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Brauer Baby and Child Runny Nose

13 reviews
Baby and Child Runny Nose

Brauer Baby & Child Runny Nose is trusted by Australian parents to provide drug-free, traditional relief from a runny nose, naturally.

Brauer Runny Nose addresses, not suppresses, symptoms & provides relief for babies & children aged from 6 months.

Parent Reviews and Comments

This product is fantastic and I would highly reccomend it.

my son is 9 months old and got the flu 3 weeks ago and has had a horrible runny nose since then. He has been to dr and confirmed no infection so I just had to wait it out easier said than done! i was constantly wiping his nose and he hated it He used to scream every time I did it which must have been up to 4 times and hour. I then went into the chemist as was desperate for advice and the pharmacy assistant said to give the brauers runny nose a try I must admit I wasn't convinced it would work however I was pleasently surprised with the results his nose cleared up within half and hour and was dry for a couple of hours.


With a child who cries every time he sneezes I would give anything a go to help stop runny noses!

My son loved the taste and asked for more when I gave it to him. I followed the directions and it wasn't until the fourth dose that we saw some improvement which unfortunately didn't last long.

Overall I don't think I would buy this product again.


My DD had been battling with a cold for over a week and had a runny nose. She hated the nose sprays so was very happy to give the oral medication a go. It comes with a dosing syringe, which was easy to use and my DD was happy to take with dinner. I then administered more at her 10.30 feed and she slept through the night. So much easier to administer than nose sprays. Happy with the result. 


I always like the Brauer range, as I like to try natural products before synthetic drugs, where appropriate.

I first tried this when my 1yr old had a runny nose after having a cold the week before. She was not mucousy and was only running clear fluid from her nose. I can honestly say, after the second dose I did notice her nose stopped running, it seemed to dry out for a few hours and she seemed a lot happier.  It was very easy to administer and tasted great, so there were no problems there.

Unfortunately it did not have the same effect on my older child, though when I tried it on her she did have a cold and I like to encourage her to blow her nose rather than hinder the mucous coming out.

I think this is a good product, for clear-fluid running noses, especially on little ones who hate having their nose wiped.


I have four young children and so there are often many runny noses in the house during the colder months.  I was very eager to give this a go to help relieve their symptoms. 

I used this product on my 1-year-old and 3-year-old as they had the runny nose symptoms I wanted to treat.  They were happy to take the medicine and were willing to come back for the next doses so the flavour must have been good.  It didn't have a strong smell either which is good for little noses. 

However, I didn't really notice a difference at all in their runny nose symptoms.  I followed the instructions on the bottle for several days but didn't notice any change in their nose from when they were on this product to when I stopped giving it to them.

I won't be buying this again.


This worked really well. 22 months old and it really helps stop the runny nose which was sore from being wiped so much! It even worked on my partner who is 25 years old!

According to the little one the taste is yucky but otherwise it went down well and definitely helped clear up a runny nose.


When I received this product I had a 10 month old and a 2.5 year old with very runny noses.

Although this product worked great within 5 days, especially in conjunction with our vaporiser. I felt that the doses were a little annoying especially when DD (10 month old) got extremely tired and needed to give her the doses.

Also it must have had a great taste as both my children took it.


I used this product recently when my 2yo had a cold. I found it really helped to thin out the stuffy nose so she could breathe a little easier. It certainly didn't make the cold disappear but she did appear a little more comfortable. She wasn't running temps so I wasn't using Panadol or Nurofen, only this product, so it did seem to make a difference in getting through the day with a bit less congestion. 

The down sides for me were the taste (my 2yo screwed her nose up at it so it was a bit hard to administer) and the frequency of the doses. 

I'd probably use it again and see if the results are consistent.


This product arrived right on time. Our daughter attends daycare and is always coming home with runny nose. We tried this product on the first sign of her nose running and within a few days it had slowed down and then eventually stopped.

Our daughter said it tastes yummy and was never a fight to get her to have her required dose, remembering to give it was sometimes a hassle especially in the first four doses.

Will continue to use this product throughout winter.


Tried this towards the end of my baby's cold, and found it was great to take the edge off. Her nose still ran a little, but it stopped a considerable amount once I started using this. Let her get some sleep too which was GREAT! Thanks for letting me review this.


I am so happy that we have found this, Brauer - you are constantly wowing me with your products! After 2 doses we saw an improvement, we will always have a bottle of this on hand. The best thing about it, and all Brauers products is that it's natural - only the best for our baby.



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