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Safe N Sound Unity Baby Carrier Module

14 reviews
Unity Baby Carrier Module
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Parent Reviews and Comments
hakuna matata

I used this capsule with my DS, now 6, and purchased another one to use for my 5 week old DD. 

Super convenient to carry short distances, otherwise it gets heavy. DD happily stays in it for school pick up, out for dinner and over to the grandparents. I love that if she's asleep I can bring her inside in the capsule. 

We dont, and didn't have, the pram to connect it to but it hasn't worried us. 


We have used this for our newborn since he was out of the hospital. Found it overall bulky and heavy to carry around. Bub looks comfortable inside (until he has outgrown) and is convenient to clip on to pram when he is asleep. Handle is difficult to move by requiring both sides to be pressed down heavily. 


I absolutely love this seat! It's so easy to use and convenient when bub has gone to sleep and you don't want to disturb them. I feel this is a must have for every baby and parent. 

My son is 8.5 months and s has plenty of room in his unity, so you really so get your money's worth when opting for this capsule that goes to 12 month! 


We got the unity capsule after doing a fair bit of research. The unity does not perform terribly well on the CREP tests but is superior in other areas. 

My dd is still very comfortable in her unity at 7 months and I suspect we will easily get 12 months out of it while most of my friends have had to move bubs at around 6 months. It easily fits onto our I candy apple stroller and makes a travel system. Dd seems very comfortable in it.

cons would be that sometimes the straps won't tighten evenly and it's super annoying, not sure why it does that. Also the newborn insert that comes with it is not very supportive and it's worth investing in another head snuggle to keep bub safe and comfy.


Was recommended to use a capsule instead of carseat with my first child & after abit of research decided on the Safe & Sound Unity Capsule. This was best decision I have ever made as it has made my life so much easier in the first stages of my daughters life. Not only does it fit perfectly in my small Suzuki Swift but also connects onto my Baby Jogger pram (with connection) to convert into travel system. Saves having to disturb sleeping baby & my daughter always looks comfortable in it. Also has added feature of sunshade & 12kg weight limit. Only downfall I could find is that Safe & Sound do not provide seatbelt bracket which is essential for fitting. Overall though I would highly recommend this capsule to any prospective parent.


LOVE love love this capsule. I love how it clicks into my stroller so i dont have to wake the baby getting him in and out of the capsule. Its a cosy capsule and he looks quite comfy in there.  It also acts as a rocker. Quite often I'll pop him in it to go to sleep as I know I have to leave the house soon, and i rock him to sleep, then tranfer to car whn i have to go.

Why this wasnt invented when i had my first baby... i dont know, but i am so glad i have it now! HIGHLY RECCOMMEND!


I have the HiPod Delta branded Unity capsule (they are identical capsules, though) and it's great.

I didn't bother with a capsule for my 1st or 2nd child, but after the second child not transferring from car to house and remaning asleep, I decided not to risk that again and so we got this capsule for out 3rd.

It's on the heavy side, especially once you get bub in there, but I assume that goes for all capsules. It's easy to install, easy to clean, nice and comfy and snug for bub, and the hood is great for keeping sun out of faces.

I also love that this capsule holds up to 12kg so my 3rd was in it for quite a long time (about 9 months), he actually outgrew the length restrcitions before he did the weight, so he continued to rear face in a convertible seat after outgrowing the shoulder straps on the capsule.

I absolutely adored this carrier. It's so easy to manouver and bub was always so comfy in it. Never over heated!

It was very easy to clean whenever problems did arise, and we had the pram this can click into after you take it from the car. So easy and never had to wake bubba up!

I was actually a little sad once he grew out of it lol
we got one of these when preg with our daughter and found it great, easy to use and adjust and if bub has accidents - throwing up etc, the cover can come out and get cleaned.
I bought this when my 2nd child was born. Not only was my first child still using the reversible carseat but I found that the reversible seat really inconvient, especially when the baby is still asleep. With the capsule, you can put the baby in and out, without waking baby, which is a plus for me, now with 3 kids. You know what they say, never wake a sleeping baby!!! This capsule is also really comfortable, unlike the older styles, however I did find that this capsule is quite heavy.

I bought one of these for my second daughter - I had used a reversable seat for my first and when my second arrived the first was stillusing the now forward facing seat.

I loved the idea of being able to move bub from car to house (or the reverse) without waking her

I also used it on occassion when we were out as a rocker which was great.

I thought that this newer design was more ergonomic than the older stye but a friend gave me a couple of the older ones and in the end I used them for my little one instead of this one.

I found this newer style a little more awkward and definitely heavier.

Also my little one seemed to fill it quite quickly - she looked like she was crammed in there at about 7 months wheras the older style we used until she was almost 1 year old.


Our little girl is now 8 weeks old and is very cosy in this capsule. We were very happy when we found that this capsule was compatible with the Phil&Teds stroller we had already purchased, as I have heard very good things about the reliability of the Safe and Sound brand. I have found that she can get a bit cosy with the head rest in and the capsule can be quite hard to remove from the base, but that may just be ours. It can also be a bugger to haul around if you forget to put the stroller in the car when you go out!

Overall, a very good capsule and super handy if you can find a stroller which will work as a travel system


I agree with other reviews that this is very very handy when baby is sleeping, you can remove them from the car and into the house and most time they will stay asleep.  I have also used it for baby to nap in when he won't settle in his bed.   He loves it and will drop off as soon as he is in it.

It is easy to get in and out of the car but I have woken him up accidently a few time when it slips into the lock in the car and the upwards motion you need to pull it up to to get it out of the car.   I like that you can buy more car inserts but never needed one. 

It is the cheapest on the market when put with the matching stroller as a travel system, all the others are around a thousand or more.  This cost me $300 for the capsule and only $70 for the pram (steelcraft)

It is heavy to lug around which isn't convenient but worth its weight in gold when you have to go out and baby is asleep.  Very handy if you have a toddler with a social life.  

I like that in the pram it is very secluded and snug, I'm sure bubs does too. 


I love the Unity Capsule, but more than that I love the service that Britax extend to their customers.

Recently I found that a small part of my Unity Capsule was missing (one of the buttons for the carry handle). I contacted Britax and within 7 days I had received two replacement buttons, mailed to my home address at their expense.

They kept in contact with me, while they tracked down the part necessary, and there were never any questions as to how old the capsule was, nor any issues with warranty etc.

This is a company that stands behind the quality of their products, which for me makes them the best value for money in the market, regardless of the price.

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