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Hipod Barcelona - Salsa

1 review
Barcelona - Salsa
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Parent Reviews and Comments

Having a child who was very tall and solid for his age, this booster has been a godsend. Picture a 2 year old who is already 20 kg and nearly 100cm. He was too heavy for the baby seats (which only take to 18kg) - not to mention too tall. Still too little for a conventional foam booster seat - the safety issues had me worried.

Then I found the HiPod barcelona and all my worries were over. The seat anchors like a baby seat, so straight away it is safer. It has an extra clip to attach a h-harness, which I used until it was too tight on Ryan. The h-harness fit snugly over his shoulders and the arms at the side ensured that the seatbelt sat across his lap perfectly. It has an adjustable headreast that has grown with my boy (who is now almost 5!) and will accomodate him until his 7th year, when he no longer needs a booster.

The construction is strong and sturdy and I have never had any worries buckling my boy into it.

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