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Closer to Nature
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I bought this pump for a mere $20, so for that price I really wouldn't complain, however, it retails for about $90, so I am going to base this review on that price.

Assembling this pump is extremely simple, so that was a plus. I didn't like the sterilizer that it came with as I find it a little small and takes too much time shuffling things around to make what I need to fit in it fit!

When you first start to pump, it can be a little painful, however, once you get going it no longer hurts.

I find that I need to sit in an awkward position to ensure the milk flows into the pump, rather than back out and into my lap. Once all that is worked out, it can extract quite a lot of milk from the breasts. 

You would think that you need to constantly keep pumping, but that's not the case. Once the milk starts flowing you can just hold the handle down until the cavity fills, then release the handle and repeat.

I love how the bottles can attach directly to the pump, or to storage pots. Means you have more options as to how you use/store you breast milk.

All in all, if you found this pump for a good price, I would highly recommend it.. otherwise, it may be worth investing in a different pump if you were going to pay the higher price for the few design flaws it has - that are really annoying... after all, after spending time expressing, I'm sure we would all cry over spilt milk.


I am very happy with this pump. 

It is easy to put together and take apart, it is easy to clean and comes with its own sterilising box which is great (until you forget how long you are supposed to sterilise it for and how much water to put in :P)

I used it when travelling. I pumped in the car so we could feed bub on the go. It worked beautifully!

It is 2 years old and is still in perfect working order and will be used again for any future children.

It does hurt your hand a little bit, if you are pumping for a long time but for occassional pumping, you hardly notice a problem.

For the most part I find breast pumps to look terrifying and as an expectant Mum shopping around it was nice to find something that was well known and also had the advantage of connecting to the Closer To Nature bottles, which we planned to use if needed.

This comes with really easy to follow instructions and is so simple to put together and to use, I also trialled another brand given to me and this didn't compare to the Tommee Tippee and actually quite hurt where as I have never experienced any pain with this pump.

This made the first few months much easier, being able to let my partner feed a few times was wonderful.

Definitely reccommend.
i really like this pump, easy to use, easy to clean, comfortable. i really like the fact it comes with its own container to sterilize aand store. i found expressing with this pump easy and fast. no complaints at all.

I do not pump that much and have used an electric pump in the past but needed a new pump for the baby while she was in Child care. 

This was a great price and much more affordable than an electric pump. Very easy to use and came with really good accessories. Is small and compact for travel. It is also easy to clean.

Really happy with this product.  


I was only able to breastfeed for 8 weeks and used this the whole time. I loved it! It was very easy to use and didnt really take much effort.

Will use it next baby for sure. 

i only used mine a few times but it's pretty easy to use although i found my wrist were getting sore from pumping but that would be the case with any manual pump. comfortable cup part for your breast.easy to clean.
I love this pump, it ticks all the boxes for me. I particularly like the sterilising container it comes in - makes cleaning so easy and less fiddly than other pumps I've seen. I bought mine online for $69 including a bottle with teat and two milk containers, which is great value.



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