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Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator

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Nasal Aspirator
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Dana Hennessy

I saw great reviews about the Nosefrida but was a bit worried about how I would feel about sucking out mucus from my baby's delicate nose. Once I tried the product my fears instantly disappeared. I can say very simply that this is one of the best products I have ever used. It does exactly what it says it does; it works perfectly; it's easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean and incredibly effective.The price is also extrememly reasonable. My 6 week old baby has not had a cold but does get a stuffy nose and the Nosefrida gives her instant, noticeable relief. Baby even smiles just after I have cleared her nose. 

I thoroughly recommend this product to all. It is fabulous. 


I bought a nosefrida online when my baby girl kept waking up in the night from a blocked nose. The nasal bulbs just didn't work on her, sometimes causing distress (for both of us) trying to get an appropriate seal. 

The nosefrida is so easy to use and works every time. There is a filter so there is no way you will suck the mucus yourself. I've told friends about it , some think I'm crazy (


We've tried a number of different nasal aspirators with my daughter, Miss 8.5 months, and this is the first one that I feel has actually worked! 

When reading the instructions, it wasn't 100% clear to me how it worked, until I saw the diagram on the packaging. Then I realised how simple it is. 

As any mum (or dad!) knows, it is difficult to get bub to hold still long enough to try and suck the snot out. Especially bulb nasal aspirators, which need you to coordinate squeezing the bulb with putting it to bub's moving nose. For an uncoordinated person such as myself, it usually meant that I mistimed trying to get out the 

With the NoseFrida, it was extremely simple to put the end near her nostril and then suck on the other end. It was the first time I actually got some snot out of her nose with a nasal aspirator. Simple, quick and easy to use. I'm very impressed. 

Would recommend to any new mum looking for a nasal aspirator! 


The NoseFrida is a fantastic product that all parents should have on hand. The NoseFrida is completely non-invasive unlike the bulb syringe. I used this product on both my 3year and 11month old and I was able to suction their noses more effectively without having to shove anything into their nose. I found it alot safer then the bulb syringe when my 11month moved I did not have to worry about it hurting her as I would normally with the bulb syringe.

I found using saline drops ahead of time helped loosen snot up and made the NoseFrida even ore effective then it already is.

The NoseFrida requires a little bit of lung power, I had no difficulties with suction.

NoseFrida is easy to pull apart and clean after use and a very easy system to use on your child.

I highly recommend this product to all parents.


Was very excited when I got chosen to review this product. 

It took me a while to post though as the children were sick for a whole week. No time to post one. But perfect time to try out the Nasal Aspirator.

I can tell you now. Try to clean noses of a baby and 4 year old are not an easy task!

Master 4 hasn't quiet got the idea of blowing his nose so this was great. And he hates me trying to clean it!!

This is a no fuss, easy to use system. I was a little grossed out at first. I mean it is snot after all. Yuck!

But with this you don't have to touch a thing! Just follow the instructions. Place at tip of nose and suck. It works a charm! 

I was actually surprised at how well it worked. It cleared the children's noses out perfectly. Which mean they could sleep easy at night!! 

All in all I give this a 10/10. Well worth the money spend and cannot recommend it highly enough :)

Thanks bub hub for giving me the wonderful chance to reveiw

Eleven Eleven

This product is fantastic for tiny snotty noses!

It creates a good seal and you can suck out heaps more and help unclog their little noses. My daughter didn't seem to mind it to much (much less than other nasal aspirators!) and it helped me to keep her nose clean while she was sick.

With all the snotty noses she gets from being out in the world I'm sure this product will be handy for years to come until she can learn to effectivley blow her own nose.

Very Very easy to use, great product, very handy


It's a gross concept but it works!!    Im waiting for the day the snot gets through the filter but so far so good and it sure beats my baby screaming all night.

If you want to sleep then buy it :-)


I was happy when i was asked to review this product. The bulb aspirators could never do a good job, and sometimes when it was difficult for my boy to breathe, I'd use my mouth to clear his airways. When i saw a products had been introduced, that worked the same way, I was excited. 

My first impressions of the Nosefrida had me a little overwhelmed. I'm the type of person that loves instructions,  diagramed instructions are better. The Nosefrida is short on instructions. I just guessed as to how it was used. (The picture on the front helped a lot, Hehe).

It took a few goes to get the amount of suction needed. Though once I did, the product worked great. It sucked up a lot more snot that what was visible in the nose, proving that it brings up snot that is further in the nose canal. 

My son absolutely hates it. It's a hassle trying to keep him still long enough. But as i dont have to worry about jamming it too far up his nose i feel confident enough to hold him, position and suck quickly so i dont distress him too much. 

My overall opinion is that this is a great product, i would recommend it and i would certainly pay the $15-$20 for it.


When I received this product to trial I was a little skeptical. But it does actually work.

My 4mth old has only so far had a small amount of mucous (mainly really thick)  in her nose that was actually successfully removed with this nasal aspirator.

Down side is that you do have to suck quite hard to get mucous out if its a little thick and sometimes it only gets as far as the tip of her nose but then can be wiped with a tissue. I think this product would probably work quite well for a really runny nose.

My daughter thought it was funny the first time I used it but after that was quite uncooperative with it. Not sure if it tickles or she didnt like the noise.

Advantage is that you cannot put it too far up their nose so no risk of hurting bub if they move, works far better than a bulb aspirator.

Aspirator comes in a handy hard plastic case that contains aspirator and filters together. Unit is very easy to wash and keep clean.

Overall I will continue to use this product as it was quite effective at removing mucous.


My 3 year old daughter has asthma, and with a blocked nose, has extreme difficulty with breathing. Nosefida was easy to use and within an instant, the snot was sucked away. I was surprised how easy it was. I did find it grose at first sucking the snot from her nose, but the product is clean and hygenic. With young kids the snot seems to get stuck, and the spray would have been handy to assist in this regard. I tried it on my 15 month old son also. While it did suck alot of snot from his nose, I did find that he was quite distressed with I used it on him. This product is probably more suited to older children who cant yet blow their nose. Overall, great product.


I tried this device on both my 2 year old and my almost 4 year old, but as I've never used nasal apirators on either of them they were not overly impressed with me sticking something in their nose and sucking. I think this product would be fantastic for younger babies, when they have visible mucous which you are unable to clear by using a cloth or tissue, and perhaps as they get older they would not be as apprehensive about using it as they're used to it. 

Although I did manage to clear a little bit of mucous from my son's nose, as it was visible but he wouldn't blow it out. I certainly would not try to suck too hard to retrieve mucous deeper in the nasal passages, but unless you could get a really good seal I doubt it would come out anyway. 

The Nosefrida is very easy to clean, although I think I'd constantly be having to run and fetch it from the dish tray as I find washing it, drying it and putting it away each time is a bit of a pain. I did wash the filter sponges too, as I imagine it would get costly replacing them each time and buying new ones (although to be honest I don't know how much they cost). 

All in all I think this is a great product for when you just can't for the life of you get all that visible mucous out of your little one's nose, it certainly does the trick. However I think I'd only ever get it out as a last resort if I'm being completely honest. But for those that love using an aspirator, this would be perfect as it's less invasive than a regular bulb aspirator. 


I have to say I had high hopes for this little device and I have been let down a little, although it may be my expectations were too high.  I have never had any luck with bulb-type aspirators.  This is certainly better than those.

It feels very well designed and good quality, and comes in a sturdy hard plastic storage case with 4 sponge filters.  I expect it will last through until the kids can blow their noses properly.

I have used it on my 8 week old and my 2 year old.  The 8 week old quite likes it, I think it tickles her.  It will get out visible snot from her nostril.  However I have not had any luck in getting her nasal passages clear enough for her to breathe comfortably.  One of the problems I have is the shape of her nose - I find that the suction simply sucks in the outer wall of her nostril and closes it off completely.  It may be when she's a little bigger I'll be able to get better access and fit the tube inside her nostril far enough to prevent that.

I've only been able to use it once on my 2 year old - she is scared of  strange noises and because it sounds like a straw at the bottom of a thick shake she is terrified of it, even after seeing her baby sister use it.  On the one time I was able to use it on her I got a little more out than I do by getting her to blow her nose.

Overall, I'd say this is definitely worth a try but don't expect miracles. 

The manual says to discard the filters after each use, which are little sponges.  I have just been washing them and reusing them.  I am also a little dubious about how effectively they would actually prevent disease transmission, if that is something you are concerned about.  I have used them when the tube was still wet from washing and have sucked in little droplets of water.  You'd have to have an awful lot of snot in there I think before you inhaled any, and chances are you've already caught the same cold any way, but it is something to be aware of if people are concerned - the filter isn't some kind of high-tech membrane, it is just a sponge.

Chocolate All Gone Now

Well with 3 kids under 27 months, and two at daycare; it's crazy how quickly our kids can get blocked noses.

However using the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator works wonders!

After getting over the inital thoughts of sucking it out; you see the true power of the Nosefrida!  There is the filter in between which prevents their nasties from going through to the tube you use to "power" the aspirator.

I've used other brands of bulb suckers and this by far is the best!

Highly recommend!


When I received this product my daughter was so excited to use it. Which in itself is wonderful because she usually runs a mile with these products.

She had a very runny nose and I thought nothing would work, well I was wrong two sucks on the tube and all her snot was one.

It was very easy to clean and to use . It also dried well and was hygenic. I would recomend this to everyone as a great soloution for a runny nose


The Nosefrida is a fantastic device for de-snotting noses.  My bub hates those bulb aspirators, and it's hard to get a good suction with them.  As for continually depressing the bulb and sticking it up bub's nose... well, forget it.  No need for all of that with the Nosefrida!

It feels like a quality product, it is well constructed and robust, being a mouthpeice attached to an air-line ending in a long, wide cylinder (the snot collecter), with a conical tip.  This tip makes it suitable for all sized noses.  In between is a hygeine filter, 4 of which come with the aspirator, all packaged neatly in a sturdy storage box.  These filters wash well and dry quickly.

First of all my boy wanted to play with the air-line, but with some help from Dad, he found the whole process highly amusing (Joy!  He actually LIKES it!).  It's easy to get a good seal around the edge of the nose, so there's no more sticking tubes up bubbies nose, and despite needing quite a long breath to fully clear the nose, it's very easy to use.  It washes easily and is simple to disassemble and reassemble.

I would recommend caution if you suffer from asthma or depressed lung function.  In these cases, perhaps remove the filter to assist gaining suction, or ask someone to assist with the actual sucking.

This is a brilliant product, especially for littlies who suffer badly with colds ~ it will get a great workout in our house, and I found it so fun to use I actually started looking out for snot!  At a price of $17-$22, it is an economical solution that will save you thousands of tissues.  An absolute 'must' for the medicine cabinet.  I can't recommend it highly enough.


I was given the opportunity to test the Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator and when it arrived I must admit I was very skeptical. My son is 16 months and goes to daycare and seems to be getting a cold / runny nose every 2 weeks. He has trouble drinking his bottle because he is so stuffed up.  This morning I decided to test the Aspirator and wow, it was awesome. You can see the snot being sucked up the tube. My son thought it was funny. Amazing product and would totally recommend it to anyone. 


Since day two of daycare, my little girl has had a runny nose. They told me it was something I "just had to deal with", as it would probably never really go away.

Oh it was awful! I bought one of those bulb things that suck the snot out, and she hated it! She wouldn't let me go near her with it!

So when I was given the opportunity to review the nosefrida, I was at first quite sceptical. I thought my little girl is going to hate this.

Well, I've made it into a little bit of a game for her.. I pretend like it's an aeroplane and zoom around, and then quickly dive in, suck the snot, and keep "zooming". I've even done a little of the sucking on her cheeks and her lips (just lightly) and she thinks it's a bit of a fun game.

The only downside is the the hygiene filter. Now, I understand why it is there, and I am VERY grateful it is there (especially with the amount of snot pouring out my girls nose), but I do find it hinders the force of the "suck". Once or twice I've felt a little light headed from how hard I've had to suck to get some good suction. Once I removed the filter, I got some good suction (briefly), and thankfully didn't catch anything that far up the tube. I would only take the filter out if it was a particulary hard booger to catch.

I'm very pedantic with keeping my girls nose booger clean, so I am loving the Nosefrida at the moment. Very easy to clean, and easy to store, though I've had a few people pull funny faces when they see it. I haven't been game enough to use it in public yet, I'm not sure how that will go down! But, home use, it's perfect.



I purchased a Nosefrida prior to leaving for an overseas trip with my 9.5wk old just in case we needed it and we did! My boy caught a cold whilst away and it was such a relief to have such an effective solution on hand!


This is an excellent product,there is none like it on the market

Easy to use and keep clean, just rinse, soft plastic tube won't hurt baby's nose and don't worry you won't inhale any of that yucky stuff even if it feels like you will!

QUick and effective no fuss



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