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Unimom Unimom Forte

19 reviews
Unimom Forte

Hospital grade electric pump. Can be used for single or double sided pumping.

  • Parts that come into contact with milk are BPA free
  • Unimom bottles that come with pump are BPA free
  • Long life motor
  • Weight: 1.5 kg
  • Suction power: 0-350mmHg 

Comes with two breast shield kits, a double connector, a single connector, two bottles and two wide neck caps to use with wide neck bottles.

Parent Reviews and Comments

I bought this pump as its a hospital grade pump at a great price. I was nervous as the reviews about customer service are a bit off putting but they seem to have been resolved now.

my baby is 5 days old and I have only had milk for 2 days - I managed to express 70 mls with this pump in 20 minutes- amazing!

its easy to use and has good suction. You control the levels with a dial. It's not whisper quiet but the noise is not over the top. The only thing that worries me is that it seems to run warm after 20 mins so I usually give it a rest then. However I get great results in that time. 

Its worth the money and I would buy it again!


The Unimom Forte is a competitively priced and effective breast pump which I recommend to anyone.
I have been exclusively expressing my milk for my bub who is almost 10 weeks old due to having latching issues. I started off using a second hand medela swing pump but given my concerns with the single phase and open system which could impact the hygiene of the milk when the milk back flowed into the pump, the time it took to pump as it was only single pump, I decided to buy a closed and double pump system. (Please read the info online re: this before selling/passing any single open system breast pump).
I read reviews on the Unimom forte and the only bad reviews referred to the company who had sold it in the eastern states but it had been voted bronze winner in the 2012 Aus Mother & baby magazine. I found out that a company called Ubere baby in Perth that was now selling Unimom products. She was very helpful and highlighted the differences between the Forte and the Allegro.
I did a search on youtube which had some demos on the parts and using the machine. I wanted a long lasting machine and although the Allegro was portable, it seemed a little noisier compared to the Forte and the Forte was a hospital grade machine with a stronger motor and the price difference from an Allegro to a Forte wasn’t much. Given the price point for the machine, the spare parts and storage bags were also much cheaper than the medela models. As I live in Perth I was able to organise a meet up to collect the machine which saved on postage. There’s also a 1 year warranty. Since purchasing the Forte, it has been working very well for me. I started pumping every 2 hrs then now 4hrs and the motor is still very strong and no loss of suction. It is a hospital grade machine which needs to be plugged in but I carry it with me if I know I will be going to be out for more than 4hrs and so far no issue. Possibly due to the effective way the machine expresses the milk, I have always had an oversupply in breastmilk. Instead of taking me about 30 minutes to pump, it takes about 15 minutes to drain both breasts. I haven’t tried it with the massage pads but am happy using without them. I was a bit worried that there was no letdown mode, but I realised this comes naturally after a few seconds (or just thinking about baby which im sure is always on your mind brings it on). It’s also quieter compared to the loud rough hum of the medela swing, the suction is good and though there are a few additional parts to clean, there is no concern that the milk will backflow which can happen in the middle of the night when you’re tired.
The only improvement would be that the dial that turns to increase suction could do with a grip on it for ease of turning and the indicator on the dial isn’t very clear. I simply added some lace tape and a coloured line to the indicator and that resolved it. Also it would be nice if it could clean itself! But that’s for all pumps!
Otherwise I thoroughly recommend the Unimom Forte as well as the new supplier Ubere baby who always responds to my queries in an efficient manner. 


I bought the Unimom Forte hospital grade pump in jan 2012 and went to get spare parts for baby no. 2 this week (August 2014). i tried to email the Australian company through their website but a week later received no reply & noticed today that the website no longer exists & my second email has bounced back. After googling the product, i am not surprised to find all the negative comments about the Australian distributer. I have had no problems with the pump itself, just that i have unfortunately misplaced a key part of it. Now i dont know whether to bother finding another retailer of spare parts, as it looks like i'd have to source it in NZ and pay extra postage. It's very frustrating when you are trying to give local distributers a go, only to find this kind of contempt for the customers.


I bought this pump after reading the reviews online and i was glad that it lived up to its repitition. It was efficient, light in wt, easy to carry. Took me some time to get use to the assembly but once i masterd it , then it was a life saver


12 months breastfeeding and still going strong thanks to Unimom! I purchased this pump after lots of researching, I love the fact that’s its a closed system and a double pump. I went back to full time work once my daughter was 8 months old and thanks to Unimom I was not only able to build a huge supply before I went back but I am able to continue to pump at work so even though I can't be with my daughter she still benefits from my milk. I love that I can use this has a manual pump on the go with the switch kit, and can also use it as a single pump while feeding. This pump is great value and so much cheaper compared to other similar products on the market. Overall I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a breast pump you wont be disappointed.

Pros: Reliable, Value for money, Easy to use, Comfortable, Quiet, Closed system, Hospital grade, BPA free

Cons : -


I really wanted to buy a breast pump which can extract the milk then store in the fridge so my husband can help with the feeding of my baby. I bought the Avent breast pump before but not happy with the product. This breast pump was recommended by a friend and it is very easy to use, does not hurt my breast, and I am very happy with it!


We bought Unimom forte after carefully considering other brands. The reviews for this pump were mostly good and the price was very affordable for us. For the same price of other brand, we got the hospital grade pump so it is a very good deal. We purchased it on specials as they had to back order so the delivery took a while. 

Regarding the pump itself, it ws much better than expected. The suction was strong enough but gentle for my breasts as new mom. I tried Medela at the hospital while I stayed there, but didn't quite like it as it was too strong. 

What I loved most about this pump is that they include a switch kit to turn it into manual pump. This is very handy especially when we travel. 


I had a Medela Swing pump for my first baby and honestly I wish I'd heard of the Unimom Forte first!

I have purchased a Forte# (basically the same unit, just comes with an extra pumping set for double pumping) for this bub and honestly it's one of the best purchases I've made!

The pump itself is weighty as would be expected of a hospital grade pump. Although it weighs in at about 1.2kg, I would dispute the idea that it is too heavy to move around. I've quite happily toted mine from room to room with no issues whatsoever. When I return to work I'll be taking it with me in a backpack and I honestly doubt that it will cause me any issues at all.

As for the actual workings of the pump, it's very simple. An on/off switch and a dial that increases or decreases suction. There is no let down function which the Medela boasts however I've found that starting the pump on a low setting and then increasing it slightly did the same job. 
I also have found personally that using the pump on the lowest setting was more than adequate. I've only turned it up briefly twice and found that I didn't get any more flow than when it was on low so I kept it on the very low suction.

This pump is a closed system which means it can be sold on with no problems after you're done with it or loaned to friends with no concerns whatsoever. You do need to replace the pumping set (ie. bottles etc) but the tubing and pump never come into contact with your milk unlike many other more expensive pumps.

I would definitely recommend this pump to all mothers, whether first time pumpers or not. The price is excellent. $150 from Unimom as opposed to the $280 I paid for the Medela Swing... Which might I add never allowed me to pump more than 30ml at a time from BOTH sides. With the Forte I have regularly managed 140ml from both sides and in half the time as it's a double pump rather than single.

The ONLY problem that I have seen with this pump is that the Australian distributer in the Blue Hills apparently is absolutely shonky. Poor service, slow postage even with express post requests and not getting back to buyers when they've quearied something.
As a result I purchased mine from another seller on ebay who sells reconditioned Unimom pumps. They are not affliated with the distributer as far as I can tell. I only paid $99 for it (obviously as it's reconditioned) and my pump was sent the day after I ordered and payed for it. No delay whatsoever. So if you're going to buy one of these pumps I highly recommend shopping around and trying to buy it from someone other than the Blue Hills distributer.


After reading many reviews we decided to buy the unimom Forte breast pump and have been waiting over 3 weeks for this product with no response to any of our communication chasimg delivery. (we also paid extra for express post in order for this product to arrive in less than the 3 day turn around on the product) the website states 3 days, not over 3 weeks!

So far I have been disapppointed and is leading me to believe that i should have gone with an alternate brand.

Extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service to date.


Purchased item based on rave reviews however product took a long time to arrive. Seller don't respond to emails and phone is always unanswered. I believe good customer service is important, sadly can't say the same for this company.


It's true the Unimom Forte is fantastic. When I returned to work after the birth of my son I hired a big name brand. The hire costs alone mounted to over $500aud. For my second child I did some research and bought the Unimom forte for much, much less. It is just as good if not better as it is smaller and more discreet. I am very happy and intend to express at work for the remainder of the year and give the best start to life a working Mum can give to her child.


Having tried Medela swing, the unimom Forte is just as good in terms of suction pump and speed. It feels natural and not in any way uncomfortable. My 2 month old also likes the unimom bottles and teats that come with the pack. You save a lot of money with this product, without compromising on quality and safety.

Ali G

such great value for money! I wanted a double pump to save time and this is super.  The pump is even small enough to take on a overnight trip. Easy to wash and clean and you dont need a degree to operate it, just flick the on switch. I am very hapy with it!

Linda Douglas

What a life saver.  With premmie twins in special care, breast milk was like liquid gold and this pump was divine.  A great price, very quiet and great suction - even better than the Medela I was using at the hospital.

Buyers would not be disappointed.


This product from Unimom was a god send. Value for money above the rest. The strength of suction was very high and also so comfortable. Would highly recommend this product as, easy to use, easy to clean and great price. Very happy.


Great value for money pump that is in no way hindered by its small price tag. Efficient pumping and easy to operate especially during night time when on autopilot. The pump itself and the bottles are well designed. They really thought of everything when creating this product. It isn't portable, however that wasn't something I was looking for when purchasing this item.

Really assists in increasing milk supply, I had a number of issues and this product really helped alleviate the stress that came with the problems of breastfeeding.

The teats that come along with the storage bottles are particularly helpful for baby's that suffer from painful gas as they are longer than the Avent branded teat and in my experience seem to assist in alleviating gas in young babies.

Kim Yiong Wee

Great value for money pump that is in no way hindered by its small price tag. Efficient pumping and easy to operate especially during night time when on autopilot. The pump itself and the bottles are well designed. They really thought of everything when creating this product. It isn't portable, however that wasn't something I was looking for when purchasing this item.

One of the strongest on the market for a fraction of the cost! Suction is adjustable so it's also super comfortable! One of the best purchases since my daughter was born!

I bought this pump because I had to go back to work and couldn't afford a better known brand. I was glad that I did! It is hospital grade so it is very robust and will last a long time. You can double pump with it as it comes with all the attachments needed for double pumping. The suction is controlled by a knob so you can adjust the strength gradually to get the exact level you need.

It's not portable but I find it excellent to move from one room to another. Because of the lack of portability I bought a Unimom Allegro, their portable electric breast pump, to take to work while leaving the Forte at home. The Unimom electric pumps are so cheap compared to other brands that I managed to buy the Forte and the Allegro for less than one electric pump of a better known brand! Better yet, the breast shield kits are interchangeable between the models, which is very handy if you're double-pumping and need extra breast-shields.

Apparently you can pump directly with the hard plastic breast shield kit but I use a silicone massager (available cheap and new on eBay). I find it works very well and it's easy to take the breast kit apart and wash between uses. 

I would highly recommend the Unimom Forte to any mum who needs a strong, solid, reliable electric breast pump. The Forte isn't portable so it's best left in one location, whether that's home or work. If you need a portable breast pump Unimom also makes the Allegro, which has been reviewed elsewhere on BubHub. 



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