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Grahams Calendulis Plus Cream

5 reviews
Calendulis Plus Cream

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Parent Reviews and Comments
Margaret O'Connor

I was desperate, my daughter had tried many different creams, her hands bled when she held a pencil, I saw it was natual so I bought it and she used it, for 1 week. It not only cured it, she hasn't had eczema now for 5 years now. 


My baby at 12 months developed eczema. I went to the doctor and was given a prescription for a steroid cream. There was no way I was going to use that on her at that age so I went searching for natural products. I tried numerous oils and creams but nothing seemed to work. I can't understand how she developed it as she doesn't have any food allergies, I feed her mostly organic and bath her in organic products. I never had it and neither did my husband. When I was in Queensland recently I went into an organic store and thought this is the last cream I am going to try and if it doesn't work I am going have to go against my beliefs and get the steroid based cream. My baby had it on the back of both knees, spreading in patches all over her legs, on her belly, shoulder, under her chin and then appeared on her temple. Only after two days I could tell it was making a difference. Yay! I am so relieved and so is my husband. We were starting to think nothing will work. I feel every individual is different and what may work for some won't work for others. I am very pleased to say it is working for our little one. It has been 5 days and it has actually disappeared in some areas. Thank you great product :)


Never write reviews but thought I would in this case.  It is horrible stuff, used this cream for my very mild barely noticable eczema for about two days thought it was getting better then boom the whole area right around my neck where I had been applying it was bright red itchy about 20x worse than when I first applied it. Only now 4 days later it is less redder. Still really bad though. Will go back to using steriod creams.


I used this cream about 4 years ago and had little improvement/change whilst giving it a go. I didnt find it pleasant to use and with three weeks with no improvement I moved back to what I know worked a little better. 

My son's eczema worsened considerably when we tried this product.....however eczema is different for all people. I guess what works for one persons eczema doesn't work on someone elses.....



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