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AVEENO® Baby Soothing Relief Cream

30 reviews
Soothing Relief Cream

Clinically proven to restore lost moisture for 24 hours.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I use this cream on my baby every night and I find it very gentle on the skin and does not have overpowering scent, which I like.It is non oily/greasy and seems very gentle on the skin.


We used this from birth as I have incredibly sensitive skin and always find Aveeno excellent. It was great as a thick moisturiser but I felt I had to apply it a great deal as DD's skin dries up quickly due to her eczema. My sister loves it as a moisturiser and for her dermatitis so I've given them all to her. All in all, great as a normal kid moisturiser but not great for eczema.

I have a beautiful 10mth old daughter, and we live in a quiet humid environment, I've tried lots of different creams to help with her dry skin, and this is the one I've found to be the best. It's thick, but it coats the skin and if you use it as a massage cream it doesn't leave any residue. It has no scent or colour, which is great for sensitive skin. I apply it morning and night and my daughters skin was noticeably smoother & softer in 4 days. 

The Aveeno brand is a name that Mother's at my daughter's day care have been talking about. Many have been recommending this product to provide soothing skin relief especially for dry skin so it was great to trial this product for myself on my little girl.

The cream is quite thick and not overly scented, upon application it did seem to be quite thick and greasy, but once absorded the skin felt nourished and was of great benefit for dry little legs. A product worth trying for sure.


I've used this on little miss 15months who's skin is sensitive (not as sensitive as mine) for about two weeks, and it worked ok. She has had quite bad nappy rash for the last few weeks but i don't think it was the aveeno products.

But unfortunately, ever since we started using the wash and the cream i've been breaking out in hives and i've had several days where i could only see after i took antihistamines. So i'm going to keep searching cause i can't use something on bubbi if i'm going to react to it that strongly.

I also personally found the scent quite strong and not entirely pleasing.

We live in an area with very harsh water, and as a result, my 22 month old daughter's skin is very dry. I have tried a myriad of products in order to relieve the dryness and to avoid the marks that seem to permanently remain on her arms and legs after every scrape or insect bite. Unfortunately there are few options that dont also leave her with a rash or irritation... This product is great. It smells lovely, rubs in easily, and has left my bub's skin looking and feeling better than I ever remember! of all, the scar-like marks on her arms and legs from a months-ago mosquito attack have completely gone! I cant recommend it enough, and will definately continue to use it!

I am loving this cream it is so gentle with no strong fragrances to cause irritation!  I am using it on both my 2 and 4 year olds and a little bit really goes a long way but their skin (and mine) is really smooth and soft even after only a few uses!


My daughter (22 months) was recently admitted to the hospital with allergic eczema from a reaction to a conditioner. On coming home, she was suffering from very dry, flaking skin and had virtually lost the top layer of skin from her body, so was quite sensitive. So I was interested in testing the Aveeno range as I’d heard it was suitable for use in cases of eczema.

The cream itself is rich and very silky. Once on the skin, it absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling or a layer on top of the skin. Certainly the next day after use, there wasn’t a feeling of dryness on her skin, which was important as that was one of the claims of the product. You wouldn’t need to use a lot so would prove to be of better value. My daughter has still got skin peeling 4 weeks later on her foot around her heel and I found that it wasn’t able to eliminate that completely.

The product itself was impressive; however I was a little disappointed in the ingredient listing. I was expecting there to be less alcohol based ingredients in something that was promoted as a natural product. If we experienced another eczema event similar to our first one, I probably wouldn’t rely on it to provide the relief that pure paraffin cream provided.

However as a day to day option in the winter for those predisposed to dry skin, I imagine that it would be more that suitable. Overall, a lovely product that lives up to the claims – but could probably work on using more friendly ingredients.

i have been using this product every second day on my sons eczema prone skin and have found it has kept his skin nice a soft and we have had no flare ups.. has a mild smell and is easily absorbed into the skin very easy product to use..

This cream is WONDERFUL on my childrens skin! My 7 month old had a few dry patches that would dissapear with other moisturisers, but be back before her next bath, but after 3 days of using Aveeno, the dry patches have gone for good! I am thrilled. My 2 year old had a few red spots on his bottom from his night pull-ups that have now almost dissapeared and my 9 year old daughter had dry, itchy skin on her back the other day which was soothed instantly with the cream.

The only negative is this: After seeing how well it worked on my littlies, i used it on my own face as i have fairly dry skin. After using it for 2 days, i had a HUGE breakout, and my skin seemed really shiny (but not really oily, hard to explain)... HOWEVER... I persevered for a bit longer and my skin has now cleared up, not only that, but a tiny little bit of that shine has continued, but only on my cheeks, so it actually looks like a dewy youthfulness..... LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Aveeno, i think it's pretty clear that i will be buying your products from now on :-)


I loved this cream!

It feels really thick and creamy when you feel it between your hands, it has a very mild, pleasant smell and really does moisturise effectively.

My favourite thing about it is how quickly it absorbs into my 10 month old Daughters' skin. As the weather gets chilly, I really don't like creams that take ages to absorb, as I found that she would start to get quite cold and upset if I spent too long rubbing and rubbing a cream in before I was able to get her singlet and wondersuit on, ready for bed. This cream is fantastic in that regard, the fastest to absorb of all the products I have tried.

We reviewed the "Soothing Relief Creamy Wash" at the same time and I found that the combination of products has been fantastic on my Daughters' skin. Prior to starting the trial, she had a rash on her back and belly which just would not clear up. The rash would be much more red and inflamed after her bath of an evening, and she would often be scratching at it, through her clothes. Now, after 2 -1/2 weeks, the rash is nearly completely gone! I am very happy. I think that the rash was being inflamed by the bath product we had been using prior to this  one.

As a bonus, my hands also feel much softer and smoother since we started using the products.


I've been using this on my 5 month old for the last few weeks and I've noticed that his irritated skin has really cleared up quickly.

A little of this lotion really goes a long well, so as well as being a great product it will be great value for money.

I love that this product has very little scent, so that I can still smell that beautiful baby smell, and now he has the gorgeous baby skin to match.

I'd recommend this product to anyone with a child that has sensitive skin.


My little one was 5 months old when I first used this product with her. Having sensitive skin myself I did not expect it to be any different from other creams claiming to do the same thing.

This product however is extremely different!! It goes such a long way, and sooths both my own and my babies skin. It has a beautiful smell unlike other products for sensitive skin which lack scent to help prevent irritation. 

This cream is also really nice to rub in, it's not sticky or oily and it doesn’t hang around on your skin like other moisturizers. It soaks in nicely and makes you skin smell gorgeous and feel gorgeous at the same time!!

I have already recommended this product, and I love using it!

I first used this on my 4 week old for those newborn flaky skin patches and love it so much I now massage her with it after every bath. It is a creamy moisturiser with a low scent so is not over powering like some can be. My hands are so dry from washing them after nappy changes that i even use it as a hand cream for myself. Definately my fave baby moisturiser, her skin is so soft and you dont hvae to use a lot, a small squirt goes a long way (all over baby and enough left over for my hands!)
cream absorbs really well and has a pleasent smell to it. we only tend to use it every second day after my little ones shower but it still seems to keep his skin moisterised.
My 21 month old daughter has bad eczema which has been well controlled by a very similar moisturiser that is on the market, so I was a little worried that this may flare it up. Thankfully her skin remained beautiful and I prefer the very faint smell of Aveeno, so I will be buying this brand in the future.
Since birth my 12 month old baby has patches of dry skin which requires constant moisturising twice daily. We found Aveeno's Smoothing Relief Cream lovely, not only did it moisturise my baby's skin well just once a day after a shower, but it left it feeling so silky smooth like never before. It is non-greasy which is great for a bub who is always wiggling (you won't get sticky moisturiser over everything else) and frangrance free. My bub's dry skin has disappeared and for the first time he really has baby skin. We love Aveeno's Smoothing Relief Cream! It is an excellent complement to Aveeno's Soothing Relief Creamy Wash.
My 20 month old daughter has had extremely dry irritated skin since she was born. This cream was wonderful, there was no sticky residue, and smelt wonderful. I have also been using the cream on my 6 year old after swimming lessons, and it has made a huge difference. Previously he would complain of itchy skin after swimming, but not with this cream. Fantastic! Will buy more when i run out. 

I found this product just great!

My bub was only 7 weeks old when I first carefully tested this cream out on his skin so I was a little apprehensive. However, it proved to be as soothing and as gentle on his delicate skin as I had been promised. In fact, this product is so gentle that as well as using this product on his body I also am comfortable using it when his cheeks are dry.

I found this product nice and easy to use as it was nice and creamy, rub in easily and went a long way. As well as this it did not have a strong smell which I found nice. 

Overall I would happily tell other mums of new bubs to try it out as a gentle and safe option for babies with dry and sensitive skin.

My daughters skin felt softer and more kissable from the first use. She has very dry patches of skin behind her ears and this cleared them up within three uses. Also, no red areas within the nappy area since we have been using it. So soft and creamy it is a really beautiful and amazing product. Love Love Love, I wil definately be buying again!

This product is amazing!!

It has a great smell and the cream rubs into my sons skin so easily and doesn't leave his skin greasy.

My son has dry skin on his feet and inbetween his toes and since using this cream it has left his skin smooth. I will be recommending this to all my friends and family. 


It is a nice thick cream that goes along way, so you really only need a little bit and it goes into the skin quiet quickly leaving nothing behind and nothing on the clothes. It left my 5 month old's skin feeling so soft and supple just like a babies skin should be. I was also impressed with how quickly it helped all the dry bit's of skin she had disappear, I had only been using it for 3 days when I noticed that I was using less of the product because the skin was not dried out and flaking.. I'm so impressed I WILL be buying this product when I run out.. 

After using a heap of other branded products for my bub's dry skin, the Aveeno Soothing Relief Cream has amazed me with how effective it is.  In conjunction with the Aveeno Relief Soothing Creamy Wash, it has worked a treat on my baby and the flaky dry skin cleared up within 2 weeks. It is nice and creamy and smells great too.  I would not have believed that a product exists that actually does what it says it will on the package!!  Aveeno is great - I will continue to use it (and have purchased the adult products for myself too which are great).  Highly recommend this product.  

This cream comes out thick & smooth and rubs into babies skin so easily. My daughter has dry peeling skin on her back and this soothed it and made it smooth after only a few uses. It absorbs really well and has a clean, fresh smell - just how a bub should smell! It doesnt leave a greasy feel to babies skin and also doesnt stain clothes.

What a perfect accompaniment to the body wash.  My son is prone to red, dry skin and this cream has certainly provided him with noticeable relief.  It is quickly absorbed leaving his skin soft, smooth and smelling lovely!  An added bonus is the small amount you use each application, which makes it  great value for money.  My 7 year old daughter has also tried it and has commented on how she is no longer feeling "all itchy and scratchy", a problem we have been battleing for years after numerous other products have failed.  Aveeno soothing relief cream is a clear proven winner and will now be a regular addition to my shopping trolley.

After using this product for 4 days with my 6 month old, her skin cleared up beautifully. Even the bits that were red and sore looking in the folds around her neck and knees looks better. 

The cream is thick and a little goes a long way, plus it's helping to clear up the eczema on my hands. I would totally recommend this. I'm going to buy some for the nappy bag, just in case I'm not home to apply it after her bath.  

Love love love this cream.  This is the best cream i have found for my 15th old daughter.  You hardly have to use any and it rub in instantly.  I will definatly be purchasing this cream once my trial package runs out.  Thank you for letting me review this product.

I have been using Aveeno Soothing Relief Cream on my 20 mth old daughter's skin which has been affected by eczema. Thankfully, after only a couple of days of using it, most of the eczema has cleared up and she is a lot more comfortable. Strongly recommend it!

I love this cream and so does my 18mth old. It isn't greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin. Oh and it smells lovely too! Highly recommend this for anyone but especially those who have kids with dry skin.
This cream is the cherry on the cake. It's coverage is amazing, you don't even need much to get a lot out of it, which is perfect on those of us who during these tough times worry about every dollar we spend. It's a perfect cream not just for the little man but for the whole family, and best of all it is perfect for sensitive skin types which is a big issue with our family. I would reccommend it to everyone, I can't find one thing I didnt like about it.



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