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Steelcraft Steelcraft Agile Travel Capsule

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Steelcraft Agile Travel Capsule
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So after checking out a baffling array of strollers, capsules and baby seats we made a shortlist of all the features that were important to us:

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to get capsule in and out of car
  • Easy to get baby in and out of the capsule
  • Safe
  • Securely fixed in the car without the capsule moving too much
  • Ability to provide shade so the bub can rest
  • Last up to 6 months

The Steelcraft Agile delivered on all these features except the last one.

When our daughter was less than 5 months (and she's in less than 50th percentile for weight and around 50th for height) she outgrew it. In terms of length she was fine, but the straps were too short and it was really hard to get her arms in the straps without bending her arms awkwardly. It is also fairly narrow (a benefit of the Agile Stroller is that it is not too wide, so neither is the capsule).

That said, all the other design features were fantastic. I especially like the pull up shade, you can drape a wrap over it and the end of the capsule if you want your baby to sleep in the car without being disturbed by the sun or headlights.

The furnishings are lovely too, not too drab and it's pretty lightweight.

Just a small note, the capsule is rear-ward facing only, so have a think beforehand if the features for the first few months are worth the expense.


I purchased this capsule and pram in a combo as a fantastic travel system. So far I have been greatly impressed with the ease and simplicity of it all.

I brought the pram and travel capsule together for $699, which seems to be an average price, however if you are purchasing this capsule alone, you would be looking at around the $300-$329 mark. 

Pros: To sum it up, this capsule is fantastic.
It fits perfectly in my smaller sized car with ease, sliding in and not looking overly bulky or in the way. (I have a Ford XR5 Turbo - Similar in size to the Ford Focus)
Its light weight design and simplicity makes it so easy to get in and out of the car without any fussing around. The simple lock mechanism means it quickly locks into place without any trouble, and makes stopping at the corner store a breeze, and moving a sleeping baby from the car to house a dream.
The padding and comfy looking straps are just an added bonus, you expect padding and straps to be up to standard, but I feel in this capsule they are even better. It seems very supportive of bubs whole body, and I feel confident carrying my little bubba around for a few hours when out and about.
It is simple to clean, just by pulling out the lining and chucking it in the washing machine on a delicate and cold wash, and hanging out in the sun for a few hours.
I personally feel I have received excellent value for money with this capsule, for the safety aspect and peace of mind it has given me, I wouldnt be able to ask for anything more!

Cons: The only con I can think of, is that this carrier will only last for around 6-8 months of age. (9kgs, or 70cms)... Personally for me though, the benefit of being able to move bubs easily in those first few months of life far out weights the con.

Overall: I would recommend this capsule to anyone!... I love it..! I just cannot get over the weight, so easy to clip/unclip and so light!!! 



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