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AVEENO® Baby Soothing Relief Creamy Wash

32 reviews
Soothing Relief Creamy Wash

This tear-free wash is specifically formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal and rich emollients to gently cleanse and soothe dry skin.

Parent Reviews and Comments

Tried this after bub was born without realising it wasn't fragrance free. Needless to say it was terrible for her eczema and it didn't get finished. Disappointed as Aveeno is normally great for eczema.


i must say i am a lover of most aveeno products this has to be one of my favourites with its thicker milky texture and soft gentle smell i love it. i was always hesitant at what washes i would use as the bf and his family have really sensitive skin i have been using this since birth just about never had a problem and now would never use anything else, it leave the skin so soft and gente with a light smell to it.

great all round product 


In a sturdy 236ml bottle, featuring a flip top lid, the wash is of an ultra thick consistency, which I find, is sometimes rather tricky to disperse from the tiny opening. I think a larger opening would be more effective and would allow for easier flow of the thickly textured substance, which I believe is the contributing factor, to the bottle becoming slightly blocked; hence, the product not coming out too easily. The wash itself is white in colour and doesn’t lather up into a frothy, bubbly foam, like most sulphate based bath products, instead the skin-friendly, more natural formula requires a little extra effort to work up to a nice, rich creamy type of lather. While the label describes the wash as being fragrance free, I noticed a distinct scent when I smelled the contents of the bottle; however, it is a delectable vanilla fragrance that is soft and subtle and doesn’t leave any noticeable scent on our skin after washing. The no-tear claims live true to their promise, as we discovered during an accident, where the soap ran straight onto my little girls face. Fortunately, there were no repercussions or any cause for concern, she didn’t even say boo. The Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Creamy Wash feels soothing on inflamed or upset skin and is completely non-drying, whilst it rinses off with ease, minus any leftover sticky residue. Instead, our skin is clean and comfortable, super soft and thoroughly nourished.

I have also discovered that due to the wash being so mild, it is ideal to use from head to toe. I have successfully washed my daughter’s hair with the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Creamy Wash, and I found that it is particularly beneficial for bubs with flaky scalps; therefore, I imagine it would work a treat on babies who have cradle cap too. It’s a good multi-tasker, which also acts as a perfect, super gentle facial cleanser for anyone who would rather avoid harsh skin care products on their delicate or fragile skin. It removes all traces of stubborn makeup, along with built-up dirt, impurities and excess facial oil that has accumulated during the day. Finally, I have added it directly to the kid’s bath water and while it doesn’t create mounds of bubbles like a bubble bath, it will deliver calming relief to effectively soak away any sign of aggravated skin. It sure is a handy little bath product, deserving ‘must have’ status, for anyone who experiences sensitive skin woes and needs that quick fix remedy to relive the symptoms.

While it is not the solution for all of our sensitive skin issues, the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Creamy Wash, together with its consort, the Aveeno Baby Soothing Relief Moisture Cream Fragrance Free, is the ideal addition to our bath time routine, because it keeps dry skin moisturised and prevents the onset of itchy skin and constant scratching. It also provides instant soothing relief when flare-ups arise, so it’s perfect to have on standby if you or your children are blessed with the joys of various skin complaints. It’s safe and effective for our babies and children, while still productive enough to deliver positive results for mature, adult skin too. I love that it is readily available, even in rural locations, at local pharmacies and all leading supermarkets, for a reasonable price that is very affordable and suitable for even the tightest of budgets. I wouldn’t hesitate in suggesting it to other parents facing the nightmare I have lived through, trying to find reliable products that are harmless but still capable of treating, protecting and alleviating your precious youngster’s traumatised skin conditions, without making it worse. I would consider purchasing this product again, as I am pleased with the initial outcome after the trial period and am comfortable to continue using it on both my children’s skin, as well as my own and am keen to see how our skin progresses when using this product for a longer time frame.

jedi lockstar
While I find a few of the Aveeno products greasy, the Aveeno baby body wash and Aveeno baby lotion (dark blue cap and lighter blue cap excema cream) are awesome. I have 2 boys, one withe sensitive skin like me and the other with excema. Using the body wash on them for the past 2 years, in combination with the lotions has made their skin so soft and in perefect health.

A very rich wash where a little goes a long way!

My little girl's skin felt soft to touch after using this prodcut although have to say that  I was a  little disappointed with the ingredients listing as ther perception is that Aveeno is an all natural product, which unfortunately it isn't


I've used this on little miss 15months who's skin is sensitive (not as sensitive as mine) for about two weeks, and it worked ok. She has had quite bad nappy rash for the last few weeks but i don't think it was the aveeno products.

But unfortunately, ever since we started using the wash and the cream i've been breaking out in hives and i've had several days where i could only see after i took antihistamines. So i'm going to keep searching cause i can't use something on bubbi if i'm going to react to it that strongly.

I also personally found the scent quite strong and not entirely pleasing.

The water in our town is very harsh, and has left my 22 month old daughter's sensitive skin very dry and prone to scarring. I have resorted to using a horrible (and very expensive) yeasty-smelling wash from the health food shop on her skin in an attempt to combat the dryness...until now! This wash is pleasant smelling (hooray!), easily removes the red pilbara dirt, and has left her skin much softer than before. My only complaint is that it does not lather very much (but the lathering is possibly what makes skin dry) and so I do end up using quite a bit at each bath time. having said that though, this bath wash will still be cheaper (and is far nicer) than my health shop alternative.

As with the cream we are loving this wash too! My 2 both have sensitive skin and often bath products cause redness and irritation, but the Aveeno wash is so gentle and smells nice too- no overpowering fragrance.

We have used it in both the shower and the bath and it is great and no bubbles - which is great as for some reason my son has decided to dislike  bubbles in the bath this week.

We will be continuing with this wash for a long time to come!


My daughter (22 months) was recently admitted to the hospital with allergic eczema from a reaction to a conditioner. On coming home, she was suffering from very dry, flaking skin and had virtually lost the top layer of skin from her body, so was quite sensitive. So I was interested in testing the Aveeno range as I’d heard it was suitable for use in cases of eczema.

 The wash is a low foaming but creamy wash. It doesn’t dissolve well into the water but that’s because it’s quite a rich wash. I used it in the bath water and I also popped it on a face washer and washed that way. I found that it was very creamy and left my daughter’s skin feeling quite silky.

If using it directly onto the skin, it lingers on the skin so needs to be washed off quite well as it really rich. It doesn’t sting when you accidentally wash it onto your face or in your eyes which is a real plus.

The product itself was impressive; however I was a little disappointed in the ingredient listing. I was expecting there to be less alcohol based ingredients in something that was promoted as a natural product. If we experienced another eczema event similar to our first one, I probably wouldn’t rely on it to provide the relief that the liquid parrafin and lanolin was provided by the hospital.

However as a day to day option in the winter for those predisposed to dry skin, I imagine that it would be more that suitable.


i used this wash to bath my eczema prone 14 month old and have found it great his skin is nice a soft and no flare ups it also has a mild smell and no greasy residue that some other oatmeal washes leave behind... highly recommended

Aveeno soothing relief creamy wash is just lovely. It has a nice light scent that leaves my baby girl with that lovely clean baby smell after her bath. It has a nice texture when in the water, not oily or too soapy, but gives the water that velvety feel. Also, the fact that it doesn't foam up too much is great, as i have found that i have had to scoop the excess bubbles out of the bath with other bath wash, so my daughter does not eat/ inhale/ get lost in the mountain of bubbles :-)
I have definitely noticed alot of improvement with my childrens skin by using the wash in conjunction with Aveeno soothing relief cream and i will definitely be buying both products again! Thank you Aveeno, for a wonderful product!


The Creamy Wash is exactly as described, creamy. It has a pleasant, mild aroma, it does not foam up as readily as other non-creamy baby wash products on the market.

I found the fact that it is so creamy and does not foam up as readily to be my favourite thig about it. I found that I could squeeze a little onto my hand and wash my daughters' arms and legs while she was still under the water, therefore she wouldn't get cold. It does still foam up with water, but it doesn't just immediately wash off my hands as other products can.

It also seems to cleanse her effectively, but without over-stripping her skin or leaving her skin feeling dry.

I reviewed the "Soothing Relief Moisture Cream" at the same time, so therefore, I used both products every night, but I think that if your baby had normal skin, that was not prone to dryness, you could just buy the Creamy Wash, and because it does not overly dry or strip the moisture from skin, you could do without the Moisture Cream.

Using the combination of products, a rash that my daughter had, which no product was seeming to help, cleared up in 2 1/2 weeks!

If you always squeeze a cleanser into running bath water, then I think that perhaps this product is not for you, as it does not disperse very well, but if you put a little onto your hand or a soft wash cloth and rub it directly onto our babies' skin, then it is fantastic.


I've been using this on my 5 month old for the last few weeks and I've noticed that his irritated skin has cleared up really quickly when I've used this in conjunction with the soothing lotion of the same line.

It lathers up really well and smells beautiful.

I suffer from eczma myself, and I've noticed that the skin on my own hands has been a lot better since using these products.

I'd recommend this product to anyone with a child that has sensitive skin.


This product is defiantly my favorite!!

I cannot believe how sensitive it is, I have extremely sensitive skin and using this myself in the shower is wonderful!

I have to be very picky about my body washes as I get reactions from almost every product I’ve tried. But not this one!!

It smells beautiful, goes such a long way and you actually feel clean after you've used it. 

One of my family members also has a skin condition, and it highly allergic to most products. I gave some to her to use and she has had absolutely no reaction at all. It makes her skin feel soft and she also loves the way it smells and feels on her skin a big change from the other products she had to use. 

I have used it on my 5 month old and it makes her skin super soft, so sensitive in every way. Love the smell!!

I will defiantly be buying this product as it’s so much nicer than the ones I’ve been using already!! 

A nice gentle bath wash for my 4 week old as other brands were making her skin flare up. With this one she has had no reaction at all. However, it doesnt dissolve in the bath very easily, just floats around in blobs unless you really swish the water a lot. Was a bit dissapointed it had no scent too but for my baby to have clear skin after a bath, it is a small price to pay.
we use this in the shower for my 8 week old. it doesnt bubble up a lot but i guess that is to be expected for a creamy wash. it doesnt bother him at all if some gets in his eyes. smells great.
I was very happy with this. I used it to wash my 21 montholds body and hair and it left her clean and shiny!

Aveeno's Soothing Relief Creamy Wash is great for my 12 month old baby's dry scaly patchy skin. Within a few days those patches disappeared and now his skin is so smooth, I can't stop caressing him! It has a pleasant smell and although thick it washes bub nicely. I will definitely continue using this product on my baby.

I have also tried the Aveeno adult wash for myself and now my skin feels like a baby too! Love it!

A great partner for the soothing cream by Aveeno. This wash was gentle, and soothing and has assisted greatly with all of children's skin. A nice realxing bath with the Soothing wash, followed by a massage with the cream equals happy children and mum. Great. 

This is the first baby wash that I have actually been happy to use on a regular basis for my young bub, Unlike many of the other baby wash products out there, this product does appear to be pretty much neutral in fragrance and truly nourishing to my young babies skin (7wks when I first tried).

This product is very soothing as the label suggests and has been great for my son's sometimes dry little bum and belly. Although it is suppose to be tear free and safe I have not yet tried it out on his face/head. But this is not to say that it is not good for this, only that I am a little overcautious when it comes to my little man and I am sure I will be happy to try it when he is a little bigger.

The only problem I have with this product is it perhaps doesn't wash off quite as easily as I would like, but I guess that is the price you pay for such a nice creamy wash. Nonetheless I would happily tell other mums about this product and how nice it is to use.


I was a little hesitant starting a new product on my daughter as her skin sometimes reacts to new ingredients, however I was pleasantly surprised with AVEENO Soothing Relief Creamy Wash.

As we are coming into the cooler months usually we need a moisturiser to follow a bath/shower but this product is fantastic and her skin stays soft and moisturised until the next bath.

I definately recomment this product to other Mums, and with number 2 on the way we have found our new bathtime products!

After using a heap of other branded products for my bub's dry skin, the Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash has amazed me with how effective it is.  In conjunction with the Aveeno Soothing Relief Cream, it has worked a treat on my baby and the flaky dry skin cleared up within 2 weeks. It is nice and creamy in the bath and smells great too.  I would not have believed that a product exists that actually does what it says it will on the package!!  Aveeno is great - I will continue to use it (and have purchased the adult products for myself too which are great).  Highly recommend this product.  
This wash is really lovely on your babys skin. It is quite moisturising and has a lovely baby smell.  It is much nicer when applied directly onto the skin in the shower or before a bath as when it is put directly into the bath water I found that it didn't disolve very well. My daughter feels and smells lovely with this wash and when we use it directly onto her skin on a wash cloth she comes out feeling very soft and her red itchy dry bits of skin have nearly all cleared up.   Her cradle cap has been reduced also.

What a great product. I have been using this wash on my 5 month old son and it is awesome. It has a great smell and it doesn't seem to bother him, like so many washes have before.

He has dry skin on his feet and this wash lathers up well and leaves his skin soft and with a great smell.


I found this product to be a wonderful change to using soap..

I found that it did not bubble up when placed in the bath under running water and was a bit disappointed but when I used it on a face washer, it really lathered up and was beautiful. I found that my 22 month old benefitted from the moisturising properties and I really did not need to rub him with moisturiser after his bath anymore and one less job for me makes my life better!! Thank you Aveeno :-) 

This wash is fantastic! It smells great, lathers up nicely and doesnt bother bub when it gets in her eyes. The clean smell lasts quite awhile too, and it worked well from head to toe. It didnt irritate my daughters dry skin and definitely helped it stay moisturised, as so many other bath products dry her skin out. Would definitely recommend

Simply put, what an outstanding product.  After using the product for a little over a week my sons dry and scaley skin is now softer than ever. The non-irritating formula is also gentle on little eyes.   It smells divine and doesn't leave the bath greasy like other non soap products can.  Not only has it improved my sons skin, it has helped my 7 year old daughter immensely.  She has suffered for years with itchy, irritated skin after a bath to the point where she would leave deep scratches on her legs.  After just one week of using the body wash combined with the soothing relief cream, the scratching is almost non-existent.  The difference in just one week is nothing short of amazing.  Aveeno soothing relief creamy wash now has a permanent spot in our bathroom.   


I have used this bath wash in my 6 month old's bath for 4 days now, and the result is clear, beautiful skin. I've used the moisturiser from the range, too. 

My DD has eczema prone skin (just like her mummy) so I was a little skeptical having already tried everything on myself. I'm happily surprised, and will be making sure my nappy bag has a bottle of this in it for when we have bath time at nans. I think it's also responsible for clearing up the skin on my hands.

Very happy mum! 

I have been using this wash in the bath for my 15mth old daughter for the last week and have noticed a remarkable difference in her skin.  Her skin is softer and smoother and no longer red and dry.  I would highly recommend this product to anyone who has a child with a skin irritation exczema
I have used the Aveeno Soothing Relief Creamy Wash a couple of times now for my 20 mth old daughter and it is a good alternative to using soap in the bath. It is very gentle on her skin, which is very sensitive at the moment.
This creamy wash is just delightful and so gentle on my 18mth olds skin. Doesn't smell clinical either which is nice. Definitely recommend to anyone but especially those who have kids with dry skin.

This body wash is fantastic. We shower my little man as he has got to big for his baby bath. It is perfect to get him clean without iritating his skin. Even before putting any moisturising cream on him afterwards his skin feels already so soft. Even if the wash gets in his eyes while in the shower he doesn't care at all. Both my partner and my son have sensitive skin, and trying to find a product that not only cleans well but leaves the skin feeling smooth for sensitive skin is very hard to find. I would definitely reccommend this product to all of my friends and family, so if you want something that is not only perfect for your little one but the whole family to then this is the product for you.



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