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Fess Little Noses

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Little Noses

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Parent Reviews and Comments

So it is a bit yucky to use but I guess snot comes with the territory when dealing with Babies. Once you get the hang of it it is really quite easy to use and it works so well clearing out the little ones noses. I prefer the spray rather then the drops as it's easier to get up bubs nose quickly. This is definitely an essetial item for every new mum :)


This product was actually really great. Was recommended to me at our local chemist. It seemed quite weird at first but was a better alternative than something that had been suggested to us from someone who did not have kids (sucking their nose, ewww) LOL Anyhow, once I got my head around using it, it did as promised. My kids didnt have a problem with it. They were actually fascinated at the gunk it was sucking out from their noses. It was easy to clean too. I would definately recommend this product.


ds came down with another cold so after searching the isles at the chemist i walked out with little fess

the nasal spray worked wonders and made it easy to clear the boogers from his nose although the suction thing was a total waste of money i could not get ds 1 to sit still and when i did it really didnt do anything.

its a great product when used along side other items to help

The saline solution works fairly well at loosen mucus to ease babies breathing. However the sucker is impossible to use on a baby that wriggles. Even on a 6 week baby I cannot use it safely. But as theres not much you can give a little baby with a cold the saline solution is the best chance you have of helping. Used nightly it does seem to ease blocked nose and make feeding and sleeping more restful.

I bought this product for one of my older kids, never got round to using it and then got landed with a bub who has been sickly since birth so have made up for lost time!

Whilst I find the product works really well it really upsets my little one having to use the suction. He is fine with having the saline squirted up there but when it comes to the suction he fights me, shaking his head quite badly which has resulted in him getting a bloody nose a couple of times.

When the planets align and I can actually get in there he can breathe better straight away but as a quick example last night bub kept waking himself with his stuffy nose and instead of grapping this to clear it up and help him sleep I chose to shush, pat and cuddle bub through the night to avioid the stress of trying to get the snot out!

This is something thats good to have on standby for when runny noses pop up over night. 

The saline solution works really well and although my bub is not a huge fan of the nasal aspirator it helps to get the nasty stuff out!

Price is fair and its easily available in most chemists.

I found the Fess too diffcult to use. DD fought me all the time when I tried it and it was more distressing than wiping her nose.

Saline solution works well but my son hates the suction so much we don't use it he just gets so much more upset.

He is capable of blowing his nose when ask now which helps instead.

I have used this for two children. My 18 month old actually enjoys the saline solution up her nose!?! The suction device really is fantastic for dripping noses and I always have it handy during the night when they have colds. I angle the tip just on the edge of their noses, that way it doesn't give them such a shock and I also be sure to suck very gently and slowly to make it more pleasant (if it can be??). The sucker is also handy for my 4 year old who has an issue with blowing her nose... A great product.

I use this all the time to clear my little ones nose.  He doesn't really like it and it can be difficult when he moves.

What a wonderful invention! 

I love using this to clear my babies noses

My little boy didn't have a cold as such, but just had noisy breathing and sometimes a bit of a blocked nose from nasal mucus. I used this product and immediately cleared his nose - DS didn't really mind the spray or the suction. It is super easy to use, with clear instructions. I think it's going to be a godsend until he is old enough to know how to blow his nose!

I'd highly recommend this to any parent.



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