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Steelcraft Cruiser Infant Carrier

4 reviews
Cruiser Infant Carrier
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Parent Reviews and Comments

I am so glad I decided to use a capsule that click into a pram, best invention ever! I can put my daughter in the capsule and transfer her from there into the car, then into the pram and back in the car again without having to wake her up or play around with straping her in and out of a carseat. This is definately one of the cheapest on the market but it is not lacking in any features. DD is 3 months and is starting to get a bit big for it but I feel I have had a lot of good use from it. Will be using this again with my next kids.


I loved having a it with my second (really wish I'd had it with my first) he was a big baby from the start and had outgrown in by 12 weeks. That was the only big downside.

I loved being able to transfer baby from car to pram and back again without waking him (was especially great for school pick ups and quick race to shops!)

I would definately look around a bigger ones that would last longer though.


I purchased this carrier when I was pregnant and it was on special. I have since done a lot of research on car seats and found that it is safest to rear face for as long as possible. Something which won't be possible in this capsule. 

It is rated to 9kgs however my son has become increasingly uncomfortable in it since hitting around 7.5kgs. It is narrow and he doesn't fit well. It was fine as a newborn but it's becoming an issue now. 

The straps are ridiculously short. They are currently at their loosest setting and still leave marks on my sons thighs due to how tight they are. I will be needing to change him to his rearfacing convertible seat very shortly and he is only just 8kgs.

Overall, I have not been terribly impressed with this carrier. Perhaps because I now know better exists (although due to current australian laws better seats are illegal at this time...go figure). It most definitely does not cater to a 9kg baby. 

In saying that. As long as you have a good rear facing convertible seat to transfer to, this will be fine for most babies up to 7-8kgs. It has a great CREP rating (4 star) so is definitely worth looking at. I have now got a pram which takes the capsule as well so will be keeping this one for our next child as I wish I had used a travel system with DS as a newborn. 


The cruiser capsule and pram combo are a great priced, light weight yet sturdy must have for any family with a new baby. 

The capsule is extremely easy to fit to the car, and takes up half the space of some other bulkier models, allowing for other car seats and boosters to be used in the same row of seats.  It is easy to lift into and out of the car (and i have tried it in both a hatch back and a 4x4) and you wont break your back doing it!

The capsule comes with a shade which clips easitly onto the sides, and can be removed by squeezing two clips.

Cleaning the covers is easy and it can be machine or hand washed, which is handy for the milk spills that often occur! 

The pram combo is also very light weight and a great companion for the capsule, allowing baby to stay asleep from the car to the shops and back again. 

Compared to other travel systems on the market, the cruiser comes with all of the features without the price tag! I just wish we had gotten it 4 kids ago! Two thumbs up!

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