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Safe N Sound Meridian AHR

19 reviews
Meridian AHR
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I purchased this seat for my baby before he was born. It had a high crash test rating and had the highest rating for rear facing (12kg). That to me was important. 

My son and I were unfortunate enough to be involved in a high speed car accident when he was just over 6 mo old. Legally allowed to be turned to face forward, but I feel strongly about rear facing so obviously I hadn't turned him. Even though my car was a complete write off and the car was crumpled right up to the back seat, my baby was completely safe. He only had a minor graze on his neck from the harness. The seat was like a cocoon and did my husband and I proud. 

The big bonus for us was the safe n sound crash exchange program. It was no muss no fuss. The staff there were amazingly helpful and we received a new seat rather quickly. We then sent our seat back to them to dispose of in the correct manner.

Once our baby is over 12kg the seat will convert to a forward facing seat which will protect him until he is 18kg, so we also feel it is great value for money. 

We have just recently taken out the infant insert and although I thought it may be a bit less comfy, he hasn't complained and is still happily rear facing at 10.5kg. 

Be careful when installing the seat, it can be a bit tricky. It shouldn't move at all. The first person we PAID to install it for us was quite frankly crap and we had it reinstalled by a man at our local hospital for free and he was brilliant. We went back to him after our accident aswell. 

Seat is great and I love that the details are better than any other brand, ie cotton lining, side head support etc and it's Australian made which gives me a peace of mind that it's made with quality materials. I don't like the cushioning of the seat near the bum though, it's very thin and I think when the seat is turned, probably won't notice the difference but when rearward facing, the cushions keeps slipping down exposing the plastic.

We bought this when pregnant with our first. 

It was important to me to have a seat with a high safety rating and one that looked and felt comfortable.

The Meridian AHR ticked all the boxes. With the AHR headrest, it allowed me to keep my son rear facing for longer and kept him comfortable. He rear faced until 14 months and was still comfortable and very happy to do so.

The padding in this seat makes it nice and snug for a tiny newborn. 

The fabric is fantastic for cleaning. The seat has been used continuously for 2.5 years and still looks brand new. 

I love this seat and am very happy we bought it. Well worth the initial cost, for peace of mind and durability.

Lucy in the Sky

We bought this for our son because it has a high safety rating. But it is also very comfortable. Soft fabric cover that is easy to remove for washing. Adjustable head rest/ shoulder strap means that preschoolers can stay in 5 point harness longer (before moving to a booster) than in a fixed height seat. Pockets great for storing toys/books/drink bottle.

Comfortable for them and gives you great piece of mind!!!


We bought this as our first car seat and it has served us very well. We have one in each of our cars and our baby seems very comfortable and happy in the seat.

It is well cushioned and performed very well in choice's safety ratings so we were happy to spend the money on what we perceived as one of the safest seats on the market.

The material looks like and it is easy to take apart and wash.

Installation is a little bit tricky but not really very different from most other convertible car seats. Having the ability to change the shoulder strap height very easily is great for the 0-12kg stage where their height changes rapidly.

My main complaint is that over both our seats and my sister's i find the straps very difficult to loosen and tighten compared to other car seats.

Expensive but worthwhile.


We purchased this for our daughter once she grew out of our rented capsule.  I read all of the safety tests and it came out the highest, so there was really no question for us what seat to buy.  We ended up buying a second one for our other car.


  •  The seat is very comfortable and my daughter has never complained. 
  •  the straps are lengthened just by moving the headrest up as your child grows taller - no need to rethread them behind the seat.
  • Washable cover
  • Safest on the market
  • baby can be rear-facing up to 10kg, rather than 8kg as many of the smaller seats.  This is incredibly important as rear-facing is exponentially safer than forward facing,
  • Whilst the seat is large, we have managed to fit it, a capsule and an adult all in the backseat at one time (in a 10 year old Subaru Outback).
  • some people  think that the baby won't  be able to see out because of the large headrest and the way it curves around the head.  This is, of course, what makes it so safe.  However my very curious daughter seems to have no trouble looking out the window, judging by her continuous commentary :)
  • It is large and bulky, and may not be suitable for smaller cars.  That said, we use one in our 3 door barina.
  • If you don't have airconditioning, bubs may find it a little hot - the other side of the coin in terms of comfort is that all that padding and plush fabric would probably get hot in summer.  We have not found this a problem as our car is airconditioned.
  • I have found the button to press to loosen the belt is a little sticky - it may just be I have some gunk in there or something.  It has not annoyed me enough for me to pull it apart to find out, but tightening the belt can be a little difficult.  As we use cloth nappies I find I need to adjust the belt depending on the type of nappy she's wearing - but this is not so much a problem in disposables. 
  • It is expensive - but you can't put a price on safety and it is peanuts in the grand scheme on things, particularly when it can be used for 4 years.
  • There are no arm rests - my daughter has used other people's carseats which have arm rests and I can see that would probably improve the comfort for her.  However, she has never complained about being uncomfortable.

We are completely happy with the seat and plan to buy another one for our second daughter once she's out of the capsule.


We have used this car seat since my daughter was 6 months old and found it to be excellent overall. 

She rarely complains while in the car so I know she is comfortable and you can tell how safe she is in it just by looking at how snug the seat cradles the child.

I love the strap system as it makes it much easier to secure your child tighly, but I did have to remove the padding for the straps as this was twisting the bands frequently.

We have recently had a son and have found that this car seat fits fine in our car with the maxi cosi mico capsuel and a third person sitting in the back seat (Magna), so while it looks to be on the larger side you can still easily fit a second seat + person in the back.  

Well worth the price tag.  


This car seat ticks all my boxes for safety, comfort and the fact that it is convertable and can be used for birth to 4 years (approx).

My main choice in picking a car seat is of course safety and after researching I knew this was the car seat for us. It is also lovely and padded for comfort.

Wouldn't hesitate to recommend this car seat to others for their newborn to young child.


When I read the CREP, CHOICE and RACQ reviews I made my mind up; this was the car seat for us.

It is really simple to use: simply push the black button & loosen the harness. My partner also said that once you install it the one time, it gets a lot easier (we only have the one seat for 2 cars)

DD always looks comfortable when she is in it

I also only have a small car (a getz!) and this fits in the back perfectly. The passenger in the front may be a bit squished , but as it's normally only me in my car this is a non issue here. 


This is one of the more expensice carseats but well worth it.

Its quite a bulky seat so measure the space you have available first. It looks so comfortable for newborn and its very padded and safe. It comes with a messy mat to protect car fabric which is a nice added extra. The seat has a removeable newborn insert to make more  room for baby when there older. The bulkiness is actually a feature i like because its a good sized carseat that will last until there 4 and can go in a booster seat. It installs sturdy and doesnt budge at all. It wouldnt be a good seat to move between cars because its heavy and takes a little time to properly install. It comes with a sun hood which has been great at keeping the sun out of my little mans face.

This seat is so easy to adjust in height with its tilt and adjust and it assures my baby is always secured in the appropriate way.

The padded shoulder pads and crotch pad is nice and soft and makes sure nothing rubs against my babies delicate skin.

This car seat is a must have for parents and worth its weight in gold!

Safe n Sound also have a crash exchange program to assure there seats arnt circulating if there has been an accident (damage to the seat or not it needs replacing) which makes them worth there money even further - basically insurance on your seat!

A carseat with great results on CREP, easy to adjust and manage, but the velour material makes it a hot choice for QLD weather. Overall a great carseat. Quite bulky so make sure it fits before you buy it. Removable fabric to wash. One of the most expensive seats on the market

I love this car seat! DS is really big for 8 months and is still comfortable in the rearward position. All the extra padding is fantastic so he doesn't flop around in the seat and he sleeps in it comfortably. It also looks good and comes in a range of colours.

My favourite part is the way you just tilt it to adjust it rather than having to fiddle around with buttons and straps! 

Purple Lily
I absolutley love this car seat! DS has used it from the minute we bought him home from the hospital and he absolutley loves his car seat!  I love how safe and snug bubs looks, it makes me less anxious to see him sitting so safely in the car.  I love all the padding around the baby and its a really easy seat for us to get him in and out of considering he's a quite tall baby.  I can not recommmend this car seat enough, we will definitley be buying the same seat when we have a second.  This car seat is worth every cent.

I adore this car seat!!!

Me and my daughter were in a car seat and she came out with only brusing from the seatbelts!! I hate to think of how bad it could have been had it not been for how protected she was snuggled up in her Meridian.

I have used a few other car seats friends have and none of them compare to the easy use of this one! it even looks very safe! 

This car seat is amazing! I tell everyone I know to get one, It's pricy but lasts a good 3 years!  


Love this seat!!!

We were given this seat as a gift when my son was born. Although we didn't use this seat when he was a new born as we had a capules, we started using it when he turn 6 months (our son is really tall).

I love that the seat looks really comfortable and my son has fallen a sleep many times while he has been in it.

It has a great star rating, the seat is able to stay rearward facing until bub is 12kgs and that bub can stay in the seat until they are 4 years old. 

We were given this as a gift when my first child was born. As a seat, no issues apart for practicality. As a newborn, by daughter would always wake when taking her out- which is why I prefer the capsule in this regard. However, for a toddler, geat seat; comfortable, roomy. However as this is the top of the line, was quite pricey. Not sure is there is much difference between this and the next model down. Maybe not as comfy. If you want comfort, this is the seat to choose.
A fabulous seat!
Looks great, baby loves it, fits easily in our sedan and I have piece of mind knowing he has extra protection.

I recently purchased this seat as an upgrade from the travel system capsule I had been using and have found it it very easy to use, is a nice safe snug fit and looks great too.

The downsides would be that it is a large seat and may not fit in some cars (if you had a small car and wanted to put it behind the driver's/passenger seat in the reclined position it might be a tight squeeze). This can be easily checked at the baby store though - most will let you check for fit before you buy. The only other downside I have found is that bub gets quite warm in the seat which is fine in winter, but she's a bit sticky in summer! I am sure that once she doesn't have so much padding around her and she's forward facing (so she gets the benefit of the car aircon) that will change though!

The seat goes from birth to 4 years so it is a good investment and after reading through the testimonials on the Britax website I would say this has to be one of the safest seats out there. The seat can stay rearward facing up to 12kg as well. The seat protector works too by the way! :)

Great value for money. Easy to adjust, comfy for bub and easy to take the fabric off for washing! There is nothing bad about this carseat, it's a real winner!
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