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Spectra Spectra S1

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Spectra S1
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I purchased the spectra s1 after a lot of searching. I wanted the convienience of double pumping and being portable with an inbuilt battery. It is great to adjust how fast and how strong your pumping. It's super quiet and even has a handy night light :) it's my favorite toy! I give it top marks! (I would give 5 stars but it won't let me select 5!)


Very happy with my S1!!! I was starting to stress as was due to return to work soon and I had very little success with two other pumps that I had purchased. It wasn’t until I started speaking to some of my mummy friends and the Spectra pump was recommended a few times. I ordered on a Friday morning and it arrived on the Monday (I live rural so had expected it to take at least a few days). Jumped onto the pump straight away and managed to get double my usual pump in only 10 minutes.  Definitely recommend this product, wish I had of heard about it earlier !!!


After some research, I bought a Spectra S1 about halfway into my pregnancy. I'd planned to buy the S2, but there was a sale on, so I got the S1 for about the same price. 

I am so glad that I invested I this pump. Since my son was born 4 weeks ago, I've struggled with low supply so the pump gets used as much as 10 times per day. No issues with any of the components. It's relatively quiet, and very easy to use. 

The S1 (and S2) come with the ability to double pump, complete with 2 shields. I do wish you could pick what size shield you got, but unless you've pumped before you'd probably have no idea. Personally, I find the 24mm a bit tight, and will be ordering the 28's. 

Battery life is good. Nightlight is handy. And they deliver very quick. 

I can't recommend this pump anymore. It's worth every cent.


I am pretty happy with this product and would recommend it to everyone. It is quiet, easy to operate and clean and has a wide range of vacuum settings to suit so that your nipples don't get sore. The product also has an effective massage setting. There are only two disadvantages: 1/ occasionally the collection bottle unscrews too easily from the flange which can result in spilled milk, and 2/ the most annoying thing is that the flanges with the pump come in a standard 24mm size and other sizes available at an additional cost are 28mm and 32mm. The standard 24mm flange size is too big for me and my nipples rub on the edges and can be a bit annoying and sore sometimes and at the moment Spectra don't offer a wider range of sizes. Overall though I am really happy with it and use it on average three times per day.


I'm soo glad I spent the money on a decent breast pump. I've tried a few cheaper options and could hardly express much at all. 

Since buying the spectra S1 I have been able to get 5oz each side if not more. Truly is an amazing machine, so comfortable and easy to use. 

I recommend this machine to anyone looking at purchasing a breast pump. 

I give this a 5 star rating (for some reason I can't select it) definitely worth every cent 


Several friends recommended this pump to me before I had my baby, and after some careful research I decided to purchase it.

After having my baby, I found that I needed to exclusively pump for several weeks to establish supply while sorting out breastfeeding issues. This machine did so well (in conjunction with a regular expressing schedule) that I ended up with almost too much milk, and was able to cut back on the pumping! While visiting my local hospital, I used their huge specialty pump and found I achieved the same results from my Spectra as I did from their unit. I was so impressed.

The S1 was incredible value for money, especially when you consider the cost of many of the other electric pumps on the market. After hearing so many good things about it, I was not disappointed and have been recommending it to all my expectant friends. I wouldn't use anything else!


I love the portability and power of the S1. Being able to charge the battery and take the pump with me has come in handy, even if it is only so I don't have to sit by a power point at home.

The pump fits wide neck Avent and Minbie bottles, as well as the Spectra bottles. It is easy to clean and put together, and the team at Spectra are great to deal with if replacement or extra parts are required. I think the customer service provided by the ladies at Spectra certainly sets them apart from the rest of the marketplace.

I would not hesitate to recommend this pump, or any of the other Spectra models. I have been using the S1 for just over 6 months and I cannot fault it! 


Bought this pump after searching online and personal recommendation for spectra brand.


The S1 is solidly constructed but light enough to be portable, with rechargeable battery. Hospital grade & Spectra's top of the line pump enabling adjustment of vacuum and frequency as desired, and let down mode is automatically included in machine. Built in timer is very handy and starts once machine is turned on.

Night light function is bright but not glaring.

Used for dual pumping although website states single pumping possible by disconnecting one of the pumps if required.

Overall a highly effective pump


I decided to get this pump after our midwife suggested it as a good brand.

As I didnt see it in stores and noone I kne had one I was a bit unsure, but all the reviews I read were excellent.

We asked a few questions throught their website first and were very impressed by the speed and quality of their customer service, we placed our order that afternoon and received it the next day!

I chose the S1 over the standard S2 as I wanted the portabiloty of the battery for work and it has been great. Pumps well, is strong, a lot of features, and the nightlight is great for the night feeds.

I highly recommende it.


I have breastfed my little one successfully, but wanted to continue to supply him with the liquid gold when I return to work. I did a lot of research and everything pointed to Spectra. i was skeptical because I couldn't go and see it in a store and no one in my circle had used one.

But I checked reviews and forums and decided to take the plunge. It is a little on the high price, but when you take a look at the features, it is actually worth it.

Firstly, it is rechargeable, meaning you can charge it overnight and take it to work without all the cords. It has a night light so you can operate it In the dark.

The pressure is adjustable and it also times how long you have been pumping. Plus, it is a double electric pump and a closed system. And you can purchase different size flanges to suit your needs.

I have had no problems with this pump at all and have been happily using it for a few months now.

The company's customer service is exceptional. Item can only be purchased on their website, but delivery is super fast. 



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