundred (and yes, I really mean hundred) of non-medicated lotions and potions and soaps and gels and washes to deal with my baby's horrific eczema and cradle cap, and QV Bath Oil was THE ONLY thing that worked for us.

I didn't want to use any medications on him as cradle cap isn't something that ever bothered him, it just looked yukky, and our GP suggested we try QV Bath Oil for his eczema and within a week that had cleared up mostly, and the cradle cap was gone! We still get the occassional small spot, but its' nothing compared to the whole head of cradle cap that we were dealing with every single day before then.

Just one cap full in his bath (which he has on alternate nights) seems to work perfectly for him. I would recommend it as a cheaper option for cradle cap treatment, not to mention that he now has beautiful, silky skin too.


We use a capful of QV bath oil in our little girl's bath every evening. The oil is non greasy and very gentle on her skin. We use this daily but her eczema flares up now and again. I don't think this actually cures it, but I would recommend if you want to add something to the bath that will nourish your baby's skin without aggreviating the eczema.

Value for money is pretty good as you only need a tiny cap per bath.



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