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Philips Avent ISIS Manual

24 reviews
ISIS Manual
Parent Reviews and Comments

Not hard to use and comfortable- your hand gets tired though! The petal insert is helpful and the whole thing is easy to clean. For regular use, I'd recommend an electric but this is fine for occasional use.


I bought this a few years ago when my daughter was born, with the plan of getting my husband to do 1 feed a day. This did not work, 1: my daughter refused to take a bottle unless i was out of the house, 2: I have high flow but still found it time consuming expressing manually. I found the Avent good for the occasional express if I couldn't be home to feed. If you are going to express on a daily basis I would probably spend the extra money and get an electric pump.


Easy to use & easy to clean. Didn't take long to use. Maybe a little bit over priced, but glad I didn't buy an expensive electric one when this worked well. Overall good product.


Ok so this is the only pump I've used, but I didn't want to invest in an electronic one as I wasn't sure if I'd need it. Turns out I probably only used this 20 times or so. Each time was super easy.

TIP - you really need to pay attention (even though you're sleep deprived) to how the peices go together, there is one peice that if you put it on back to front the pump doesn't work. When you lose the instructions this can get quite frustrating!! Keep the instructions or REMEMBER as this will make you think you aren't creating any milk, actually your pump is not working cos you put it together wrong!!

Fits easily into the Avent sterilizer too.

I pumped my first bottle in week 2 with this pump and it took me 3 minutes to get 120mls out - perfect. I didn't use it too much, only every now and then as it increased my supply too much, but at the end when I weaned the pump was a lifesaver in the middle of the night when my boobs were rock hard.

Totally recommend this one, and recommend not buying an electric pump unless you know you need it. Manual is super easy.


I ended up using this pump as it's the secondary option to the electric version I have (which broke...).

While it works a lot better than the electric one, it is still quite slow a lot of the time as I fail to get  a let down 3 out of 5 times I use it.  It can also be quite painful if I get it even in slightly the wrong position.  It doesn't come with different sized cushions etc unlike some, and having (now) fairly large (DD) boobs I do sometimes wonder if they are too big for the pump. 

That said I can (eventually) get enough out with it, but if I ever want to start going out baby-less more than twice a week for a couple of hours a time I'm going to need another option as it can take as long as I'm out to get enough milk for the trip.

The pump itself is easy to assemble now I've got  the hang of it although at first there was one bit in particular I kept putting in upside-down which was unhelpful.  The whole thing is dishwasher and steriliser friendly too which is great as sometimes it can be a right bugger to get the milk residue out of some of the corners.

It could be quieter to use - I can't use it in the same room as bub as it is somewhat squeaky and she's very posessive over my boobs - seeing me pumping is like waving a red rag at a bull and it wakes her up every time =(  I don't know why it's so loud but I've not managed to quieten it down yet.

All in all I'm glad I have it although I'm also glad I didn't pay too much for it as I would have been very disappointed.  I'd probably recommend it to people with smaller boobs, and who want a smallish pump perhaps for travelling.


Am a first time mum and must admit this is the only pump i have used besides from the hospital grade used to assist getting my milk in.

Very easy and comfortable to use and also a breeze to put together and pull apart for cleaning.

Was able to express 80-100ml each time as suction was fantastic.

Highly recommend pump to any first time mum or a mum who is looking for a light weight and easy to use pump.


This pump is my back up for if my electric fails and it saved me when my TT did just that. 

This pump is easy to use and doesn't hurt the nipples too much. I would recommend this pump if you are only part time expressing simply to avoid RSI.

Not bad for a manual milk extraction is on par with my swing. 

I used this pump for both my boys, I found it had great suction,was comfortable and very easy to use and clean. Cost me $70 on sale 2 years ago and is still in like new condition! Have and will keep recommending this pump for expressing mothers/to be.

This pump is a little expensive however I  managed to get it on special and found it worked quite well.  your hand does cramp up after a while but I couldn't afford  the electric model. 

overall a good pump


I used both this pump and an electric medela one

I loved this pump it was great and very easy to express with, unlike the other one I used.

Being able to connect the bottle directly to the unit was very handy as ds had latching difficulty.

Really liked the soft flexible cup making it much easier to  get more milk out.  


I'll start by saying this is the only pump I have used, so can't compare to others.

Bought at target on special, from memory under $100.

First used when my milk came in, i was very full and uncomfy.

Found it easy to use, the first 6 months I had abundant and excessive milk supply, so used this pump on an almost daily basis.

I am fortunate that having a good supply I could easily express over 100mls after a feed. It allowed me to store a good deal in freezer, not that it really got used ! But i had it if i needed it.

 I never sterilised mine, only washed in hot soapy water. A little fiddly to pull apart the valves etc but it didn't bother me, the only worry I had was the small rubber pieces getting sucked down the sink drain. It never happened and replacement parts can be sourced i believe.

Let-down stimulated easily, i could also angle and adjust the pressure i put on breast with the pump which was really useful helping ot clear blocked ducts.

The via system very handy . I could express into the cup and freeze straight away, or add to again later.

Also my son is 2.5, i still use the via cups for freezing leftovers fo rhim now.

With baby number 2 due soon, I am sure my pump is going to get antoehr workout. I would say has been one of my most useful purchases, good value and the only things i'm needed to replace are cups and lids as they have dimisnished over the past few years. 


Don't buy this pump!!!!!!

I am a third time mum and very used to expressing milk. I bought this pump after my old one broke and chose it after reading all the positive reviews. For me, the suction is so gentle it's almost non existent and after 30 mins of pumping, I can't even get a drop.

Dont waste your money as its a complete lemon!!!! 


I loved this pump.  I found it really easy to assemble and loved that it could be attached to a bottle, container or used with bags that can be put straight in the freezer.

It was extremely easy to use, I find that I can get 100 mL in about 5 minutes.  After use it is easy to clean and sterilise. 

I highly recommend this to others!


I'm actually probably one of the few people that didn't like this pump. As a first time mum with a baby who refused to suckle I tried to express. I found my hand always got cramped, I didn't seem to get much milk, and it was all too much for an exhausted and sick first time mum.

It took me 40-50 minutes plus to get 60ml every time, and even though I suspect this was mostly due to technique, I didn't feel that the manual had helpful enough information if you weren't getting it right.  I had plenty enough milk, I just couldn't seem to get it out with that pump.

I also found that it was fussy to put back together once dismantled for cleaning and it just ended up being far too much work for me.

I can see how it would be a good pump if you understood pumping and perhaps had a better grasp of how it worked, but for a first time mum who was quite ill (and therefore too tired to muck around with a fussy set up) it felt like I had more luck with the electric pump that I'd bought :) Perhaps asking a MCHN to help with the first few attempts would have made life easier.


My sister gave me her old breast pump when I had my little girl, and I just can't live without it. I had a lot of issues with breastfeeding in the beginning, and still have latching issues, so the breast pump is helping me to empty my breast after each feed, and helping to stimulate my milk production as we use a nipple shield for feeding.

I love that I can attach a bottle to the bottom, then put a cap on the bottle and store in the fridge until I'm ready to use the milk. The storage containers are great for the excess milk I pump and stack very well in the freezer.

Highly recommend.

I love that you can use this pump with the bottom of a bottle attached (great if you plan on feeding your baby the EBM right away) or a storage container (If you want to freeze the EBM for a later use). They're all easily attached and interchangeable for convenient use!
I received my pump as a baby gift. I didn't have a real need to express but seeing I had the pump I thought I would try to use it so my husband could give our baby a bottle of emb now and then. It was very uncomfortable and could never seem to get much milk out using it. Maybe I wasn't doing it quite right but because I didn't have a real need to express I just gave up. I did however love the storage system bottles and have used them constantly for both my babies to store homemade purée in to freeze or take out and about and also the are great for storing things like pear in juice as well.

Fantastic pump I have used with all four kids never had any issues with it. Always been able to express easily.


THis was great when I had lots of milk... but as time went on.... not so easy to get milk out. In fact, I got more out with my hand!!!

This pump has been a life saver. As it helped build up my milk supply. I used it to express and stimuate the nipples between feeds as the midwives suggested. What milk was expressed between feeds was stored in extra bottles and given as a top up feed to my baby after her feed. It is a easy reliable breast pump to use and its been used through two children.

I love this pump. Ive used other manual and electric pumps but this is my favourite!  It is far quicker than the electric pump (can usually express 120mls + in about 5-7 mins) and it does so without trying to suck the milk out like a vacuum cleaner.  I found the electric pumps really pulled on the nipple and hurt if you had them turned up too high but if you didnt they were a waste of time.  With this pump the letdown occurs quickly and then I have found I only need to pump every 15-20 seconds

Its very easy to assemble, wash and use.  I also love that you can freeze the milk into the bottles or the containers that fit right into the bottles.

A fantastic manual pump that I would recommend to anyone.


I used this once or twice a day from when bubs was 2 weeks old.  It was also on the "recommendation" of the midwife ("We can't recommend a brand but........" scenario), & she mentioned if anyone is having trouble getting the milk to flow to try taking the silicone pad out.  I started out this way but it tended to try to suck the whole breast in which got a bit uncomfortable if I depressed the handle too much.  It was certainly more effective at getting the flow going initally though.

WIth the silicone pad back on it was a lot more comfortable, & I loved the fact I could control the suction level with the handle.  It only took me about 10 minutes to get enough for a full feed.  And it was great to be able to work out just how much bubs was getting from her actual feeds - in fact it demonstrated just how little storage capacity one breast had compared to the other.

It was a bit of a pain to clean & put back together - not difficult just fiddly particularly in the middle of the night - but I don't think this is a reflection on the pump itself as I'd imagine they are all much the same in that aspect.

The only thing I found annoying was occasionally it would start making a high pitched squeaking noise, which I discovered was the silicone cap that goes under the pumping handle - v annoying but didn't detract from it's effectiveness.  I think it happened if the unit wasn't completely dry before reassembly?


I quite like this, although I have not used any other pumps, either manual or electric. I pump once or twice every few days and it is fine. I like that Avent has the 'Via' storage system, it saves having to use bottles in the freezer or fiddle transferring milk into other containers - you can express into and feed from those.

I found the first couple of times I used it a bit uncomfortable, similar to when starting breastfeeding. I did end up with bruised nipples - not sore but black and blue - from expressing. Since then it has been fine though.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to express a little bit, but probably not for full time as it would be pretty hard on the hands!


I have used this product from the 2nd day i returned from hospital as I was getting frustrated with trying to breastfeed with over engorged breasts and flat nipples. I didn't want to go to formula and was able to use this product instantly. It is really easy to use.

I pump about 4-6 times a day, really easy to clean and sterilise (especially with the avent (microwave) steriliser).
I originally was pumping every 2 hours to begin with to get my milk supply up.

This product doesnt pull on the nipple and is very comfortable. You can control the suction by how deep u depress the handle. You can even leave the handle depressed for a good 20secs or so to let the reservoir fill up before letting go and depressing again!.



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