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Vicks VapoRub

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Parent Reviews and Comments

I remember my mum using this on me as a little kid so it was a no brainier to have it in my house. I love the vicks rub it really does help clean sinuses however, I wouldn't use it on the little ones as the menthol is pretty strong and can feel a little burny at times. They have the vicks little kids tho which is fantastic too for them.

Just a little Vicks on my toddler's chest whenever she has a cold or flu guarantees a good night's sleep for us both! I was also told to try some on the soles of her feet and cover with socks - this works to prevent coughing at night! Not sure how it does it, but it works.
worried about people being misled

Vicks has been proven to be ineffective against congestion and is actually shown to make it worse.  The methanol gives a cool sensation that makes you feel like it is better.  The best thing is to go to the chemist and ask for a proven decongestant. Vacks vapour rub has probably been making people/babies worse for the past 90 years.  I am dissapointed.


Vicks VapoRub has always been an essential in my home! As a kid, whenever we had colds mum would rub this on our chests as it works a treat for clearing up blocked noses.

Highly recommend this for children and adults with colds, especially applying it at night before going to sleep.

Have always had this in the house even before kids. Works a treat however my eldest thinks it burns his eyes when it goes on but he's a little sensitive and a lot fussy.

I  have used this product on my 3year old when she has been sick and congested.

It works great for clearing up her sinuses so she can breathe better at night Depending on how blocked up she is I also use this product during the day. I see a big improvement in her after I have applied Vicks to her chest. She is alot happier being able to breathe better.

My partner and I also use it as well. And for us it has been the best product we've used for clearing up the sinus passages when we are suffering a head cold.

Highly recommened product.


ive used this on ds since he was a newby and it is amazing..

i litterally slather it all over him from neck down and put a full body suit on to stop it from going anywhere.

the smell of the product is great and not to over powering and it deff does what its advertised for.

it does get a little messy on the application but nothing a wet cloth wont clean and it doesnt cause a reaction to ds (very sensitive skin) which is a very big pro in my house.

I remember my mum rubbing Vicks on me as a child and now I am a mum I use it on my daughter.  I put a little on a tissue and put it between the sheets and her mattress as well as on her feet when she has a cold.  Long lasting and economical!
I put this on DD"s P'js', on her pillow, on her chest and her feet. Pop some socks on their feet to. It works a treat and is a family favourite.
You can not go wrong with vicks vaporub for the whole family. Its a brand and product we have trusted our whole lives. Very familar and soothing smell. 
My little boy thinks its a game get this rubbed on his chest! and I think he really likes the smell!

It works really well during the night when he is snuffly and coughing.

I remember when I was a little girl, my mum would  rub Vicks on my chest when I was sick and I now do this to my boys. I loved the feeling and the smell still brings back those memories.

My eldest son also want me to rub it on his feet when he is not well. If your kids have a cough rubbing a little vick on the back of their feet stops them coughing through out the night.

Absolutely love Vicks, my mum used it when I was little and I still use it for myself now, I find putting some on a tissue inside my sons PJ's always clears his nose for a really good nights sleep when he is congested.



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