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Aspen Pharmacare Dermeze

11 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

i was recomended this product by my allergist for my 4 month old bub's excema. afer 1 day it was greatly improved! (along with a steriod cream)

baby is smooth an not read any more. it also cleared his cradle cap. not sure if its related or not


When my daughter was little she always suffered from eczema, sometimes covering her whole body in a matter of minutes after coming into contact with a certain fabric or eating some type of food. When she was three, one Doctor had her on an exclusion diet and cortisone creams, but i just wasn't happy with how that was going. She was still suffering and scratching herself to a bloody mess.

Different Doctor,  different plan of action. No exclusion diet (she had never  shown any anaphylactic response) and just cover her with Dermeze from the fridge when she would flare up. Let her body gain some tolerance to foods etc was the idea, as she would most likely grow out of it.

In the beginning I didn't see much difference other than she would ask for the ointment because it was cool and soothing, but then realized that the bad flare ups were less frequent and skin would clear quicker. Within a year I hardly had to use it. 

Today she is 10, eats everything and the rare moment that she gets a flare up (usually to a synthetic fabric) she goes to the fridge.


It shouldn't matter whether its greasy or not,that's been fussy.

i have used Dermeze on my son for years  and place it in the fridge to keep it cool.that way when I put it on him  it relieves the itchiness and flare up. I don't worry about the cream been too long as it relieves the skin I'm happy.its not a medicated lotion it's a moisturiser .

my son loves it because it feels nice and cold on his skin and relieves the area.

This is the best non-medicated lotion I've found for my 2yr old. It's greasy at first to apply but soaks in well and seems to take the itch out of the ezcema. I've tried hundreds of creams and lotions but this one is the one I'll go back for. A good price for such a large tub too!
We got dermeze for bub after a trip to the emergency room because her eczhma had consumed her body with in 20 minutes. Have found it to be little to no help, very greasy  and not pleasant on bub.
I have used a variety of things for my daughter Eczema, and Dermeze seemed to be the best so far! It takes away any marks she has within about a day and as long as I don't bath her too often and use the Dermeze she seems to have really soft clear skin. I haven't found it to be too greasy, but maybe that it because her dry skin  absorbs it quite quickly. I have used it as an all over moisturizer as well and it hasn't stained clothes or anything.

My little girl has eczema and we have tried various moisturisers and eczema creams.

Dermeze is really greasy and not very pleasant to apply. While it moisturises the skin well, I didn't see any improvement in her eczema. So I wouldn't classify it as an eczema cream, but rather a moisturizer for dry skin. I will spend my money on other creams.

Rachel Castles
My daughter and son have both suffered from Excema since they were babies - this is the best ointment I have used and I've tried them all! In conjunction with not bathing them too often or in too warm water (and adding Dermeze or Dermaveen bath oil), a diet low in natural food chemicals (as recommended by the Allergy Clinic in Sydney) and popping this on every night (and more often if having flare-up's) my kids are so much happier and free of excema (mostly). Although it is very greasy it seems to absorb really quickly. Great for my youngest bub's nappy area/thigh creases too. Good luck!
Highly moisturising on dry skin. brought welcome relief to my son's eczema. Only downside is it's greasiness! Gets on everything! But i guess a little extra laundry is a small price to pay to bring your child some relief :) Very much recommend this product.
This cream was very good. I also learnt that evening primrose oil is very good to rub on the skin-efamol brand. I found this to be the best - also no dairy helped heaps.

This is the best moisturiser for exzema. It was developed by the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne specifically for childrens skin conditions.

It is quite greasy but it works.

It's best used at least 3x days and in conjunction with wet dressings during times of flare up.



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