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Steelcraft Strider Plus Infant Carrier

14 reviews
Strider Plus Infant Carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I got the capsule as part of the whole travel system for my pram. I didn't think I would use it that much but we do and it is amazing. My DD was premmie so it was great for her to fit nice and snuggly into (with some extra padding). It is so simple to use taking in and out of the car i'm sure I could break some records now with the speed of it. It is a life saver not having to disturb bub going from car to pram and home there were even a few nights in the beginning when she slept in it overnight to save our sanity. They molded handle fits snuggly in the crook of your arm making it easy to carry howerver, after a while it does eventually get heavy.


Capsules are so handy.  We initially thought we'd cope without one, but bub was a prem, and needed a smaller option than normal carseat.  Also he was smaller than average bubs, so we knew we'd get longer use time from it.  He out grew it, eventually, at about 7months.

The removable covers and belt padding sleeves are great, as are the newborn inserts which you progressively remove as bub grows.  All clean easily.  Ours still looks brand new.  

It does seem heavy when carrying, but is indeed lighter than some capsules.  I liked the ease of fitting into the car, and the positive 'click' when the capsule is correctly fitted to the base.

Baby found it comfortable, and happily snoozed on in it long after our journeys had ended.

We did not have the matching pram, but it slotted easily into the bassinet of our Mama and Papa's stroller.  I assume it would fit this way into the bassinets of other strollers, due to it's slim, tapered base.  The base of the capsule is rounded slightly, allowing for a gentle rocking motion if you wish to use it to rock your baby.

Only thing I would change on it is to make the sunshade slightly longer to cover the capsule more.  Sometimes I needed to use a wrap over the top to keep out the sun, or use a car window shade.

We paid under $200 for this capsule (on special), making it excellent value.  It still looks absolutely brand-new.


Bought this capsule to use with the strider plus pram and I loved it. It was easy to clip in and out and didnt wake my sleeping baby. It was heavy however after lifting other friends capsules it was 'light' in comparison. Its well padded, easily cleaned and looks great. My DD grew out of it lengthwise before she reached the 9kg however that was at around 8months so I still think it was value for $$ and I will be using it for future bubs as its still immaculate.

Lucy in the Sky

I wish I'd known earlier how much I would love this capsule - I would have bought the pram base that goes with it.

It os comfortable for baby. Easy to remove. Light to carry. Still holds baby comfortably at 6 months. And great safety rating. Perfect capsule, really.


We purchased this item second hand with the pram as well.

It is easily fitted into the car and swapped between vehicles. It is easy to remove with baby in and clip into the pram so as not to disturb sleep. The casual is also easy to carry with baby in it.

I love the design as baby is supported all round including head support. There are also a lot of size settings which are easy to adjust.

All parts are easily cleaned and there is a love gunk factor as crevices are covered with a removable cover. 

I wouldn't use any other capsual! 


We purchased this item second hand, but that hasn't meant it was second rate!

We bought it so that it would fit with out Strider Plus Pram system, as we hoped it would be useful in first 3 - 4 months.

Fitting was quite easy, my husband and I fitted it together and it took roughly 25 minutes to get it in, following the instructions. We had the fitting checked by KidSafe in WA and we had only gotten 1 or 2 things wrong / missed (that were not safety related), so it can't have been that hard to fit it properly!

I find that I have to release the securing strap everytime I want to put my baby in the capsule, because otherwise it si too hard to manouvere him into the capsule without hitting his head on the roof or car doorframe. I also find that the shape of the capsule is a little to curved and seems to be initially uite uncomfortable at times for my baby, which is why we don't use the capsule for more than 1 or 2 hours at a time. I do find that it is very helpful to be able to get my baby to sleep in the capsule in the car and be able to keep him that way, by lifting the capsule out of the car and onto the pram.

It's made of lovely material which seems quite comfortable and warm for my son, though I do not like the hood, it is difficult to push back and doesn't come forward enough to shade my baby from the sunlight through the back and side windows.

Currently my son is 4.5kg at 5.5weeks old, and I am already thinking of purchasing a new car seat, so he can be more comfortable in the car, as the capsule has too much of a curve in it, I feel, for him to be comfortableonce he gets a bit bigger.

Cost wise, I would not have purchased this item brand new, as I thought it was too expensive for what it is, i.e. a short term use product. Hence why I searched for months during my pregnancy to find one second hand that was in good condition and suited our budget.


We purchased the capsule as an accessory to use with our Steelcraft Strider plus pram.  The capsule was a lifesaver in the early months, as we never had to wake our daughter if we were out and about.

The capsule was very sturdy and easy to lift and click into the pram.  Our daughter only got about 4.5 months out of the capsule though, as she was quite long.

The material used in the capsule was easy to remove and clean, however did make bub sweat a bit also, however she is in general, a very sweaty baby.



After buying the Strider Plus pram we decided that the Infant Carrier may be a good idea and made the purchase. I am very glad we did. 

Being able to leave our son sleeping whether we have arrived home or have only arrived at the shops/friends place etc has been wonderful. The carrier clips so easily into the pram or it is not too awkward to just carry it if you are only going into someones house. The bottom is curved so you can place it down and gently rock baby so they stay asleep! This feature has been handy when we have been at other people's houses.

I can't say how easy the carrier was to install in the car as I had it done by QAS, but it is quite simple to put in and out of the car. It just clips into the base and then you pull the seat belt strap over and slide it into 3 grooves. Feels very secure. 

Our son loves this carrier and almost always falls asleep in it. He looks very snug and secure when it it too. 

Have had a few poo-explosions while in the carrier and it has been easy to wipe down with a damp cloth and spray and wipe. I haven't actually had to remove the insert but it looks simple enough to do.

The only down side is depending on the size of your baby, you may not get much use out of the carrier. My son is 3 months old and we have the headrest and straps at the tallest setting so I don't think he will be in it much longer. It is easy to adjust the height and tightness of the straps too.

I am going to be very sad when he grows out of it as it has made life so much easier! As a first time mum I don't think I would have gone out as much in the earlier days if I didn't have this capsule as I wouldn't have wanted to disturb a sleeping baby.


This was by far my best buy with my second Bub. I was lucky enough to get 12 months use out of it (having a baby that grew slowly) and it was fantastic to use both In the car and in the pram. Having an older child in kinder, the capsule made drop off and pick up time so much easier when bubs was asleep because it meant I could just take the capsule out and clip it into the pram without disturbing her sleep. It can be used with the both a Strider Pram and a Cruiser Pram (both made by steelcraft) and comes in a variety of colors. It was easy to fit into the car and the base that it clips into has an angle adjuster so it will fit seats that are flat or sloped. The fabric is really nice and soft and it also comes with covers that go over the arm straps and the buckle, all of which are really easy to remove and wash. I love my Strider Capsule and will use it again if we have anymore babies. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good, reliable, safe capsule! 


We bought this infant carrier to go with our strider plus pram as a travel system. It is a nice compact capsul without being too small, easy to get bub in and out. The straps were easy to adjust and the cover was a breeze to take off and wash. The material is nice and soft and did't rub on bub. The only problem is that as the weather got warmer bub was a bit sweaty when i got her out, she does seem to be a big sweater anyway so it might just be us?

It is easy to get in and out of the car by just clicking it in and out. Goes onto the pram in 2 seconds flat! Always felf very secure with it on the pram, was not loose. I like that the bottom of the capsul is curved so you can gently rock bub to sleep in it.

Overall this is a great capsul and i would reccomment it to anyone.

After many hours of research we finally settled on this model and will definately be getting it again!

With a higher back that siuts a taller bub and good weight limit I have had more postive things to say about this version than other brands friends have gone with.

I love how it can go from pram to car and even as a rocker on the floor so bubs can keep sleeping!

When you have a baby that cat naps you don't ever want to wake them from the lull of a longer car sleep!

The weight of the capsule is a bit more than I thought but it was extra sturdy and felt secure in the pram.

Highly recommended!
~Lost In The Fifties~

We bought the strider capsule as part of the strider travel package & it has been the best thing for our winter baby!

*I love the fact that it is small & compact & fits easily in my tiny Suzuki Swift.

*It is comfortable for my baby and is made out of gorgeous material.

*The convieniece of being able to take bub out of the car & attach it to the pram without having to disrupt my sleeping baby or make him cold during those winter months.

* All of the inner parts plus the shade are removable & washable which makes it easy to keep the capsule clean.

* Taking the capsule into shopping centres & restaurants without the pram is wonderful as you don't have to hold bub the entire time and as the bottom of the capsule is moulded to allow it to rock it makes it easier to settle bub.

I could honestly go on and on all day about how much i love this capsule but i will leave it there for now. 


With DS1 we had a Safe-N-Sound capsule. This time we bought the Strider Plus capsule to intergrate with the matching Strider Plus pram (with toddler seat). It has been a fantastic purchase and I would highly recommend it. The most obvious feature is being able to quickly and easily move the sleeping baby from the car to the stroller and back again without any disruption. Another great feature is that the bottom of the capsule is curved so that you can easily rock the capsule to settle the baby. I found this so handy when at my early parenting group or visiting friends. The baby would be in the capsule on the floor or on the dining table and I could keep him moving with a flick or my foot or hand. This was great for getting him off to sleep. The bar that you use to lift it up with can also be positioned at the back of the capsule and this makes it completely stable so you don't have to worry about someone knocking it or it moving when you don't want it to. Having this bar upright in the middle of the capsule also allows you to drap a blanket or muslin over it to block light or distractions whilst they are sleeping.There is extra padding that comes with it for when they are very little (with built in head support) and a boot attachment which creates a very snug and warm environment for colder weather. The fabric is also padded and very soft. Overall a great product and the resell value on Ebay also makes it a great investment if you want to onsell when finished with it. I wish we had this capsule with our first baby.

I bought this capsule for the convenience of going from the car to the pram and it has been great. My son loves his capsule and always falls asleep in the car and in the pram. I found it strong, safe, good value for money and very comfortable for him. Highly recommend this capsule



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