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Felton, Grimwade & Bosisto's Euky Bearub

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Euky Bearub

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Parent Reviews and Comments

Love love love the euky bear chest rub.  It works wonders on our dd.  we use it in conjunction with the euky bear vaporiser.  We put the rub on her chest and soles of her feet and it makes a big difference!!!


This is my second winter with a baby, and the Euky Bearub has come in handy yet again! My little girl tends to get the sniffles a lot (thanks daycare!) so she's alwasy got some Euky on her singlet when she goes to kindy, and it helps her breathe at night as well. It's not too strong or overpowering, and it lasts a long time as well. Very good, very effective, and I've even used it myself from time to time. Love that smell!


I recently used Euky Bearub on my two children and myself. We have found it worked wonders, It helped clear up blocked noses and dry up runny noses. It also helped with flemmy and dry coughs. We all slept alot better during the night with a small application of Euky Bearub. You definitley notice a difference when it starts to wear off. It has a strong smell of eucalyptus which my children really liked.

It is a great product to have on hand when anyone in the family are suffering from colds and flus.


I love this stuff, smells lovely and not too strong unlike some others.  Additionally it's caused no reactions in any of our family which has to be a first.

I've been putting a bit on bubs (not quite 6mo) neck and chest, and some on me too at night as she's been getting all bunged up overnight and it's working perfectly.  We've gone from screaming and snuffling, back to full nights sleep...  ahhhh :)

This is really handy to have in the house!
I normally use the competitor brand but grabbed this when my chemist had run out of the other, I found it did the same job overall and smelt just as great and the bonus was that it was a few dollars cheaper.

Reccomend either product really, the both work well and if you want to save a few bucks grab Euky Bearub, just don't leave it until you desperately need it!
Such a wonderful, comforting product that really helps ease congestion in little ones.  I love that it is safe to use even in very young babies.  It is mild yet effective... and very cute packaging too.  I find it lasts for ages too... I have only ever bought one tube but have used it heaps of times.  Love my Euky!
this works great for us :) was suggested to me by a dermatoligist as i was worried about using these with a sensitive skined baby but we have had no dramas with it at all has never caused a reaction to my sons skin it smells ok , unblocks noses quickly and is very easy to rub in unlike alot of toher brands
It works well for our family. I love to use it on my bra when my little bubs have a blocked nose. It helps them breathe properly while they breastfeed. Be careful not to get on your clothes as it does stain.

I bought the Euky Bearup for my 10mth old who has extremely sensitive skin and has severe reactions to most produts.

It did the job and helped her with her breathing so much and she was almost free of congestion in a few days.

Loving it

After weeks of flu's my boys developed terrible coughs but after a few sleepless nights I rubbed this on their chest and backs and it didn't stop the coughing but it did lessen it and we all got a few good hours sleep thankfully. They don't mind the smell either.

i have used most of the brands of chestrubs on the market over the years on my 3 kids (as well as myself and other half) and i found this one to work the best.

it smells great and helps with breathing.  it reduces the coughing which keeps them (and the rest of the household) awake at night.  its good for minor cuts and burns too.

great for sensitive skin too with a great price tag.  and available in supermarkets too.

A friends recommended Euky Bearub to me when i mentioned i was worried about his senisitve skin using other brands. I used it every time my eldest son was congested. Id rub some on his feet and put some on his collar, or on the corner of his pillow. It smells fantastic but isnt too strong. And it works great to clear the decongest little noses. I have recommended this product to a few friends who were looking for a product like this for sensitive skin. 
When my son had a cold a few months ago I used this product for the first tiem and it worked wonders! Helped clear his nasal passages so it was easier for him to sleep. It's a little messy but well worth it knowing that it helps you're little one get some sleep (and mummy/daddy too!)
I have been using this since my son was a baby, it works wonders. He has such sensitive skin but this is gentle and brings him relief especially at night when he has a cold, flu or the one time he had croup.  Front & back of the chest is best & also keep the room closed up, vapouriser on & baby or toddler will be better in no time. Love this product & continue to recommend it to all Mum's I know.



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