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Dermalex Repair

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Dermalex Repair is a cortisone free treatment for babies and children suffering from mild or moderate atopic dermatitis symptoms. It can be used on sensitive areas, such as the face and neck area.

Parent Reviews and Comments

10  /10 !! It really  works for me!


This cream did not fix my sons eczema. It felt lovely to rub into his skin but it did not take away any redness. I think if it were used as a preventative it is useful but I also found the tube very small and very expensive to use as an all over preventative cream. I personally have chosen to use sorbolene and prescription creams over this cream.


I wish I can say that this product worked on my severe eczema sufferer lo. I've given it a whole week to work but unfortunately it didn't. If anything it may have added more discomfort for my son. After a few days his skin particularly on his cheeks was flushing! It was so red and felt hot. Also, I don't find it heavily moisturising and within only a few good usage it quickly runs out. I remember buying another 30gm in 3 days time. Probably worth giving a go for mild sufferers.


I have been using the Dermalex cream in my 4 yr old. I myself like the  texture of it and he didn't complain of it stinging at all. However I haven't noticed a huge difference in the appreance if his eczema. There was a slight improvement in the redness and feeling of it. 

Maybe I may have better success with it during the warmer months when he still has eczema but it isn't at its worst. 

Im happy to continue using it though as it hasn't worsened it or caused a flare up as many other creams on the market do. 


Loved this cream, didn't sting going on and healed her face well. Would recommend :) 


Unfortunately my 21 month old daughter didn't have her usual eczema patches whilst I was reviewing this product.

She did get a couple of very mild red patches on her leg which I applied the dermalex cream to and it was easily absorbed and didn't have a strong smell. My daughter did not seem bothered by it so it mustn't have stung. The next day it was gone but it's hard to say whether it was the cream or whether it was just a very mild irritation that went away on it's own.

I may still use it on my daughter in the hotter months when her eczema returns.

I have since lent it to my sister to try on her 7 month old daughter who has a nasty looking rash on her face at the moment. I will endevour to let you all know how that went.


My son has a flare up on the backs of his arms, which is in a new place for him this winter.  The cream did not totally remove the raised spots it did however take the majority of the raised areas down & removed the rough feeling.  The cream covered well & did not feel too heavy nor did it smell.  I noticed after a few days use of the treatment he wasn't itching & scratching at the area.


I loved this product. It was so gentle on my daughters skin and had no yucky smell to it. My daughter said that it did not sting like her other creams and that it was nice and cold on her itchy skin. I would be more than happy to recomened this product to other families I did not find any negatives with this product and we will continue to use it.


I found dermalex to be more like an ointment than a cream. It goes on clear and has a pleasant scent. It takes quite a few days to reduce the redness on my baby. I found I couldn't use it alone and still needed a back up cream as well to clear the eczema up. Personally I don't think it worked wonders but it could just be that it doesn't suit my baby. I have spoken to other people who swear by it. 

I would certainly recommend other people try it and see if it works for them 


Great product it took the redness away almost immediately and took away the itchiness my daughter suffers eczema in the creases of her elbows and knees and after using this cream her skin is looking great 


I was really keen to try this product, but unfortunately it didn't make much of a difference with my son who is 12months old. At best it took the edge off it and maybe slightly reduced the redness, but it definately did not get rid of it. I persisted for a bit over a week, and would have kept trying but the product does not spread well and when applying 2 times a day, it did not last long at all.


The cream was exellent, it did not itch the skin or hurt when putting it on.  I loved the fact that it was cortisone free so i did not have to worry about her touching it.

As soon as there was redness on the skin i put the cream on and straight away it looked better and in fact it has greatly improved  the skin and i dont have to use it as often.

It is great and now is the only cream i will be using on my daughters skin.

Fantastic no 1....and trust me i have tried practically every cream on the market


Dermalex has improved my daughter's eczema, especially in the creases around her elbows, under her arms and behind her knees. The redness and itchiness has disappeared and skin looks clear of eczema. My daughters skin looks the best it's ever looked

This is a great option to using cortisone creams. Highly recommend this product.


I would recommend this cream.Have been using it on DD for a few weeks now and has definitely taken the itch away. Also used it on myself


Im a 21 year old adult. I'd like to thank the people on here that due to you guys' reviews of this product, it had made me go out and buy this cream for myself.

The first day of application it made my skin very very smooth from being dry. This is probably the best cream out there for use on eczema other than steroid cream. However I find that it will only reduce my eczema to a point. It won't totally get rid of it. This being said though it gets to a point where it doesnt get any worse nor better. But I'm very happy with the results.


I used it on my daughter for a day applying morning and night, it seems to remove the redness and she didnt scratch as much.  I couldn't try it for longer as she get chicken pox.  

I like it as it is cortisone free. Will try again if she get eczema after she recovers from chickenpox!


After having tried many moisturisers and skin creams for my nearly 4 year old son’s  Eczema and always needing to resort to a cortisone cream to get my son’s skin under control I was very excited to try Dermalex which is cortisone free.

We have tried the Dermalex for two weeks now and it will be a cream that we will continue to use for my son’s skin condition. Within 24 hours the redness behind his knees, upper thighs and ankles has lessened and after just 3 days there was really no dermatitis to be seen. Within these last two weeks he started to get some redness back on the inside of his elbows and I just started putting Dermalex on 2 times a day in that area as well and it has cleared it up. He would often wake in the night and be scratching away at himself and this has now stopped since using the cream. Previous creams we have used appear to be working but after a few days the itching and redness returns and I can no longer stay on top of it. The Dermalex has kept his Eczema at bay and so far it has not returned in this two week period. Creams don’t always work on everybody’s skin the same way however this has been the most effective cortisone free cream for my son’s skin. I would certainly recommend for people to try it.


This cream is lovely and I even tried it myself on my irritated skin and it did not sting, it definitely stopped the itching. 

I would recommend it as an adjunct to topical steroid treatment or for...


I thought this was wonderful. My one year old layed down for his massage as I rubbed it in with eagerness. He had a rash covering his belly, chest and up under his arms. I followed the instructions wiping down with a warm damp flannel and was amazed at how little I needed to use to cover the whole area. It took about 3 days for the rash to start dissappearing but stopped getting worse straight away. I didn't notice that he had it an his thighs till his stomach stopped being itchy and then he started scratching his legs. Quick wipe with a damp flannel which he tried to do himself he was so eager to get the cream on and it started dissappearing too. His palms were flakey and itchy and that has cleared up aswell. It is all pretty much gone now except for a slight red colour where it was so will keep it up till it too has gone. AND I HARDLY USED ANY CREAM.

My four year old had a rash round his mouth from being over clean. Every time he eats or gets a runny nose he wipes his face with his t-shirt and I've seen him do it for no reason. The redness looked terrible. He didn't overly mind the cream as there was no smell and he was ok with it as it rubbed in and was such a thin layer. The trick was definately in the wiping with a flannel as I would have used heaps with just the same result without wiping first.

I and my non itchy scratchy boys would definately recomend this to other parents of kids with skin irritation. After a weeks use I have heaps left to combat the next round.


I trialed Dermalex Eczema Cream on my 2 year old daughter for one week using it morning and night.  Whilst she only had a very mild patch of radiating red behind the back of her knee, there was a definite improvement and minimisation within 24 hours.

I am always sceptical of what is put into these creams, however given it contains no corti-costeroids, calciuneurin inhibitors, artificial colouring, perfumes or parabens, I would certainly recommend Dermalex Exzema Cream for young children.


I used Dermalex on my 2 and half year old, I found it works well.

However, she did still scratch certain areas and make it worse again. I have not had any allergy tests done on her as of yet.

Quite happy with Dermalex as a cortisone free treatment!


My 4 year old son has mild excema due to seasonal change. He gets it mostly on his legs, and a couple of patches on his cheeks. 

This cream worked incredibly! After a couple of days he had stopped scratching completely and all the rashy parts had cleared right up. Definately would recommend for parents who have children like my son!

I liked that I only had to apply this cream in the morning and after his bath at night for it to be effective. 

You do need to use a bit (& it's a small tube) as it is fairly thick & a little bit harder to spread than some creams available, so wondering on cost effectiveness long term, however that is my only niggle. And that is probably why it works so well!


While my son does not have classical eczema, the doctor has termed his skin condition as "general dermatitis" as he is often quite susceptible to a whole host of skin problems - rashes, spots, dry skin, flaky skin, scaly skin, cracked skin in his elbows etc.

We've probably tried 10 different creams so far but none of them sufficiently returned him to that baby smooth skin that he had when he was born. So we were quite happy to try the Dermalex, seeing that it claims to be cortisone-free.

The Dermalex was quite sticky and greasy out of the tube, but I suppose with any good moisturizing barrier, it would be so. After a while, the stickiness faded, which was good. I found that his scaly skin was quite moisturized after application. We tried the cream on my scaly legs and it's left my skin shiny and smooth too!

With the weather, the husband's skin has also gotten eczema on his palms and behind his knees. The cream moiturized the back of his knees very well, and with the oil on it, the flaky skin is much smoother now. Also, his palms have become so cracked that it started bleeding, but when he put the cream on, his hands are definitely more "oiled" now and he has not complained of pain, despite the cracks and wounds. 

Overall I'd say it's a very good product, my only gripe is that it is a little sticky for my liking, but like I said, it wouldn't be a good barrier against the drying weather if it wasn't. While it's good that it is cortisone-free, I'd like to know more about the full list of ingredients that are involved, ideally I'd like to go as natural as possible with the baby!


My daughter suffers from eczema in differnet areas on her body.

I have tried many products but after trying Dermale eczema Treatment Cream I have noticed I marked improvement in her itching and complaining of her eczema.

I recommend this product to all that suffer from eczema,it works!


My 23 month old daughter suffers from mild Eczema all over her body that seems to be so much worse in Winter and causes her to scratch constantly. On the day we received the Dermalex Eczema Treatment Cream, she was suffering from the worst flare up she's had so far so I was very excited to try the cream instead of her usual creams. I was absolutely blown away by how well the cream worked!! After 2 days of using the cream just once a day after her bath, the redness had almost disappeared and by the third day it had cleared up all together. It was more affective than her strongest cortisone based cream she's been prescribed. The cream is also nicer to apply as it's not greasy and doesn't have a smell and easy to rub in.

I will happily continue to use Dermalex on my daughter in place of her cortisone creams and will recommend it to my friends!


I have just began using the Dermalex Eczema cream on my 12 month old daughter, Her eczema flairs up every now and again and can bleed when it gets bad. She had a flair up on her cheeks so I applied the cream. I found by the next morning one cheek was completely clear while the other didnt seem to make much of a difference.

After the second night it seemed to clear up a bit more.

Im not entirely convinced on the product as it only really cleared half of the face. I think I may have gotten the same result with a normal Sorbelene cream however I do recommend to try it as it is worth a shot.

I will continue to use the cream on the next flair up and see how it works. I hope it does work as it is difficult seeing our little ones uncomfortable!


I missed out on being selected to receive a sample of this product when my little one was about 4 months old, but stumbled across it in the chemist a few weeks later.

At the time my daughter had spotty red patches on her cheeks, it was not the worst eczema I had ever seen, but it she didn't have soft baby cheeks either. She had a few other problem spots as well which we had been treating with cortisone, but we obviously couldn't use that on her face.

After a few days with the Dermalex, her cheeks were clear, and her other little spots were smooth again. She hasn't had any flare ups since then (I think she has outgrown it), but I keep that tube of cream handy. She had fairly mild eczema though and it may not have been effective if it had been stronger. 

I found it was a little pricey at about $36/tube, but I have barely used any of it, and figured it was worth it to clear her cheeks up. Plus, the lack of cortisone was great. 

Overall, a good cream that worked well against my daughter's eczema. 

i've only used a sample of this cream but it helped with the inflamation on bubs problem areas. didn't sting her on the problems areas which had split skin. didn't get rid of the issue but helped with the discomfort

I found the cream great to start with, but my son's eczema returned as normal.  This has happened with every cream I have tried so far, so would not be a reflection on this product, just my son's skin being a little more stubborn and requiring something with cortisone in it, unfortunately.

Thank you for the opportunity to review your product though.


On day 1 i applied dermalex onto my sons problem  eczema areas which were currently flaring up, his cheeks and neck. It didnt sting him at all, usually he cries when i apply any sort of eczema cream.

After 2 days i noticed the inflamation was starting to subside, but the eczema hasnt cleared up at all, just a little less red.

I continued using it daily as per the instructions, its now been a little over a week and the eczema hasnt gotten worse, but it hasnt gotten better yet either, just a little less red. 

I will continue using and hopefully it will start to work with constant daily use. 

i used this on my daughter and after 2 day i noticed the redness had gone down i used it for a week after it help alot beter then some other creams. i will be using  this cream again.
My son suffers mild eczema on the tops of his feet and on his hands. We tried the Dermalex and it worked quite well. Started to clear up within a few days. It wasn't too greasy and wasn't strong in smell. I would recommend it to anyone wanting to try a new cream to help with mild eczema.

My daughter has had mild eczema since she was about 6 weeks old, mainly on her cheeks.

I used Dermalex for 3 days and noticed a visible reduction in the redness of the rash and I am sure it will continue to improve.

I am not a big fan of harsh chemicals on my baby's skin so I was happy to try Dermalex which is cortisone free. 


I used this product on my 2 year old daughter who only has very mild eczema, I was happy to apply it knowing it contained no steriods.

The cream was very easy to apply and not greasy like a lot of creams though it didn't absorb well. I put it on my daughters inner arms before bed and noticed the blotchy redness gone by morning. 

After such good results my husband decided to test it out on himself as he has sevre eczema. The results were clearly not as good as with our daughter as this cream is made for their sentitive skins, But it took some of the redness away and reduced itching.

I was overall very happy and recconmded it to a friend whos son has bad eczema. 

Product is very nice, easy to apply, and cleared up my son's eczema behind his knees.  I'll pass my sample onto a friend whose son has lots more eczema.

To be honest, I was completely skeptical about a cortisone-free eczema treatment. I am a long-time eczema sufferer, so when my 11 month old daugher started showing signs I was so sad for her.

I have cortisone creams for my daughter, but I am loathe to use them as I know the effect it can have on skin. When I received the sample from Dermalex, I used it at least 3 times per day; morning, lunchtime (during the day at change time, so sometimes it was 4 or 5 times a day depending on if we were at home) and after a bath before bed. 2 days later, there a noticable difference in my daughters' skin.

I am so completely sold on this product, it smells fine (unlike some creams) and leaves her skin soft and supple. I have ordered a sample from the Dermalex website for myself (they have an adult cream, too) and will definitely be buying it when I see it in a chemist. 


My son has dry, scaley skin which comes up in red blotches on occasion, generally areound his knees and elbows. When I tried this cream his skin was actually fairly good but still scaley.

After about 3 days of using this cream I have noticed his skin feel less scaley/dry and he hasnt had any blotches come up (dont know if that is a coincidence of not).

The cream has an unusual smell and doesn't absorb as quickly or easily as other creams that i have tried but doesn't feel greasy when applied.

Rebecca M

We have been using this cream on my daughters aged 4 and a half and 19 months, for the last 5 days.  I was really happy to find a cream that didn't contain steroids and felt much better about applying it to my children's skin.

Right before we started this trial my daughter had a patch of Eczema pop up on her tummy.  This completely cleared up within 2 days, I was very happy with the results.   She wasn't 100% happy when I applied it and would rub at the spot for 5 or so minutes and then forgot it was there.

I would definitely recommend this cream if your kids suffer from mild exzema like my kids do.  I will be buying it again. 


My daughter (2) suffers from Eczema on the face, down the arms and on small spots on her leg that flares up due to food intolerances.

I managed to wrangle her still for a few minutes and put some cream on her face and arms / legs and I found that it went on easily and rubbed in very quickly. There was no greasy residue afterwards and no strong fragrances – so that was a plus especially before going to bed.

I noticed that it takes away the redness pretty quickly and the dry flakes disappeared. A few hours later the skin is soft, and I notice that in the morning it’s looking less inflamed as well.

I think I would use this product if the Eczema was more on the severe scale than mild because it’s quite effective and I would probably use a more ‘natural’ and milder product just for redness of the skin.

At first I was not completely convinced that the cream was doing any better than the moisturising cream I had been using on my son previously, but I then realised that his eczema had been getting worse due to him scratching at it. After two days of making sure he didn't scratch, his eczema is almost completely gone! I am quite impressed by the results and will continue using the cream both on myself and my 5 month old son.

My kids eczema hadn't flared up when I got this sample but mine had so I used it on me and got instant relief.

As soon as I applied it the itch was gone for a little while. I like its low potency ingredients and it didn't leave a sticky residue or film.

I would consider buying it again

Mrs Awesome

I trialled this cream for 4 days on my 2 year old  sons mild-moderate eczema behind his knees and on his face.  I found the cream to be a good consistancy and that it rubbed into his skin well. There was also no strange odour that other treatment creams often have.  The cream improved the eczema behind his knees, but not on his face. This cream seemed to work well as a barrier on my sons face, as this patch of eczema did not get any worse.

I also had a patch of eczema on the inside of my elbow that I tried this cream on, and it cleard that patch up within 2 days.  


I reviewed Dermalex on my 15 week old baby.  Like me, she gets eczema above her eyelids, in the area around her eyebrows. 

Whilst the Dermalex worked fantastically in getting rid of the eczema, it did also cause her to develop areas of tiny red pimples on her forehead (where the cream had spread when applying it).  None of this seemed to bother her, although it did cause me a bit of concern, and as a result I stopped applying the Dermalex.  The pimples settled down and disappeared wthin a few day, and there is no sign of the eczema returning.

On the whole I thought this product delivered what it promised, and I will definitely use it again.


My 15 month old gets little eczema patches, as do I. We swim in chlorine and are outdoors a lot, so our skin takes a bit of battering, even through sunscreen and moisterisers.

We have tried the Dermalex for the last few days, and found it effective, and I even used a bit on one of my rough bits, and it feels heaps better today! 

The fact that it is unscented is great, and it absorbs quickly, so wont be wiped everywhere by the toddler.

Id use it again. 


I was actually pleasantly surprised at how well this cream worked. My daughter's skin had deteriorated to the point I was considering a trip to the GP for some cortisone, but within 2 days of using Dermalex 3 times a day she was greatly improved. She's no longer itchy or distressed by it, the redness is completely gone and she's just a little dry and scaly (originally red and a little bit weepy).

I also tried a little on my husbands hands, while his results weren't as obvious as my daughters he also noticed a little improvement.

I will definitely keep using this cream.


Well my youngest son has Eczema and i had put the cream on soon as he woke on Friday.

And followed the instructions and after 3 days i have noticed a big improvement.

it goes on easy and doesnt smell etc.

my husband also has it so i thought i would do it for him as well and same results.

so wrapped with it and highly recommend. thank you so much for putting me onto this. well tell others. thank you so much again.


My daughter suffers from mild dermatitis, very dry skin and scaling in places especially her elbows.  Sadly she has inherited this from me so I know how uncomfortable it can become.

When I starting using Dermalex we had returned from a long weekend away, the chemicals in the city water (we live on tank water) and the chlorine in the pool had caused her to have terrible outbreaks and there were large patches of highly irritated and red skin on her back. 

Within 1 day of using the Dermalex there was an immediate improvement in her skin.  3 days and her skin was free of redness and the dry scaly areas were gone.  Now I am using it as a preventative measure.

I have been applying the cream directly after her nightly bath when her skin is still damp and in the mornings after I wash her over with a cloth.  The cream itself is thick and does have a slight smell to it, but I would rather this than additives.

What attracted me to it was that is has no cortisone, having to use steroid creams myself I was skeptical but will now be buying the adult version as I have seen the great results with my daughter.

In short, I will be stocking this cream and using it regularly. 

The C Team

We found dermalex to be gentle and soothing on our one year olds' skin. It had very little fragrance to it which was great.

We found the cream to be thick but it absorbed very easily into the skin and it had none of the usual greasy feel that other creams usually have.

Dermalex seemed to reduce the angry redness to her eczema but hasn't yet managed to dispel it completely. Overall dermalex is a nice little product.


The first thing to look at is the name - Dermalex Eczema Treatment Cream it is straightforward and to the point, not like some of the other confusing brand names.

The packaging is self serving, easy to open and small enough you are able to put it into your bag/schoolbag/makeup purse etc. The tube itself is attractively designed and  appealing to the eye.

Having 3 children whom suffer with chronic eczema & dermatitis I was desperate to try anything, we have tried various brands and even home remedies with little or no success.

On the first application of Dermalex Eczema Treatment Cream I noticed the consistency was perfect not too thick, or runny, colourwise it is cream so easier to encourage the children to have the cream applied, and there is literally no smell! which was fantastic unlike others we had tried.

The Dermalex Eczema Treatment Cream automatically acted as a preventive barrier and as we used it 2-3 times a day within  48hrs noticed some of the red dry patches were starting to clear. The cream can also be used from 8 weeks old and having a baby I was also keen to try on his skin, being a little weary as babies tend to have more sensitive skin, but low and behold the Dermalex Eczema Treatment Cream was gentle on his skin and noticably prevented any new flare ups.

Overall if your looking for that one of a kind product that without stickiness, smell and oily residue - the Dermalex Eczema Treatment definately does the job.



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