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Ego Dermaid

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Parent Reviews and Comments

this cream is amazing, it is the only thing that has helped my ecxzema and I have had it for 20 years! E45 was rubbish more of a moisturiser didn't help at all and I also have dermographia as well which goes almost instantly whe I apply this cream, I have to import it from New Zealand because I live in the UK my sister sends it over, the only cream that worked for me is this! Fully recommended, little bit of a sting at first. It once it sets its amazing!

My DD suffered from eczema as a baby and after trying lots of creams, we took her to a skin specialist that recommended dermaid. Her skin cleared within 24 hours and after use for a few days it didn't flare back up. This was the only cream that worked :)

recommeded by paed, works ok, but needs to be used quite regualry and followed by a mosituriser. doesnt prodivide a cure but helps settle nasty flare ups


My pediatrician recommended it because my baby had a very bad case of eczema and he was even scratching the forehead and ears.

No doubt this product works! Its the only thing that got rid of the eczema and we tried a LOT!

I even use it for the scratches on the ears and they healed perfectly

We use this on our 10mth old, and is great for the face area and not to harsh. It helps with the inflamation but have found it doesn't help with a major break out but helps once that is under control.
sarah layton-smith
We have been using this on our 7 month old since about 4 months - recommended by GP.  We just use it when it flares up for 2-3 days it works well. then we use this other prescription cream between the two he doing ok now. the other cream is to try n help stop it from flaring up as bad the next time but its all going well
We used Dermaid 0.5% on our 5 month old as recommended by a GP. It worked great for the first couple of days. Once DD's ezcema flared up again however, it wasn't effective at all. We don't use it at all now.



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