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Spectra Spectra M1 Breast Pump

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Spectra M1 Breast Pump
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When I got pregnant I had bought another brand pump as it was on special but after less than 3 uses I knee how hopeless it was and that I needed another pump.
I did my research and the Spectra brand was a name that kept coming up and I am so glad that it did.
I ended up deciding on buying the M1, a great sized product which appeared to suit my pumping needs and I am so glad that I did. I bought my pump on a Thursday and the very next day it arrived – super impressed!

I pumped the very same day and was impressed with how easy the pump was to use, the size and how quiet it was!
First pump and I got over 100mls out when I struggled to get half that with my other pump.
I am so in love with this product and the only thing I would like to recommend is a carry case/storage case with the pump either with the product or one you can buy separately as well a better manual with the product as I spent over and hour googling things like how to clean the pump as the instructions did not make sense.

Overall awesome product which I recommend.

Nikita Baxter

as a first time mum buying a breast pump was daunting. All of the options, the price, a double or a single, portability, planning for returning to work etc. I was terrified! After being sold on a Medela I was shown Spectra. After 2 months of research, reviews, blogs and video reviews I was absolutely sold and purchased a Spectra M1. The price was very affordable, extremely portable, quiet and the suction and life expectancy far outweighed the competition. Not to mention the easy and affordable second kit to make it a double pump! I am so pleased with my purchase and the customer service I recieved. highly recommend 5 stars from this mum! 


I just had my first baby 2 weeks ago and was a bit unsure what I needed in a pump. But for being a first time mum this pump has been perfect. Really easy to use, doesn't hurt and expresses lots in a short amount of time. Love it. Really happy I went with my friend's recommendation and bought this pump.


Love love love my spectra M1 double electric pump. It's small, so portable for work, quiet, and super efficient. Really good suction, I never have to use the highest setting. Very effective, I can get way more milk than with my old pump. Such a good price and customer service has been great. Super fast shipping too, I received my pump 24 hours after ordering online. Highly recommended! 


This pump is fantastic. It has great suction and massage mode to help get those let downs. It can fit the avent bottles, is very quiet, can be used as a double and best of all it is portable with its inbuilt rechargable battery. Spectra have great customer service and my pump was delivered less than 24 hours after ordering. 

Highly reccomended


Highly recommend this pump! for my first I used another very popular brand and I thought it was amazing... Until I was recommended to buy this one. It costs less, more efficient, quiter, portable and easy to use. 

I wouldn't recommend any other pump! 


I've used this pump for around 5 mths now its easy light & portable with easy to assemble parts. I had a few problems with valves etc but the customer service was beyond brilliant.  


I purchased to spectra pump because of its reasonable price and great reviews (and they were right!) I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's easy to use, very quiet and looks great too! 


I did a lot of online research before choosing a pump. I decided on spectra M1 for several reasons. I have found it really good quality and comfortable, and having the ability to express a single side or double is a massive bonus as I had to exclusively express for a while and it saved so much time. I also love that it is portable and can run plugged in or off its battery, which is so convenient as I travel a bit. I would highly recommend this product -and as a bonus it is not nearly as expensive as other brands of similar quality and features. 

katie peters

My husband purchased the M1 pump for me as I was in hospital and unable to breastfeed as I wanted. I also had inverted nipples which made it very hard to breastfeed and they got very cracked and sore. The pump is excellent as it doesn’t hurt my nipples when pumping and with the variable controls makes it easy, still allowing me to feed breast milk! Great portable pump too as we travel a lot. A carry case for everything would be ideal but I have had to get a small pull string bag to cart it in. Overall its an excellent price for a double pump and being portable is a good plus for me.

Shipping was very quick arrived the next day


After some research i decided to purchase the M1 pump. To begin with, the customer service was excellent: my emails were responded to quickly and the pump arrived less than 24 hours after I ordered it. 

The pump itself is quiet and efficient. I had been using the Madela swing before this and I found the M1 to be better for a number of reasons: the suction is stronger so I got more milk in less time, the rechargeable battery means not having to have spare batteries on hand, the tubing is more flexible so doesn't pop off and being a double pump it's much better value. 

The staff at Spectra were also fabulous in providing advice on using the pump, and shield sizing. 

Highly recommend! 


I did a lot of research among different brands and chose Spectra because of the closed system, good reviews and affordability. I then took a long time deciding which spectra pump! I wanted a battery for portability and was attracted to the M1′s small size -although its’s not hospital grade, it’s small and more modern looking than Others. When it arrived I was excited to try it out and was immediately impressed with my pumping output -about double to my previous pump. It was also super quiet although with increased use it has gotten noisier but still not as loud as my last pump. I love that spectra pumps all come with accessories for double pumping, and customer service is excellent. 


I recently purchased a Spectra M1 and am very happy with my purchase. I did a lot of research before buying the M1 and I found it had the same features as some of the more expensive brands. It is light and portable and the inbuilt battery is great as I don't need to worry about finding a powerpoint. The let down mode is great, as is the option to control the suction strength and cycle. The breast shields are comfortable and having the double pump saves so much time. Overall, a great pump at a great price!


I have been using the M1 for 3 months. Its great. I had a tommee tippee pump for my first son and this beats it hands down. It is quieter and has much better suction. Also has the ability to double pump. I currently express once a day and getting a feeds worth of milk is quicker than feeding my son. When i go back to work this is a great portable pump that has a battery so doesnt have to be plugged in. I find it works equally as well without the silicone inserts so dont bother to use them. Spectra customer service is also great and the milk storage bags and cooler bag good too.


M1 breast pump from spectra is great has option tomdouble pump at same time and can also use it as single pump. Has inbuilt rechargeable battery great for when you have to go out or to work Or can be plugged into mains power!!  Its quiet , small  and easy to clean parts, doesnt hurt and has different functions  and mode. Its closed system is great so no milk can get into pump . I highly recommend it have tried another manual pump and wish i got this one first! 



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