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Safe N Sound Safety Capsule Infant Restraint

7 reviews
Safety Capsule Infant Restraint
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Parent Reviews and Comments

As first-time parents who were nervous about keeping baby safe, we loved this capsule. We didn't have to worry about fiddling around with a standard carseat during the newborn days - we simply clipped baby into the capsule, and safely carried her into the car and attached the capsule to the base.

So there was less "handling" of the newborn, for lack of better expression! It was very easy to install and use, and as our daughter was small, it lasted longer than we expected.

As she got older and we grew more confident, we then switched to a standard car seat at around 7 months old.

The only drawback is that it can get very heavy - you don't want to be lugging baby around in the capsule, but for trips from house to car it's fine.


We hired this car capsule for our first child and it served its purpose. Its a very simple capsule but safety is number 1. I found it too bulky and heavy to comfortably transport baby in it for extended periods of time, however if my daughter fell asleep in the car I could easily bring her in to the house with it. 

It doesnt really have much extra padding inside of it, so I used one of those head and body positioners so she was more snug as a new born. 

If you are planning on having more than one child however, I recommend you invest in a more light weight portable capsule which works with your pram, as we have had to spend quite a bit of money second time round for this luxury and wish we did it the first time.  


We hired one of these for our first and it was fantastic. A little bit of a pain to put the strap over every time and tighten, but the ambulance service told me this was to improve safely, so we did it every time!

Ive now purchased one for our second bub. SO easy to transport bub around, especially when he falls asleep in the car.

I loved this capsule.  My daughter used it until she was 12 months.  It was easy to put in and take out of the car. Wasn't too heavy to carry. The only thing I can fault is that my daughter was quite small born (5lbs 3oz and 46cms) so it needed more padding, however I bought an insert for it and then everything was fine.

I was lucky enough to be given a couple of these to use for my second bub.

I found that they were lighter in weight than the new unity capsule and seem to be a bit easier to carry as well (maybe it was just the weight thing though)

I did find however that I kept catching my thumb whenever I was taking the capsule out of the car so this obviously takes technique and some concentration - I was usually too busy trying to keep my toddler from waking her sister and also trying not to jostle bub too much.

I discovered that my big bub seemed to fit into her capsule for quite a while which was great as she seemed to fall asleep almost all the time when we travelled


This capsule was pretty good. But I found it didn't quite suit me this time around.

I found it rather heavy & I had a C/S so therefore could not take it in/out of the car for the first 6 weeks which kind of defeated the purpose. And DS was a heavy & long baby so he outgrew it quite quickly. But we will definitely try again if we have any more.

That being said, DS slept in it very well (and I did a lot of long trips where he would sleep the whole way) and everything comes apart relatively easily to throw in the washing machine to clean (DS had reflux & was sick in it several times), and the shell is plastic so wipes clean with a damp cloth. 

It is a great basic capsule for the budget-conscious and if you only really do short/quick trips & don't plan on using a pram much.

But if you go out a lot & use a pram often, and can afford to spend just a little more then I would suggest getting a capsule that clips into a pram as well to take full advantage of the portability.

I LOVED this product. We hired one for my 3rd child (just wish i had with the first 2), it was quite cheap for 6 month hire, and SO easy to take in and out of the car, best thing was there was no disturbing baby if sleeping and easy enough to put into a shopping trolley when shopping. I really loved it and would definately recommend. I did find though that it didn't last hte whole 6 months (suppose to be able to use up till 9kg and 7 months or so) but i found at around 7kg (5months) it was getting a bit too heavy to carry and uncomfortable for baby.



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