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Dead Sea Products Mineral Care Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts

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Mineral Care Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts

Babies have extremely sensitive skin and you need to be very careful which products you choose for your baby's bath. Using soap on baby's skin can strip away your baby's natural oils.

Natural Dead Sea salts help improve circulation to promote the skin's natural healing process, helps the skin cells regenerate, reduces inflammation and actually adds moisture to the skin. A dead sea bath should help relieve itching, burning and redness.

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Dead Sea products are one of the best if not the top natural skin care products.  My wife been using it for years on our children and on herself.  She found high quality dead sea products from an Australian online store,  and they ship for free anywhere in Australia and we've been buying their products and send them as gifts for friends with new bub, as well as mothers day gift and birthday presents or Christmas gifts which they normally run nice offers and promotions.  Their skin care products won international awards in England,  United States,  and well known in Europe. Their prices are very reasonable,  and high quality, they have wholesale prices if you have a beauty salon, massage centre, or facial skin care spa.


After trying out the salts on my daughter, I can't say that I saw much of a difference in her eczema. It is however pretty under'control' at the moment (if that's even possible!!) so maybe using the salts in summer might have a better impact on her. 

I did notice that after her bath, her skin was slightly dryer, but nothing that a quick splash of moisturizer didn't fix.

Im happy that I gave the salts a go, and with what I have left of the sample - I look forward to giving them a go in the summer months, when we have more flare ups! 


I had some difficulty reviewing this product as my son has recently decided he dislikes baths, so only managed to use the salts about twice a week.

It feels WONDERFUL when dissolving in the bath (wish i could of taken a bath in it!). It also made his skin feel nice and soft when he got out of the bath but i cant really tell if it had any effect on his eczema as during the time we have been using the salts it has flared up, went down and has now flared up again.

Would I use it to control eczema? No.

would i use it along with other creams to help control eczema? Yes.


I was extremely excited to be given the opportunity to review Mineral Care Natural Dead Sea Bath Salts as my son's eczema is quite bad and he recently went on a course of oral antibiotics and steroids to try to clear it up, however it had returned within weeks.

The product feels extremely nice in the water, my son calls the crystals "rocks", and they dissolve and make the water feel lovely and soft.  The salts have np fragrance.

We started using the recommended tablespoon per bath and then built up to about 4-5 tablespoons.  We have noticed a reasonable improvement in his skin - he had lots of itchy red patches on his torso and face and many of these have disappeared.  He is also sleeping better, which is always a good indicator of how itchy he is.  The eczema hasn't completely cleared up, and we have continued using other strategies such as coconut oil after a bath and a mild cortisone cream when required. 

I would be happy to continue using this product in conjunction with other strategies to manage his eczema in future - I am confident that the product has made a positive difference. 


Ive only had the chance to review this product for the purpose of treating nappy rash. For the past few weeks my daughter has developed a nappy rash and im not sure whats causing it. I havent changed her nappies to a different brand and the ones shes using now havent caused problems before. I tried the dead sea mineral bath salts in her bath for about a week. The directions say to use one tablespoon at first so the baby can get used to it but then to gradually increase it as time goes. After a few days i noticed that redness had calmed down but the bumps were still there. At the end of the week my daughters had rash had almost completely cleared. Yes, this product worked for my daughter but i can only comment on its usefulness on nappy rashes and not for eczema and therefore cannot give it ten stars. I have however, rated it 7 stars - its only fault is that it may take some time to see results. I did not see any results on the first or second day, but by the third the redness had calmed down as stated earlier. Overall it is a great product and i think i will keep using if i need it for other skin related issues.


When I first got this product, my daughter's eczema was fairly mild, with a bit of redness. From the second bath she had with the salts, the redness had reduced, however it still left the dry patches of eczema on her skin. Have bathed her for 3 weeks as per the directions, and still have the dry spots.

I feel like it needs to be used in conjunction with some additional product is needed to completely remove the eczema, however I will continue bathing my daughter in this twice a week to keep the redness down


My son has had an undiagnosed skin condition for the past 6 months and nothing was helping to clear it up ... we had tried everything!!

I was excited but wary to try these bath salts as so many things had not helped previously, but I was pleasantly surprised!!  I noticed a changed in my sons skin with two washes. His skin went from patchy and dry to much smoother with a more even skin tone.

I bathe my son in an adult size bath so added a cap full to the bath, they dissolved quickly.  The instructions on the back said to add "a generous amount" to the bath which I found a bit disconcerting, especially when dealing with childrens skin ... The written instructions in the package said to add a table spoon to the bath and increase - but I wasn't sure what size bath they were talking about ...

A scoop of some description would have been really useful ...

The salts have no smell which I liked. I bathe with my son so was able to notice if I had any irriations to cuts etc - I had cuts and dry skin that stung a bit, but my son didn't seem to have any issues.  I also tasted it, and it wasn't salty like I was expecting it to be which is good (although it could still have a high salt content that i don't know about).  Our skin felt so smooth and squeaky clean after each bath. It was such a nice feeling!

Overall I think the salts are a good product and I would consider purchasing them.


I noticed an improvement in the rash on my son's back and it made the bath water very nice-feeling.  The main parts of his eczema that appear behind his knees and under his chin did not improve as much. 

I also used the salts in my bath and noticed that I felt much less itchy after using them. I didn't like the brown bits that were in the salts though. 

I would use them again :) 


I used this product with no issues the first week. There was no real improvement in his condition.  It was then that I slowly started to increase the ammount as directed and my son  actually had a reaction to this.  He did not have an allergic reaction, rather it caused him alot of pain.  His exzema did not improve and he ran around the house screaming in pain.  Thank you for the opportunity to test this product.


The directions on the back of the container state to start off by adding in a tablespoon of the salts and gradually increase the amount each time you use it to make sure that bubs skin doesnt have a reactions. So I started with a table spoon and gradually increased it each time I used it.

The salts dissolve fairly quickly which is a bonus as it means you are not waiting around forever with a grumpy baby for them to dissolve.

They are pretty odourless which is great as I find a lot of fragrances products irritates my sons eczema even more.

After using it the first time in my sons bath, I didnt notice any difference and my son didnt have any reactions so I decided to increase the amout to a 1/4 of a cup for the next bath. This time I could feel that if made his skin (and my hands) feel silky smooth, so increased the dose to 1/2 cup for the next bath. Again, there was the same silky smooth feeling, but in reagrds to it helping with eczema, I have to say I didnt really notice a difference either with his rash on his chest & back, or my hands.

The only other thing that would be great is if the container came with some sort of measuring scoop/cup.

All in all, it makes your skin feel silky smooth (well in this case, my sons skin) but I didnt see any improvement really with his eczema



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