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Safe N Sound Maxi Rider AHR

8 reviews
Maxi Rider AHR

  • Deep side wings are EPS foam lined providing additional protection in side impact crash
  • Grows with child, converting from a Forward Facing Seat with In-Built harness to a Booster Seat
  • Speakers in headrest for audio pleasure
  • Recline positions to offer additional comfort for a sleeping child
  • 2 rotating cup holders
  • 2 pivoting arm rests provide further comfort

Parent Reviews and Comments

I love this seat. its snuggly and secure for newborns in the reverse position with the extra padded inset. In the fwd facing position it can also be set to different reclining positions which I found handy when travelling long distances as babies head doesn't hand fwd if he falls asleep. Even with the padded inset removed for toddlers the seat is still comfortable.


We initially had the BabyLove Ezy Combo, but it was replaced by our insurance company after being in an accident (it wasn't damaged, but the steered on the side of safety).  We went for the Maxi Rider AHR as the headrest was more "fixed" than on the Ezy Combo & the fact that you could lift the arm rests out of the way made a big difference when getting our toddler out of the car! It is a really easy seat to use & install.  I've put it in & out of my car, as well as into other cars plenty of times with no worries.  And I'm not the most technically minded person when it comes to installing car seats.  I have the seat in Praline & it can get kind of messy, but is relatively easy to clean.  Should also mention that the in built harness is really easy to adjust.  Can't remember what it's like to move up in height as it has been a little while since I've had to do that, but I'm sure it's relatively straight forward.  

Would definitely recommend this seat & will buy a 2nd once our youngest is big enough.


We bought this seat for our son when I was pregnant with our second baby. He was in it from about 21 months and we are very, very happy. He sits comfortably in it, there is a small amount of extra padding for younger kids and he sleeps fine in it without his head flopping forward.

A big pull towards buying this seat was the AHR headrest and that it can be used as a booster for older kids. When I was investigating seats, it was the tallest seat I could find with a high safety rating and sturdy construction. Also at the time, it was one of the first seats available when the new laws came out with regards to height. As long as the child fits in the seat height wise, they can stay in it. It was important to us not to have to buy a new seat when he got too tall. Hopefully with this seat, we won't have to! 

Overall a great seat. We have the black one and we can't see a mark on it. It is coming up to a year old, and having a grubby toddler in it still hasn't marked the fabric. It looks brand new.


we got this for our eldest when our new bub was due so he started using it at 13kg and 20 months of age.

It is an excellent seat - roomy and comfortable and he loves the drink holder and arm rests.

Adjusting the height of the straps for shoulder height is a pain as it requires the entire seat to be uninstalled. However it is a very easy seat to install in the first place.

It is quite a wide seat so if you are planning to try and get three seats across the back of a car this might not be ideal.

But overall an excellent car seat to buy when #2 comes along as it can be a forward facing car seat and a booster seat so will see you through to 7 years without having to buy yet another car seat.


I found this car seat excellent for my son (he started using it at 4yrs) he is quite tall for his age and the adjustable head rest has allowed for him to stay in this carseat for a lot longer than other brands.

The fact that the cup holders swing underneath out of the way allows for you to put another car seat alongside it but then you cant use cupholders so it defeats the purpose of having them there.

The arm rests being able to fold up is helpful with getting children in and out of the seat.

Being able to convert to booster seat using car seat belt means the child can use it for longer.

The only problem I have found is that the lowest slot for the shoulder straps is quite high so I can't see the straps being the right height for a smaller child or child under 1yr (even though it is intended from 6mths)

I would also want to see more recline if you were to use it for a child under 1yr


We started using this seat when my son was 2 years old and his 3.5 now. Its fantastic!

I like
*how easy it is for him to get in by himself because the arm rests lift up
*how easy it is to tighten and loosen, always assuring a secure fit
*how sturdy it is (he has had a tantrum or 2 in there and in perfect order still)
The cover comes off for washing

He likes
the cup holders, he puts cup, toys etc in there
its comfortable and puts him at a height he can see out window

I think this seat was well worth the money and his still in the inbuilt harness. When he outgrows that he can use an external harness or a seatbelt (as long as his over 4)

We love our Maxi Rider AHR our daughter who is almost 3 has been in it since 15months and has always looked so comfortable. I would highly recommend it to any parent looking for a car seat! It is on the expensive side but considering they have to be in car seats to 7 years old its well worth the $$

We have 2 of the AHR versions of the Maxi-Rider, and they are fantastic! The kids both grew out of the convertible carseat quite quickly, so we were thrilled to be able to move them into the Maxi-Riders and not be compromising on safety. They would never have lasted 4 years in the convertible carseat. We moved our daughter into her's at around 18 months, and our son at about 9 or 10 months, as their heads were up past the top of the other carseat. Now they have cup-holders (so great!) and what looks like a really comfy seat, with cool arm-rests.

It is a pricey carseat, but I was able to hunt around for a bargain with our's. In my opinion it's worth spending a bit extra on a carseat like this (and definitely worth getting the AHR version). We have a Nissan Pathfinder, and will be unable to fit the 2 Maxi-Riders and another carseat across the back seat if we have another child. But I'm not sure about other cars. We may be able to buy a slim-line booster for our oldest to fit them all in.

It does have a slight recline, however it is not much and I couldn't imagine putting a 6 month old in this carseat unless they had extremely good neck control. But our son was fine in it from about 9 or 10 months.

Overall a great carseat, hence why we have bought 2 of them! 



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