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Vicks BabyBalsam

7 reviews

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Parent Reviews and Comments

We love baby basalm in this house! It has a lovely smell that is so much less overpowering then normal vicks. Smooths on easily and absorbs well, and definitely helps get rid of those snuffles!


This product was recommended to me by my Pharmacist, as he explained that it was safer to use during pregnancy and I had a terrible cold with congestion. I found it helped me to breath better at night and definately soothed my nose.

I have since used it for my daughter when she got her first cold and I hope it gave her the same relief it gave me (she was only 6 months so unable to tell me!) 

The product did not give her a rash but it did leave an oily residue on her clothing so be mindful of this.  

My entire family uses Baby Balsam,
It is easy to apply, smells lovely and clears up congestion really fast, making it easier for everyone to get a good nights sleep.

I have sensitive skin and this doesn't affect me or bubs at all.

Value for money as a tub goes a long way.

I love this.  It's got a great scent and helps when my son has a cold and is congested.  

It goes on nice and easy and doesn't leave a greasy film on hin or his clothes in the morning. 

It's also cheap and a pot lasts for ages.  Great for little kids and I've even used it myself when I've had a cold! 

Sarah Brown
I find this product very suitable for children of all ages.  The smell is gentle enough for little noses, but effective enough to help with their breathing by clearing their airways when they sleep. I would recommend this product to anyone.
fantastic product which i used 8 years ago when i had my first child, will definatley be keeping some in the cupboard this time around. both soothing and calming it helps promote a good nite sleep and open airways for easy breathing (and less stressed parents)

A brilliant product that my bub loves.  He really enjoyed having it rubbed into his chest and it calmed him straight away.  It got to work straight away to clear his little nose and I can feel it working on me too!  A must have for me!



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