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Spectra Spectra 9

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Spectra 9
Parent Reviews and Comments

I have been using my Spectra S9 for 3 months now.

I've been exclusively pumping (7 times a day, 7 days a week) so it certainly has had a workout and hasn't missed a beat. It has built, established and is now maintaining my breast milk supply for my first baby.

I preferred to use it over the hospital supplied ones during our hospital stay. I also purchased adapters so I could use the smaller hospital supplied bottles for a while.

It's extremely portable, I store mine in an insulated lunchbox. The unit stays charged for at least 8x20 mins pumping sessions. When flat it's quick to charge but you can use on mains power also. The unit is asy to move around with while pumping, which is great now I'm at home to quickly check on baby.

Not too noisy. Parts are VERY easy to clean and stay in good condition after extensive cleaning.

Great business to deal with, arrived so quickly, was ordered on a Sunday night and arrived Tuesday (to Hobart which is extra impressive.)

Great brand cannot recommend high enough.

Linda Smith

I did HEAPS of research online before buying a breast pump. I knew nothing about them and didn’t want to waste a heap of money on something that was flimsy, noisy and didn’t work well. Buying a Spectra 9 Plus was the best decision EVER! So compact and quiet, easy to assemble and use, good quality, and such a great price for a closed system double pump compared to other brands (plus I got mine during a Spectra sale, so it was even cheaper than usual!). Great customer service – fast postage and online chat service was great when I had a few questions prior to placing my order. I would highly recommend this pump, and this company, to others.


This is a great product! We did our research before buying a breast pump. Originally we were looking at purchasing a different pump as they seem to be the best known. But having read reviews about the difference between open and closed systems, we were put off them, as they are an open system and can be unhygienic. In looking for a closed system we found the Spectra 9 plus. We could not find a negative word about this product so we made the purchase, and haven’t looked back. Firstly, we made the order at about 1.30pm one day and got the delivery about 1.30pm the next day – VERY IMPRESSED! The product itself has been great. Very easy to use and clean. The pump pressure is more than plenty. My wife only uses level 5, and I think it goes up to 9. There’s not much more I can say but that our introduction to the world of breast pumps (a brand new world for me) has been made extremely easy thanks to the Spectra 9 Plus, and the price is great compared to other models. Basically I highly recommend this product.


I used hired hospital grade pumps after I left hospital after the birth of my son and was not disappointed when I bought my own spectra 9. 

Its convenient, portable and is great for someone like me who is always on the go. 

i intend to use this model when I return to work but currently use it for when I go out and plan to have a drink. My husband drives and I pump discreetly in the passenger seat! 


I'm a FTM and after doing some research decided to try the Spectra 9 Plus due to its good reviews and price. Though I dont have anything to compare it to, I have found it excellent. It is quiet, handy (is portable so I can pump anywhere in the house), efficient and easy. I have the double pump, but haven't tried to do both at once yet as not sure how to coordinate myself, but for one at a time it has been excellent - would definitely recommend.

Lynds Derham

Absolutely love this pump! It's easy to use, quiet and strong little motor :) it gets the job done quick and efficiently. Wish I had bought this months ago!! Would recommend this to all new mums who struggle to manually pump.


I'm really happy with my Spectra 9. It can be charged up and used on the go without plugging it in to a power source.

It's quiet, comfortable to use and very effective at emtying my breasts. I purchased the additional breast shield, which comes with everything you need to turn it into a double pump, which is so handy.

I highly recommend this pump. It out performs pretty much everything else in it's price bracket!


I was lucky enough to be given this to review, and it was great timing as well.

I was given an Avent double electric pump from a friend, and when I used it I had to lock myself away in another room because it was quite loud. So comparatively, the Spectra 9 is much quieter and smaller.

Since I'm also completing my Masters and attending uni over a weekend, I had to use a manual pump as the Avent was way too big. And using a manual pump I was just not getting enough milk out, and it was a really hard thing to do during my morning tea and lunch breaks. There was just not enough time.

So when I got the Spectra 9, I was really happy about its compact size and the fact that I didn't get RSI.

The pros:

  • It's quiet
  • Compact size and portability
  • Quick cleaning
  • Gentle on my breasts (which is quite different to the Avent)
  • Enjoyed the massage mode at the beginning
  • Liked the variable vaccum and cycle speed

The Cons

  • The instruction booklet described parts that were no longer part of this model, so it was very confusing for a while
  • I wish it came as a double pump, but you can get it as an accessory

All in all, I enjoyed using this pump



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